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Carmen had been tricked before … which is why she eyeballed the quarter on the ground very carefully before leaning over to pick it up. For a nickel, she wouldn’t have bothered. A dime? Debatable.

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I didn’t have any idea where a kangaroo suit could be rented, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was a woman on a mission. Not for a moment did it occur to me that finding the perfect costume would turn out to be something of a Pyrrhic victory.

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“Speaking of cyclical patterns,” Garth said, “what about water as it eddies down a drain?” Sandra jumped in. “Yes, yes! It swirls one direction in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other in the Southern. Or maybe it’s the other way around; do you remember?” Garth blinked, slowly, as he searched for a response.

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Simone’s antennae were attuned to the slightest nuance. Even Margit had remarked on it at their second meeting, suspecting that Simone was calculating her responses based on almost imperceptible changes in the therapist’s expression. From that point on, Margit conducted all sessions with Simone lying on the couch, unable to see her face.

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We were used to humid weather in Yucatan, but this was something different. Not only was the air sticky; it smelled and tasted like licorice. Strangers commented on it as we passed each other on the street. Was it a natural phenomenon? A good omen? Toxic? The stronger the scent and flavor became, the higher our anxiety levels rose.

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With three hooded figures in pursuit, Nora knew she had to find either a police station or a place to hide, fast. The former seemed unlikely, and the latter didn’t look much better. She gripped the pepper spray in her pocket and wished she knew how to use it properly. Point and shoot? She wasn’t even sure which direction the nozzle pointed.

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The bracelet wasn’t very feminine — spikes, after all! — but Chana loved it because it had been given to her by Aunt Fury, the infamous punk rocker, who was determined to toughen up her girly-girl niece if it was the last thing she did … which it just about was.

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Dani brushed Brittney’s hair vigorously, as the little girl struggled to get away. “You. Just. Stop. That. Right. Now!” she shouted, then — enough! — smacked the bristles into her daughter’s cheek, hard. Blinking in surprise as the welts rose and Brittney began screaming, Dani wondered: Had she really lost it this time?

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Charity was overrated, Tarla thought, unless you were on the receiving end. She was just about charity-ed out, and her own financial situation didn’t exactly make it easy for her to play philanthropist along with her Junior League friends … at least, not without feeling the pinch for a week or more afterwards.

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The gust of wind picked up the back of Donna’s skirt just as she was leaning, arms full, into the trunk of her car. Mothers covered their children’s (and husbands’) eyes while Marie — who really should have made haste to come to Donna’s rescue — did nothing but laugh helplessly. “Perhaps you should think about wearing underpants the next time you’ve got on such a short, flouncy skirt,” she giggled, finally collecting herself enough to smooth the fabric back down over Donna’s bare bum.

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Travis knew a couple of things he wished he didn’t. Like how his parents sounded in bed when they’d close (and lock) the door for an afternoon “nap.” Like the way they fought after drinking so much alcohol — before it was even nighttime! — slurring their ugly words as they stumbled into furniture and each other.

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The soup was simmering and the banquet room was filling up with guests, so Chef went about sharpening the cutlery he’d use to carve tableside. The gleam of the steel and the familiar click-clack sound put him into a jovial mood. He’d be slicing up more than a roast tonight.

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Navel-gazing, once again. A racing mind; a paralysis when it came to action. Martina knew there had to be more to meditation, but she couldn’t turn off her thoughts long enough to gain the benefits she’d been assured awaited her.

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President of the student body! A lofty goal, to be sure, but Celeste felt certain she was popular enough, cute enough, and devious enough to slaughter Matt Mongo at the polls, even though he was a team captain. Who really cared about lacrosse, anyway?

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Carlton knew that smoking would likely be the end of him — cigarettes and booze were the perfect recipe to cook up a steaming order of esophageal cancer, and he already had acid reflux. Still, a low-level sense of doom wasn’t enough to prevent him from stopping by the E-Z Quick at midnight to ensure he’d be able to enjoy a smoke with his coffee first thing in the morning.

