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Its simple really, we are going to take a lot of diffrent elements, and put them in the childs life, we are going to form her. Change her, make her something that no one eles is, because she is going to have all the help she needs.

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Why, she thought to herself, why did she need to have a boyfriend, She didn’t, she could be happy with just Jesus, that’s all she needed, Boys! they were the worst thing that had happened yet.

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eligible, that was todays word, “why” she said “would you give me a word that I dont even understand” she grabbed her dictionary and started to look up the word, but finding nothing she quit and layed back down on her bed.

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it’s been very difficult to get on, she said, her fingers absent-mindedly combing through the stiff, unwashed furs she always held clutched about her. Without them here anymore, I find my mind wandering into the abyss. I can usually hold it off when there is someone else near, but without them… it’s difficult to stave off the darkness.

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she kicked the bottles with a firm steel-toed boot. he’d never get what she was trying to express, anyway. why did she feel like she had to go back and insist that he understand? he was not as stubborn as she was, and besides, he might not have heard her clearly. she shrugged the idea off and adjusted the shoulder of her leather jacket that had slumped off her disappointed shoulder

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Deserted on a desert island, like in Arizona with the cactuses, and all I have to eat is a boston cream pie (dessert) .

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if only one soul could come and hold my hand to rally mine into eager luck and appreciation of this day

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people do things that are wrong. and they have to pay the consequences. when i was younger, i hated that word. i hated saying it. and be told that i was “getting punished” for doing something. i hated other words too. but this word was one of the worst. i think there are good ways and bad ways to punish people. i don’t even like typing it.

» Posted By Melia On 08.14.2011 @ 12:03 pm

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