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There is always something unexpected lurking around the corner. We live in the grey of life, there is no black and white. That is an understatement, something we can all acknowledge. Our decisions and actions always have unanticipated consequences no matter how much we brace for change. This creates the grey matter we live in. But it is easy to move forward through the grey. All you need to do is step straight ahead, even if the path ahead is unclear. The troubles we face happen when we incur a corner. So, life is grey. Yes, but how do we keep going forward with such uncertainty when a corner appears? Conditions change, but a corner forces us to face the unknown that we may not even know is unknown. What do we do at a corner? We turn. But which way do we turn? And what if we go back instead of forward? What if there are some other directions other than backwards and forwards? Can we go up, down, around? Is there a way to avoid the corner? Or face the corner sooner? The corners in life are turbulent times, what no one anticipates. How might my life change as I come upon this corner?

» Posted By Michelle Erdman On 06.11.2019 @ 2:28 pm

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