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It was a collection of cells. How was she supposed to know? She didn’t think anything would happen, nor that anything could. It was simply a collection of cells, she reminded herself. The doctor spoke almost in slow motion: “Are you ready? Remember, you can’t go back on an abortion.”

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I stepped onto the metro and I couldn’t speak because I wasn’t prepared for the blood that surrounded my feet. The face of my own mother lay beneath me with eyes open and the bullet wound punctured into her swollen face.

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I was 11 years old when I was told my mind was wired more geometric than others. I never felt as though I liked math, but I always seemed to be good at it and if I was good at it, it seemed that was all that mattered. I was told I needed to be good at something, so I was geometric and was put into high school classes when I didn’t belong in the slightest.

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She never willed herself to try.. She thought if anyone saw her do something so trivial, so idiotic.. They would judge her. So suddenly, she had no will to live. She stood up to the group of people who only shot her daggers, and she kissed her own hand on the finger she played with and let it up to stare at her murderers.

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I chose not to choose. I chose to let myself get pushed along and pushed around by the people around me. What they did, what they thought I should do. I always thought I could build a boat. I always thought I could gather the wood and tools and know how to build a boat. I wanted to do it. – From the Play “But We Don’t”

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Up and up, higher and higher until finally she looked down, and all she could see were her slippers. Next to the car door and underneath the balloon stand, two little bunny feet peeked up as the helium lifted her into the clouds.

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I saw the world from their eyes, both of them. Republicans and Democrats? Jews and Christians? Boys and Girls? Two sides of every opinion, there was something in common. Although not everyone has the greater good in mind, it is important to see that everyone’s opinion has value.

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He looked in the mirror, and the reflection of himself was so shocking, so revolting, that he felt sick. A black eye, a broken nose, and a damaged spirit. How could someone beat him up for his beliefs? He did nothing but express his opinion that gay people should get married.. Why did he deserve to be punched?

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My past is complicated, but so is his. So what if sometimes I don’t believe he didn’t kiss her? I did things just as bad, just not while we were together. It’s hard to think about him with anyone but me because he is everything to me and without him.. who am I? I won’t be one of those girls who need their guys to exist, but I do.. He’s my everything and I can’t be without him even for a moment. ♥

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These institutions were made to provide students with a better education, not to beat them. Do you realize how angry this makes me? They hit a child! That’s NOT okay! How could any one even attempt this? You need to be shut down, sir! You are horrible!

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The train roared as it passed. I rehearsed my lines in my head before I looked up at you, starry eyed. I was prepared to say goodbye until you looked down at me, innocently. I tried not to cry but you wouldn’t give me the opportunity to pass. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and you whispered, “I’m sorry, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.”

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“You were using her! You sick pig! How could you let such an innocent little girl be led on by such a creep?” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

He sighed. “She is a 15 year old girl, and she asked ME to be the man she lost her virginity. And I’m only 16! Please miss.. Talk to your daughter..”

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It guarded my heart; it was the lock. My key was held around the neck of my love, and he was the only boy who could get close enough to hold it up to me. I didn’t know any other way to put it, but he was the key to my heart. We held each other when we were cold and when we were sad. He was my best friend. I will miss him forever..

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She mixed the sulfuric acid into the solution. If she completed it correctly, she would have created a self-igniting cocktail, and maybe they would make it out alive. Scott took the bottle, and prepared himself to go out and face the Alpha alone. It was terrifying. He was sure to die. (TEEN WOLF REFERENCE)

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It was incredible, the way the buildings layered themselves. The calendar marked every day for thousands of years. The vines from the trees intertwined between bricks and the stones had been encrusted with gold and it was the most amazing civilization. Who could have expected what was to come, a prediction of the end of the world simply from a culture?

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It was time to bury the past behind them, where it belonged. It was haunting their future, and she couldn’t possibly imagine another day feeling like someone was tearing out her heart every time she tried to breathe in. It was miserable. What kind of horrible person inflicts that kind of physical damage onto someone? It was unfair.

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The upper half of my body suffered an enormous blow. The paddle hit me like.. I couldn’t describe it. It was horrid, I thought I was okay until I realized my face was drenched in tears. I didn’t know anything but my name and that I was being hit by a man I seemed to know nothing about.

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Since the divorce, I haven’t slept. I know it has only been 3 days, but it still affects me like crazy. I haven’t eaten anything of particular substance, and I’ve cried everyday. Since the divorce, I’ve stalked my husband – excuse me – my ex husband’s Facebook. I wanted to see if he missed me yet. If he loves her yet. If he’s sorry yet.

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It was the biggest rush she’d ever felt. Like some sort of high. It was incredible, falling from the sky. She’d never felt more alive, yet she had a strange feeling she wouldn’t survive. After all, everyone gets that feeling that the parachute won’t open. Unless.. It actually doesn’t. And for her, it didn’t. Now she was just falling.

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Her brain was fried. There was nothing more they could do to save her, not after all that radiation and all the chemotherapy she had to go through. The tumor hadn’t gone away, and the surgery hadn’t fixed it. It was clear, she was going to end up a turnip. A vegetable. She would be brain dead, and they would have to watch as they willingly pulled her off the only thing sustaining her life.

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It’s hard to decide between two things you really want. Whether or not you will like your decision once it’s made.. She knew if she picked the wrong option, she would always be upset. She just couldn’t make up her mind about which pizza she wanted.. ;P

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It was hard, but she was able to sustain his pulse at a rate of 140 despite the rising pressure. She kept him on IV and Epi until they were able to open an OR. That man was going to die without the surgery.

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It was a miracle. Her eyes opened, and she still knew how to speak. She remembered her name and she wasn’t even worried or hurt. Somehow, the surgeons pulled through to make it so she was able to come out of her operation unscathed except for a little scar underneath her hairline.. It was a miracle.

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He covered me in a blanket, trying to soothe my shivers. I hadn’t ever jumped into a freezing lake before, it wasn’t like me. But really.. I just wanted to see if he would care. If he would come after me. He did, and now I have to suffer hypothermia with the knowledge that I am apparently suicidal. He doesn’t seem to mind though..

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They had several different events at the fair that you could sign up to attend once you actually became a part of the school, but I wasn’t really interested. I would much rather be in actual classes then have to go to an awkward introduction and meet people I really didn’t want to talk you ever. Maybe I just don’t like people..

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The porter sat next to me in the taxi; I didn’t want him alone in the rain with no money because I can’t imagine how lonely I would feel in his place. It was an August night, and the flood was starting to settle down.. But the residents didn’t seem any less glum.

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And he sat in the cabinet, still small enough to fit as he cried his eyes out on his bony knees. It wasn’t but a minute since it happened, but he couldn’t control the terrible way he felt inside.

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She read the instructions on the box, but was too nervous to follow through. But after taking out the small stick, she put her hand beneath her thighs but above the water, peed on it, and waited for results. After about two minutes, she got her answer. Positive. =)

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there was a railroad near my house one time and i always wanted to walk on it and i wanted to have my boyfriend on one side and me on the other and we would lean in and kiss each other like i saw the two gay people doing in that picture one time. it was beyond sweet and it looks so romantic and maybe dangerous too because you might fall or get hit by a train!!! That would be scary.

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