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The weight on your shoulder of someone else. Their worries, their troubles, their fears. But what weighs the most is their self-denial, the rejection of the reality which is the cause of the problems they perceive. The denial that they can change, they are the root of their own issues, they are the cause of the concerns they feel, that they put on you.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.24.2016 @ 6:51 am


What is the meaning of what you’ve just seen? why are your eyes wide and your jaw stretched? Is this something imaginary or something real? The ground is starting to shake because you cannot fathom what this feeling is. What the confusion is and who caused this enormous energy wave.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.22.2016 @ 11:26 am

The feeling that you can’t breathe because you have been standing, mouth open, eyes wide. What exactly has happened? Was that reality or imaginary? What can you do to remember to remain grounded, that feeling that you are you, living in the world as others see it, not just how you do.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.22.2016 @ 11:20 am


There are some days you wake up and instantly something is wrong – you have a cold, a dry throat, you’re late or just achey. Then you stand on a plug or trip over a shoe and things just go downhill – you burn yourself with coffee, miss the bus and step in a puddle and then you bump into your ex – the icing on the cake.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 07.23.2012 @ 6:01 am


Taking two steps forward to be thrown and pushed and shoved to the ground, to the way the world appears from behind the mask. The mask of lies and fears and dreams lost. The nightmares that won’t go away and the terrors that follow you through the day, the skeletons in the closet just waiting to come out.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 05.17.2012 @ 4:15 pm


The sun was beaming down onto the grey footpath, throngs of people either side rushing to get home to bask in the bright light of the UV rays. I was the one taking my time, slowing drifting through the crowds, absorbing the frenzied looks on their faces. The same kind of emotion that they portray when the rain is pounding down upon their heads. Maybe the weather is irrelevant, maybe they just frenzy in the evening in a desperate attempt to run from the jobs they wish they never got.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 03.26.2012 @ 1:38 pm


The farce of it all, and the comical, over-zealous expressions on their faces; the way they never seemed to shed their grins, or bat an eyelid, or show any kind of emotion that wasn’t painted on. I wished I was like that, I wished I was able to hide everything beneath a mask, because as of late my mask has slipped, and my sleeves are becoming dripping with more and more emotions. Soon they’ll start to peel away and show everything underneath.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 03.20.2012 @ 10:15 am


The moon waning through the clouds was something magical. It was like one of those movies where some random girl walks out into the darkness of a forest and stares wistfully up into the sky. I was sat at my window, smoking, looking out and thinking of what’d happen if I fell and if I’d ever be able to scale the wall up to the roof.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 02.27.2012 @ 4:00 pm


It was all about me on the surface. Everything. Conversations all focused around me and how I was feeling, how I was emotionally. How many aches and pains I woke up with that day. How many times I cried; how many flashbacks I got. Everything. But in reality; it was all you. I jumped, I ran, I changed. It might have been about me on the surface, but underneath I was running around in circles and jumping through hoops for you – because if I didn’t; you’d be just a name on my phone.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.29.2012 @ 8:22 am


The plane was ambling along and the passengers were settling into their pre-flight positions; tables up, chairs up, gripping onto the arm rest, closing their eyes, breathing heavily, deeply. In. Out. In. Out. It’s all going to be okay. Don’t panic.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.21.2012 @ 3:38 pm


The sound shook right through me; it was unlike any noise I had ever hear before and it was one that resonated with an abstract horror. It reminded me of the gutwrenching screams the females in horror stories let out, just when they find the killer hiding behind the bushes…but this was no film, it was real, and the sound of his scream is something I will never forget, and hopefully never witness again.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.16.2012 @ 3:32 pm


It was getting harder and harder to wear it. The mask I’d fashioned out of fake smiles and flashes of teeth the way someone expects me to. The way they expect me to laugh and smile and say “I’m okay, don’t worry.”

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.12.2012 @ 12:45 pm


The smell is enough to send me soaring into pain, the odour akin to one of sewerage, the headiness more overpowering than the way coffee shops in Amsterdam take over your senses as soon as you open the door.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.08.2012 @ 5:08 pm


It was like when oil is dropped into water – it falls apart and separates and can’t be joined. It’s a part of, and apart from water; that was like us. No matter how much I wanted to be a part of you, no matter how far I would be into you, into what we had, you always kept me apart, and eventually I began to break.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.07.2012 @ 2:51 pm


Whiskers. On your chin, on the days you forget to shave, and they tickle me when you kiss me. Your kisses always tickle; but that’s probably just because even after all this time I get butterflies whenever I see you first – in the morning when I wake up beside you or in your arms, or when you hug me when we say ‘hello’ after time spent apart. Even after all this time; tickles.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.06.2012 @ 1:44 pm


They said that jesus was the son of god and that he sacrificed his life for the human race. The pain he suffered was a testament to his greatness, but what about those who suffer and live? The ones whose hearts are ripped out from between their ribs and through their chest and leave them with a gaping whole inside, what about them? The survivors.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.04.2012 @ 4:19 pm


I was greeted under the chandelier with a tall glass, and while everyone else was bustling around telling me where they were going to put my various personal belongings, I took pleasure in sipping the drink I held before me, cherishing this moment of calm before people would start attacking my hair, my make up, and finally lacing me into my dress. This would be my last moment of silence until after the ceremony, when I would no longer be Miss any more, but Mrs, and there was no way I was letting it slip through my fingers that easily.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.02.2012 @ 6:19 pm


