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My breathing was shallow and ragged, I needed to slow down. I couldn’t take the time to sit down but I tried to take a few calm, centering breaths. I pulled my focus inward and felt my stomach pull in and my chest push out. One, two, three, I blew the air from my pursed lips. It was going to take a few tries to get it together.

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My skin started to warm up so I knew that dawn was coming. Shaking my sweater down my shoulders to let the sun hit me, I sat down on the sand to wait for the world to wake up.

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I knew my worth and it was more than what he had to give. Yes, he was wearing designer clothes but from two seasons ago. In my lifestyle you learn how to spot how men dress and he was trying but it wasn’t convincing to me.

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Deranged, I’ll tell you, Shelly is deranged. John paced the floor, smoking his 4th cigarette. His wife and just left him and, as usual he can’t figure out why.

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Hero. I had an argument with a friend; what is the difference between a hero and a vigilante. I said that a hero is someone who works to make themselves a better person to help others. I like my answer.

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They hiked and hiked until they reached the rich canopy high above. They held their breath so that the gorillas wouldn’t hear them. She sighed, how many people would ever get the chance to see this view.

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We left t the compound to look for more supplies. It was a quiet sunny day. We would almost think to drop out guard but we know better.

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“Lemon,” Bono’s voice came from the CD player. I watched Dan pack his things. It was funny, we met at a U2 concert and he was leaving to the sound of the band playing. It was a full circle.

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Sensible shoes, check, comfortable, knee length skirt, check. Hat, thick glasses, hair pulled back in a bun. Desiree’s disguise as an elderly woman was ready. Whether or not anyone would buy it remained to be seen.

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Martin looked into the incubator; the baby was sleeping fitfully. This was exciting but scary; no one had ever cloned a human before and they had to watch this new life carefully.

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Dina pulled jacket more tightly around her. The weather had cooled off and their was a brisk wind coming up. She hurried along the beach, back toward the house. She had to tell Marshall that their marriage was over.

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The turkey was overcooked, the macaroni and cheese was dropped on the floor and well, everything was a mess. I looked at Ev and thought this was the best Thanksgiving that I’ve ever had. Simply because he was home.

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“Ouch,” I tried to flee but I missed my jump and landed hard. My “friends” went on without me. There is truly no honor among thieves.

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Baffled, Shawna looked around the room. Who on earth would be sending her flowers. It had to be one of her co-workers, since she didn’t really socialize much outside of work. The effects of being shy and a workaholic.

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Janelle sat still while her mother finished doing her hair. The braids were set but not too tight. The school year had just begin and Janelle was starting first grade.

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I’m a songwriter not a video ho! Steph tore off the leopard print vest and when to change into her own clothes. Being a woman in music wasn’t easy.

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The instructor walked into the classroom. “Not a promising looking group” she thought. This was her first time teaching a night class and she wasn’t sure what to expect. Some of these people looked like they were remedial.

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The knife hit him in the stomach hard. He could feel the puncture wound. All this happened just because he walked outside the long way from the restaurant to his car. What would have happened if he just stopped and waited a little bit? maybe he wouldnt have had to die that night.

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Bucket of Blood. What a corny name for a bar, it sounds like a knock off pirate place at a tourist trap. Jane walked in a realized that it was an appropriate name for a bar catering to vampires. Maybe I’ll just leave; too late. She was about to end up as lunch for a slic-haired guy with blue tinted shades.

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Jan ran towards the lake; barefoot and tanned with the sun beating down on her. She liked to catch fireflies but she wouldn

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Mist descending on the city. It hides the grime, the dust, the sins. Wet and cold it envelopes me in warmth; I feel safe in it

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