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i had a dream about a junkyard once… there was dragons and trash monsters… and yes that dream came when i was two.

» Posted By Michelle Rye On 11.14.2010 @ 5:43 pm


Average. Thats all ive ever been. I had average hair, average clothes, average eyes, an average smile. Yet i always had amazing friends. The sweetest, nicest, most pretty friends. They shopped at the best stores and wore the latest fashions. I still have the friendship neclaces and braclets we shared. When i was ever around then i felt extrodinary. I felt like i could laugh and cry in complete confedence. I love my friends :)

» Posted By Michelle Rye On 11.09.2010 @ 2:31 pm


I had a lousy day today. I spilt coffee on my shirt. My dog crapped and peed on the couch. My sink lecked. The shower was cold. There were no good songs on the radio. I had a MAJOR migraine. I missed every green light. I was in the back of every line. And lastly i had a mascara line on my cheek and i didnt know until my friend Charlotte told me at 3:40 in the afternoon. (ALL ACTUALLY HAPPENED!)

» Posted By Michelle Rye On 11.08.2010 @ 2:54 pm


Im a reader, always have been. Ill be happy to read your stories too!

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“No! Josh get back here right now!” Debbie screamed. She was frustaited, annoyed, and dissipointed. She thought maybe, just maybe he may stay this one time.
“Debbie, this is n going to work out, i’ve told you a million times, i cant be here with you and that baby.” He said storming to their bedroom and grabbed his brefcase.
“You are the father of that baby, YOU!” She said. After 3 months of the same question, it still hurt the same. It broke her heart.
“Tell that to the guy who keeps calling so he can talk to ‘his’ babys” Josh said running his finger through his shaggy stawberry blond hair. “Im to young for this. Im only 16 and i already have a gray hair.” He said sighing and stomped towards the front door.
“Your to young?” She chuckled. “Ever since you got me pregnaut my life had sucked. If it wasnt for Shamali i would be out of here.” She said rushing to catch up with him before he left… again.
“Your 14, big woop, stop whinning.” He said throwing open the front door ans storming out. Falling to the floor Debbie curled up in a ball crying. ‘Not again, not again.’ She thought to herself. The only thing that kept her from falling asleep and staying there to die was the cry of her baby. Her baby.

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i waited for the clock to strike 11:00. I sat on my motel bed and looked at the chipping wallpaper the color of egg shells. I cant wait to get out of this place. I looked at my old crummy watch and stood up flatening my new shirt and mini skirt and grabbed my Coach nockoff purse before walking out the door. I had two minutes to get to 540 Tall Medow Lane and get what i came to this horrible town for. I walked past the front counter throwing the rusted over keys over my shoulder and i heard them land on the desk with a ‘clink!’ i walked out the door walking to the corner holding up my hand to signal a taxi. A taxi came in a matter of seconds considering most people were to drunk to even hold up their hand.
I chuckled stepping into the taxi saying the adress and running my hand through my auburn hair. ‘lets get this over with’ I thought when the car stopped. “here.” i said handing the man his money and walked up to the front door. Knowing everyone was already drunk i let myself in. The lights were dimmed and the house smelled of sigare smoke and beer. I sighed looking for just the right person. There he sat, in the back corner of the room. He had honey-blond hair and a cocky smile and looked completly wasted. Perfect. I aplied a new coat of gloss before walking across the room and standing in front of him.
“Annie.” I said holding out my hand. His smile faded for a second. He scanned my up and down before smiling wide.
“Whats your name beautiful?” he asked making kissing noises.
“As i said, Annie.” I said pulling him up from the couch.
“Ooooh, strong forward, i like it.” He said quickly it coming out more like a big jumble of letters and sounds.
“C’mon Jake.” I said rolling my eyes and pulling him into a emty room.
“I never,” He took a swig of his blue moon. “Told you my name. And where we goin'” he asked swaying before falling onto the big bed in the center of the room.
“Here.” I said a devilish smile creeping onto my face.
“Come here.” He said dropping his beer reaching his hands out like a child who wanted to be picked up. I walked over to the side of the bed sitting onto the side leaning down to his neck running my lips along his neck.
“Mmmmm…” he said pulling my towards him unbuttoning his shirt and pulling me close very close. This was it. I sunk my teeth into his neck. He let out a shrill scream trying to push my away. No. I wanted his blood and i wasnt going to let his hissy fit get in my way.
“No!!!” He screached trying to push my head to the side. Ha, i never had THAT tried on me before. I sunk in deeper. He started to get weaker. “Help, please. What are you doing babe.” He said clucching his eyes shut. I didnt reply. I just finished what i started, draining him and slinging him over my shoulder throwing him in the bath tub. After he was under water i walked back to the bed, grabbed my purse and pulling back on my skirt. After fixing my hair i was off. Walking out into the night air i walked along the streets until i found another party, another victim, just another night in my,Annie Harrow’s, life.

» Posted By Michelle Rye On 11.01.2010 @ 1:30 pm

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