Maybe it’s because she’d been drinking, or maybe it was the reflection of the christmas lights but it her eyes lit up when she focused on him. She was staring at him and talking to her friends and then she just focused, and something clicked. She moved towards the corner of the room as if a gravitational pull was in force, and there was no way for her to stop herself.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 01.01.2012 @ 4:29 pm


Staring up at the sun I felt an unusual sense of calm; the sky’s blue was shining down on me like the sun was only for me. I remember getting the plant and thinking ‘I can do this. I can do this, I can keep it alive’. I was waiting for the purple flowers to blossom, and I was going to give it to you, to remind you of me. The girl with the purple hair and the blue eyes and the prickly disposition; but we both drowned – it drowned in water and I drowned under the weight of loving you.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.29.2011 @ 4:11 pm


I was left sitting on the edge of the bed with my arms gently, reluctantly falling down by sides, my lower jaw slowly rising to meet my upper one and I swallowed.

“You said you’d never leave me.” I whispered to the shadow walking down the hall.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.28.2011 @ 2:59 pm


My heart was missing a piece; a teeny, tiny little segment. One that was shaped after his birthmark, and his trail of freckles. The two were joined; and they were beautiful to me. They were on his hipbone, just below his waistline and were only seen if he shaved. I remember the first time I saw them – they stood out so vibrantly against his pale skin and I was struck by them so much that I asked why he never mentioned them before.

“I hate them, I think they look freaky. The brown and orange mix against the white. I’ve always hated them, it’s why I don’t shave. It’s why I never have before.”

“Well, why have you chosen to do so now? Why did you expose them if you hate them so?”

“Because I know you love me, and I know that even though I might hate them and want to will away their existence, I know you love all of me, and I know how you love imperfections. I think it’s only fair you’re given a chance to love the thing I hate most about my body; just like I love yours.”

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.26.2011 @ 1:44 pm


The beautiful silence. Waking up and feeling for once like I could survive the day. No need for distractions, to run. To look for an escape everywhere, anywhere. No voices, no thoughts, no sounds. The unbelievable silence of a peaceful mind. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so at ease, so quietened. So contented in myself. The beauty of silence, it cemented in my mind exactly how much I struggled and suffered with my own voices; conscious, subconscious and external.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.25.2011 @ 4:59 pm


The warmth of flames can still send a shiver up my spine; knowing that the fireplace was what brought us together. Where we lay wrapped in each other and I told you I loved you. I took such a risk telling you that, I was terrified that you’d be frightened by my forwardness, by the way it just slipped out when I was letting my guard down. The way you looked and me and squeezed me tighter. Then got up and left.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.24.2011 @ 10:39 am


With the rivers rising and the mud softening, the leaves dropping and the people running, she stood still. She stood in the midst of chaos absorbing everything. She silently laughed to herself about the hilarity of humankind. The distance between them and the natural world around them, how they fled away from everything they could not control. They cowered in fear and disgust from the forces of nature that surrounded them everywhere they went. They trod carefully on tip-toes through the earth’s clay with scrunched up faces; eyes squeezing shut and noses upturned because anything natural was horrific. They were unfamiliar with the world around them; only those man-made structures and concrete jungles interested them. The rest was too much. Too scary. Too…inexplicable.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.21.2011 @ 3:51 pm


And it rolled over the hillsides and the rain crashed down on corrogated steel roofs, and the dogs and cats fled and cried. Seeking shelter from that which they had no control over. The babies screamed in their cots and their parents marvelled in the chaos; it always was unpredictable, it was always loud, it was always unprovoked, it was always beautiful.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.19.2011 @ 6:33 pm


With one finger twitch my life changed; the glint in your eye said it all. All the things I wished you would say, all the things I wanted to say. I wanted to tell you how badly you affected me; how I couldn’t sleep for days because I regretted each time I didn’t initiate a conversation. Each time you passed me by and I looked at my feet and shuffled them nervously, each time I made eye contact and broke it within a split second.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 12.10.2011 @ 2:28 pm


The swirls intertwining in the cold stone fireplace combine in a magical smorgasbord of centuries past. The amount of stories told, arguments had and christmas stockings hung. The way you’d snuggle up to the dog and listen to your grandfather tell stories of a bygone era; and how you always wished you’d live a life as eventful as those you admired.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.27.2011 @ 12:12 pm


It’s some people’s dream to become a president but it’s lost a lot of it’s worth. In a democratic society it’s a popularity contest; the more votes you win the chance you become a president is heightened. But whether people listen or not is irrelevant.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.25.2011 @ 1:07 pm


Tails and manes flowing in the breeze as they gallop regally down the cobbled pavement. Harking back to the past, when the building house parliament and the cobbles were newly laid; in contrast to the loose stones and stones being thrown by the protesters as they are now.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.24.2011 @ 12:12 pm


It’s the smell of books surrounding you as you walk in that draws you. It’s like an all encompassing atmosphere that doesn’t only enter your nostrils, but enters your imagination, too. It’s the musty smell and the lingering dust shining in the sun that grabs you and shakes you – transporting you to a different, older world. Where you can just escape into an alternate reality.

» Posted By Michelle O'Connor On 11.22.2011 @ 4:18 pm

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