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Marisol held the coarse piece of pumice in her hand and remembered when she used to collect similar pieces on the beach as gifts for friends. Nothing better for removing dead skin from the feet, she told them … but that was back before gathering seaweed for food became more important than beach-combing for aesthetically formed pumice stones.

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Heartfelt thanks apparently weren’t enough, Jana realized. Damn. She didn’t have a single idea for shifting the power balance back in her favor … at least, not one idea that didn’t cost more than the pittance indicated by her bank statement.

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The stillness in the room was unsettling. Usually, Karla found herself greeted by her three-legged terrier, Trey, and — less enthusiastically — Buzzy the Cat. Clearly, something was very wrong.

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Barry thought he had enough leverage with the poker gang to get his wife elected to the homeowners’ board. Twice a month, Caroline served them drinks and appetizers — those little pigs in a blanket were a favorite of Jocko’s — and stayed out of the way, never complaining like some of the other wives. Even Bonnett, who was no fan of putting women in charge of anything, admitted that Caroline was “one heckuva gal.”

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The gate to the canyon was supposed to be locked at dusk, but Camille worried about the lack of any sign notifying hikers of that fact. She stood there, keys in hand, waiting for the stragglers she could see in the distance. She knew full well that Art would already have bolted the gate and been back at home relaxing in his Barcalounger, enjoying a second or third scotch.

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The gauze should have been sterile, but there was a slit in the side of the wrapper, and discoloration was visible. Lucy wasn’t sure if applying it to Michael’s arm would make things better or worse in terms of infection, but at least she wouldn’t have to look at an oozing wound any more.

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Martin worked on commission alone, and that was a mixed blessing. On a good month, he was living the high life … but string several bad month together, and he knew his friends would start avoiding him. It was unfair, to be sure. He was happy to buy drinks for everyone and share his stash, but putting a hand out during a rough patch invariably caused instant amnesia among the recipients of his previous generosity.

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The photo was flattering, she thought. Then she noticed her hands … withered, veiny, spotted. They not only betrayed her age; they made her look even older than she actually was. “Oh, not to worry,” chirped the photographer, noticing the dismay on her client’s face. “We’ll just crop those poor old hands right out!”

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Kevin wasn’t the most analytical fellow in the office, but he did have a certain way of looking at things that made him valuable to Marietta. She wasn’t above taking advantage of his obvious attraction to her; the only difficultly would be in making sure her subtle come-ons weren’t apparent to her other employees.

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It was clearly time to strike. The iron was hot, and so was Marjorie. She ironed a few more wrinkles out of the dress she planned to wear to the bachelorette party, and blinked rapidly in an attempt to determine if her freshly applied false eyelashes would stay attached.

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The collapse was almost total, Tanya noted. If people were still alive in the rubble, their rescue would require a team working fast and ceaselessly … but the shell-shocked people stumbling by her didn’t seem capable of either.

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The gesture wasn’t overt, but just enough of a wink accompanied it that Meredith was pretty sure she’d gotten hold of a live one. She had almost a sixth sense when it came to identifying a mark, Brendan had told her. It was a big compliment, coming from him.

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They were welcoming their first child in less than 24 hours, courtesy of an OB/GYN who had a trip to Trindad/Tobago scheduled for Sunday and, yes, there was also the matter of avoiding a Wayeb birth date.

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As an “interested party,” I was removed from the room before the deliberations began. Fortunately, there was enough drama in the antechamber to keep me entertained late into the evening.

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Her adolescent years hadn’t been the best, as she recalled. She didn’t recall a lot about them, however, which seemed to indicate that her recollection was correct. Now that she was 18 — an adult! — things were bound to get better. “You can take that to the bank,” she’d assured her fellow Job’s Daughters only a few days after her birthday.

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