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The account was open. She could now transfer the money. All the money she needed. Money could solve any problem. Absolutely anything. Late on the mortgage, who cares now? Need to pay the gardener, pool guy, or the maid? Covered. Getting your daughter to move back in with you or your husband killed? Doable.

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The secretary was a bit frightened and shocked. How could her employer possibly be this type of person? She knew he cheated on his wife & did drugs, but never thought he would steal money. But actually, she did. She saw the signs: paranoid eyes, pale face, looking overall shady. She just never realized it.

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Sinking deeper and deeper. That’s what was happening. The whole conversation was bullshit. I’m going to die. He didn’t even say goodbye. Goodbye world. Goodbye music. Goodbye art. Goodbye clothes. Goodbye people. Goodbye smiles. Goodbye laughter. Goodbye you. Goodbye me.

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Poison. Alcohol. Same thing. My poison kills me slowly from the inside out. Like any other standard poison. Cyanide & bleach. Poison. I could kill my self that way. Cyanide is supposed to be painless & quick. Who knows. Maybe I’ll try it out one day.

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To transport the drugs back from Mexico was a big job. He was nervous. Extremely nervous. But I knew we could do it. Unless the weed stunk up the car somehow, which it wouldn’t, then I was sure we wouldn’t get caught. Little did I know that I was so wrong.

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The deer in the road caused the car to swerve. It hit a massive oak tree. The two people in it: unconscious. Three years together and they never told each other how they felt. Three years being best friends and it was too late to say those three simple words. The boy and the girl. They loved each other for three years, but neither knew. It was too late.

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The punishment was crucial to make a point. If he didn’t listen, then there would be consequences. It was that simple. That’s the way life works. His actions would cause things to happen, and not all of those reactions would be good. It was his choice to do this.

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I stood so near to him that I could clearly see the look in his eyes. I knew what he wanted to do, but would I let him? I wasn’t sure of my intentions. I saw that look in his eyes. He was ready. Ever so ready to to make his feelings on the matter clear as water.

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The discovery of this new type of animal will change the world. Maybe these mammals will help with over population of insects or other annoying creatures. Maybe one day this animal will save the world. I don’t know if that will happen, but you can only hope.

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The elastic in her hair broke with a pop. Her hair was too thick from having used conditioner for the first time in a long time. This is why she liked using only shampoo; It made her hair so much thinner & easier to maintain.

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I locked the door behind me. Tears streaming down my face as the memory of the night came rushing back with full force. The kisses, the ring, the new girlfriend. I don’t hate him. I hate how he’s made me feel.

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A boiling pot of water on the stove top. Mother puts in pasta for tonight’s dinner. We have family coming back from their 3 month trip to China. I’m really only excited to see them because of all their presents they’re sure to bring. Uncle never fails to find the perfect gift.

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