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“okay” I said. “Last week my apartment was broken into and my roommate was killed. they didn’t know i was there because i hid quick enough. My roommate wasn’t as lucky though. But as i was hiding and she begged for her life i heard them yelling at her demanding to know where it was, and when she kept repeating she didn’t know but if she did she would never tell them, they shot her. Then they left. they never stole anything, my priceless gold bracelet that i had left on the table never got a second glance. I knew this wasn’t a normal robbery but the police didn’t believe me. So I started asking around. I finally found someone who knew my friend and told me to go find Reggie. So tonight i went there and he told me he didn’t know anything but no ones that nervous if they are innocent. But i left anyways planning on coming back later and i was on my guard because i knew this wasn’t a good part of town. Walking to the buss stop I got a chill so looked behind me and noticed someone walking behind me. I told my self that it was probably a coincidence but just to be sure i made a left and he followed. I kept on telling myself he was just going the same way i was but i knew it couldn’t be true” I paused looking up not realizing that i had started tearing up, and noticed there was someone else in the room with a bowl of soup. My eyes lit up and she noticed. “mark get her a spoon and a bowl too please.” HE nodded to her and came back up to me minutes later with a bowl of soup and a plastic spoon. I hungrily devoured the soup and they waited patiently for me to be done. Noticing how rude i was being i finished up politely then apologized saying how hungry i was and hadn’t eaten in a day. “Its okay”, she said. “We get it, Continue please”….

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“sorry hun, of course, you need your space” the lady says, laying her arms out on the table in front of her. ” since stumpy sent you we know somethings wrong. Im Capt.Lacey Delray, and over there in the corner is Lt. Chris Anderson” He now acknowledged me with a nod “you can trust us with your story.”She smiles reassuringly when she sees me hesitate….

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I race into the police station out of breath, and feel someone approach me, “hey you okay?” a voice asks me. “Stumpy sent me,” i say looking up at the person, It a older lady and she is wearing a purple shirt and a grim expression. Then she sees the fear in my eyes and he face softens “One of those.” She yells at someone crossing by, “I need a blanket, hot chocolate and the conference room. And tell Lawrence to get his behind in there fast or else hes not getting that raise!” She leads me to a secluded room off the main office, a room i assume is the conference room. We sit down across from each other and i notice a guy in the shadow, my breath catches, whoever came up with the saying tall dark and handsome was so obviously talking about this guy, sculpted and neat, and his eyes so silvery blue i can feel myself falling into them. I feel the lady touch my arm and i jerk out of her grasp, “Please don’t touch me.” i say looking down, her entire body droops as if a giant weight has been put on her shoulders…

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I look up to see i had run into a hulking mass of a man with a silly grin on his face, “hey there pretty lady whatcha running from?” he asked looking me up and down making me want to take a long shower and wash that gaze off off me. Another shot rings out and i panic as his face turns white in fear. “let me go.” i plead realizing he had grabbed my arm and trying to twist out of his grip, and looking behind me realizing how much distance i had lost on the man chasing me. He sneers, “so that’s whats chasing you.” well duh!! i think to myself knowing how slow he must be. “the police station is three blocks up the road, say stumpy sent you. Tell them whats going on.” I nod and reassess him thinking hes maybe not all that bad. Then he releases me and slaps my rear and i change my mind, thinking nope, hes a slime ball. And start running, again, not even bothering to look behind me to see what stumpys doing and whats going to happen. I cringe when i hear another shot ring out and a clang and it hits something metal.

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I ran without thinking, without turning to look back i still knew he was behind me. His hot stale breath on my neck gave me goosebumps as i ran for my life, for i knew that if i slowed for even one moment i would be caught and there would be no hope. Running out of the dark alleyway and into the dimly lit street i hoped some one would notice be. And young girl be chased against her will. A shot rang through the air and i ducked, even more scared then before, not trusting my self or other people enough to run into these dingy buildings to maybe find help. I couldn’t think of why i would be so stupid to come into this part of the city tonight. Especially with the bounty on my head. But of course i had to find out what happened. I couldn’t just stand by and wait for the police to come. Especially not when i had noticed someone following me. The collar of his coat had been turned up and he was looking down, wearing sunglasses, so i couldn’t tell who he was but i knew he was following me, and i knew he was bad news. So here i am. running for my life. scolding my self for being so stupid. another sot ring through the air and i duck again, running faster, tears leaking out of the corner of my eyes. Bam! I run into something hard and fall back onto the ground, petrified i look behind me struggling to get up, then looking ahead i see what i had run into.

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“The gingerbread cow looked around, and not seeing anyone jumped out of the pan. She ran through the kitchen door under the sofa, along the wall and out the front door as fast as her little legs could carry her. Suddenly there was a shout from the kitchen. “Hey!? Where did my ginger bread cow go?” Without looking back the cow suddenly got a burst of adrenaline and ran faster and faster down the lane.” all the kids gasped, “did she get away?” they asked the librarian, eyes wide and looking up at her, “well i don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see!” She smiled back at the and continued to read….

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