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Blinds are the cheapest alternative to total solitary. With blinds I can choose every morning whether or not to embrace the world or to close it off. In the sanctuary of my own room I can escape with only the thin layer of paper blinds keeping me from the rest of the world.

» Posted By Mikaela On 06.21.2017 @ 2:50 pm


I have given up trying to care about being exact. Once a person of black and white beliefs, I am more intrigued by the grey now. It justifies my own actions as well as let’s me forgive some of others. It’s a blessing in disguise.

» Posted By Mikaela On 01.04.2016 @ 11:23 am


She was pressing into me. In multiple ways. In both her body was so close to mine, pressed against me, pressing me into the wall. And her whispered questions trapping me, but I didn’t care; i couldn’t escape and i didn’t want to.

» Posted By Mikaela On 01.06.2015 @ 9:56 pm


Keep me alive, you NEED me, PLEASE! I swear to you I can be useful, I can help you, I’ll do anything you ask of me just please, please don’t do this! You can’t just throw me away like this!

» Posted By Mikaela On 09.20.2014 @ 8:58 pm


idk what that is??? lol when does the time end?? I’m waiting!! really? I’m still waiting. soooo looong…..gooodbyeeeeeeee xxxx hurray…
i don’t like this!!
its late…
i wanna go to bed.
what does that mean???????????????????????
answer it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noooow!!!!

» Posted By mikaela On 02.01.2014 @ 5:09 pm


Level-headed, I think that’s one of the best qualities to have. To not get wrapped up in pettiness, or jealous, or anger, or anything. To see the world for what it is and be able to rise above it. I am not level headed; I swoop up and down with my emotions and they get tangled together and messy and it’s hard to sort out exactly what I’m feeling. I wish I could be more level.

» Posted By Mikaela On 12.24.2013 @ 7:46 am


Crows are said to be omens
Often to always negative
I wonder how the crows would feel about that?
Perhaps they’d snicker and use the ‘is it because I’m black?’ sympathetor

» Posted By mikaela On 04.29.2013 @ 12:20 pm


under my breath
as I walk away
when did that commence?
when did our relationship become silent
more words spoken when we’re apart
there was a time
when you were my idol
piggy back rides before bed
“diving girl”
why do we mumble
as we walk away
in anger
you never hear me

» Posted By Mikaela On 04.17.2013 @ 9:38 am


Guidance, direction, the pursuit of serenity. A compass is less of a tool to discover your surroundings and more of one to discover yourself.

» Posted By Mikaela On 01.12.2013 @ 1:09 pm


5 days til we all die.

» Posted By mikaela On 12.17.2012 @ 3:39 pm


i AM.

» Posted By MIKAELA On 12.12.2012 @ 8:36 pm


Clear to my minds eye,
and the thoughts turned
to LSD.
I swore to Satan,
That I wouldn’t
go to Hell.
He promised if I did,
He’d never tell.
The acid rain
is pouring from my brain.
And my drug of choice,
is a hallucinogen,
we call

» Posted By mikaela On 11.28.2012 @ 7:19 pm


She doesn’t want a
blank page relationship.
She wants a whole book
not it’s summary.
It’s a double standard
and a war between
the heart and head.
She vomits inspiration

» Posted By mikaela On 11.24.2012 @ 7:41 pm


The hall is flooded
with skipping rocks
floral floors
with velvet windows,
and linoleum ceilings,
There’s a picture
hanging crooked
with a
chair missing it’s leg
And fake grapes
scent the air
with brocade
and lace.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.21.2012 @ 2:28 pm


His weathered eyes,
satisfy mine,
and I laugh
at the sympathy
of his tone.
Two far gone,
to know,
what’s ahead
and down the road.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.19.2012 @ 1:12 pm


A poem a day
is art withered a word’s way
to see what’s not there.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.13.2012 @ 6:46 pm


Some bodies,
draw the curtains,
because they don’t
want to let
somebody in.
Some bodies,
lay in the shade,
the sun
else’s spotlight.
And some bodies,
stay inside,
it’s warmer than outside.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.12.2012 @ 4:38 pm


He drew away
from the ceiling
and cascaded
his hand over
the glaze of the light,
he tore apart
the wall
to see the white
and inhaled.
He swore
he’d never
forget a moment,
not one.
He was the
copper dime
on you.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.11.2012 @ 2:05 pm


They ridicule
a famous vagrant
bearing eyes.
She walks down the
as the priest abides
to her every last word,
endless sins,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
watch as
she’s marred with
spit and saliva,
poison and gin,
our promiscuous young lady,
just did it again.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.10.2012 @ 7:01 pm

She cries against
the sunset
with bittersweet
she’s spent,
with endless apathy.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.10.2012 @ 6:55 pm


Golden mane
with cries against a
September sky.
Auburn leaves
with autumn
lions thunder.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.09.2012 @ 11:50 am


couldn’t be worth a cent
if the news wasn’t
So books shouldn’t
neither should
computer eyes.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.08.2012 @ 7:10 pm

in the shrine
for her closet
of cobwebs
and sweaters.
Dolls and love letters.
And hidden cigarettes,
with brand new
Pabst Blue
on the side.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.08.2012 @ 7:06 pm

They sit in the backroom,
smoking cigarettes,
scent with
cheap perfume,
and wine.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.08.2012 @ 6:49 pm

Occupied faces,
blankly abrupt.
The business
at ease,
tranquilized animals
in suits and ties.
In the way I see it,
a desk lamp gone
burnt out from bore.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.08.2012 @ 6:45 pm

Occupied faces,
blankly abrupt.
The business
at ease,
tranquilized animals
in suits and ties.

» Posted By Mikaela On 11.08.2012 @ 6:44 pm

Themselves. Like the girls in the forest,
witchcraft, a brew.
Makeshift of cauldrons,
and cotton shrooms.
Free and wild,
took themselves.

» Posted By mikaela On 11.08.2012 @ 6:39 pm


when people as a whole get together and make ideas and opinions shape the way they live. it can be a negative and positive thing depending on the ideas. I think society in western culture is actually quite messed up and things should change, there are a lot of expectations that aren’t realistic. Why do we always follow each other even if you know in your brain and heart that it’s wrong. Like we all have to be the same “normal” people or else we aren’t included.

» Posted By Mikaela On 02.12.2013 @ 5:46 pm


chicken is so great kfc kentucky fried chicken it is so good finger licken good spongebob is a fry cook he lived under the sea and he lived in a pineapple and worked for mr krabs and bffs with patrick

» Posted By Mikaela On 09.14.2012 @ 8:53 pm


belief. Hope. A faith in something. We all need something to believe in. A god, a concept, someone we love. She believed in me.

» Posted By Mikaela On 03.12.2012 @ 5:46 pm

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