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Sweat gathered on my brow, and my eyes narrowed in the bright lights of the court room. With trembling fingers I pulled my mothers white hankerchief from my lapel and patted my forehead. This was a identical copy of the same hankerchief they found covered in my lovers blood. The whole reason I’m here.

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I sat in the back of the class, my eyes on the window. The teachers voice was naught but a soft monotone, droning over me. A cotton blanket of boredom, smothering me. My thoughts drifted and soared over the clouds, sprouted wings and glided with the birds.

This wasn’t for me, I was destined for greater things. I was gifted.

I was special.

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The sound of metal grinding on metal filled the air, while a oily glaze of sweat doused my forehead and prickled against the skin of the rest of my body. The hammer felt good under my calloused, blistered fingers. A sense of purpose with each swing, a priorital need for responsibility.

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The endless desert stretched forward in front of me, the sun a bright yolk descending on the flat horizon. The wind blew sand heavy into the air, blurring my vision, scratching my skin. I could hear the water swish loudly in my canteen with every step I took.

Then, a grey line in the distance, the border appeared. A few more miles and I would find a new home. One way or another.

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The pest wouldn’t leave my sight. His incessant voice grated on my ears as his footsteps padded behind me. What I would give to just ball up my fist and plant in firmly in his acne ridden face. This summer vacation had started out bad, and was getting worse by the second.

I needed some bug repellent to ease myself of this burden.

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The thundering of hoods could be heard even from high up in Hijinks tree. He looked down is loin cloth dangling down in front of his vision. His lips grew dry, while his mouth salivated.

The herd of buffalo looked like a deliciously mobile feast.

He imagined himself dancing between them, joy on his face, and meat in his belly.

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The dappled rays of sunshine poured through the thickets of green leaves, littering the ground with polka dot patterns of light and dark. My feet slipped, and trembled on the uneven ground as I followed the sound of rushing water. The slapping of waves a sound that promised salvation.

Where there was water there was life.

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The air was alive with music. Soul lifting, corner of lip raising, booty shaking music. My eyes lit up with the reflection of fireworks of every color. The sky was dazzling in it’s fog covered spectrum of multi-colored phantasm.

My first festival was a non-sensical blur of my deepest inhibitions being released.

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I looked at the perfectly crafted barrel, the circumference looking as if it had been drawn out with a protractor. I could hear the bubbles of the yeast in the background, turning all that precious sugar into the nectar the town craved for so badly.

I could hear the footsteps of the mayor pounding away on my floor boards upstairs.

I only had a few hours to get this batch distilled.

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The vast blue curtain pulled over my eyes was filled with every color I had ever known. From deep purples, rich yellows, and vibrant greens, the environment shimmered to life with a opalescent grace. Bubbles pushed their way out of my gear and rose to the surface, rainbows reflecting off their exteriors.

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He felt numb, nearly everywhere. The only thing he could was his eyes, burning as if someone pressed a burning needle into their center. The bright lights above pierced him, sending waves of pain through his mind.

Delicately he moved his hand, and heard the grinding of metal on metal. His stomach flipped, as well as it could given the situation, when he saw his hand. It was a bright shiny metal, gleaming in the spotlight above. Dials, numbers, lights, bulbs, and buttons ran up and down his forearm.

“We did it sir.”

“We rebuilt him.”

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His fingers grew blistered under the strain of keeping up the melody, but the sun was warm, and the whiskey was strong. It was a good day to be out on the deck. His trusty shotgun lay close to his chair, moving with it’s rocking motions, while his dog Jax played in the tall grass down below.

It was a good day for bubba ray.

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The moon had an eerie glow to it that night. The car continued to drift down the snowy highway, it’s engine dead, and it’s headlights backlighting the macbre sight in front of me. The explosion had thrown bodies through the air like ragdolls, and back lit against the moon, they looked like puppets of the sky. Ready to discover a new purpose.

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The coin toppled down the well as I looked up and saw my sister and her friends, still exploring this wide world, playing in the pasture. It was some made up game of chase, tag, and repeat, but to them it was the funnest thing in the world.

So much younger then me everything was new and fresh to her. Every experience a bit of a gold. Every day a wish to be made.

Wistful tears threaded down my cheeks as I heard the coin hit the water below. Ahh to be young.

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He towered above me, his painted face looking down, while a helium driven animal came to life before his lips. The sun beat down on the back of my already red neck, and my mothers hand tightened in glee. Magic was in the air. Who knew it smelled of fresh cotton candy and popcorn. The man on stilts wobbled past us, on to spread joy to the rest of the patrons. Just another day at the circus.

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I looked out at the lush green field, so full of life and wonder. It filled me with a nostalgia that began at my stomach, and fluttered down to my fingers. I tingled with excitement, every one of my pores remembering skinned knees, grass stains, and freshly mowed grass. With little hesitation I sprinted to the crown of the hill, and looked at the steep decline to the marsh below, and I tumbled.

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The future was dark and grey, clouds of dark uncertainty gliding over the horizon line. An oblique sense of self-doubt welled in me as each sandy footstep dragged me closer to the preface of inevitability. My vision tunneled around me, and I could only see one possible outcome. A cliff.

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I stared across the empty battlefield, broken steel dangling in my numb, blood soaked hand. I could feel the blades of grass dancing under my feet, and the wind blowing through my whiskers.

Soldiers lined my sight on every side, I was outnumbered, and out flanked.


My sword hit the ground with the thud of defeat.

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The storm ripped the roof off without mercy, rafters, and china flying in every direction.

I couldn’t hear my own thoughts over the tumulous storm. The creak of grandma’s old chair could be hear as she skidded across the floor. Skidded straight for the edge of the cloud.

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My ears craned with the effort, but barely any coherent sound exercised itself free form her loose lips. The dull hum of a heart monitor could be heard over an archaic air conditioner, doing less to cool the room, and more to circulate the smell of old spice and moth balls.

These weekly visits with grandma were tough.

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I heard the footsteps landing heavily on the wood floor outside. Somehow she had gotten in, and I could tell from the determination behind every trespassing step that she had no intention on leaving.

I quickly scanned the room for potential weapons.

Teddy bears.



Why couldn’t I be in G.I. Joe’s.

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I sat at my musty desk stamping one paper after another. My gaze continued to wandering to the one window in the office, placed there by mandatory court order of course.

The birds outside chirped peacefully on their branch, returning their most recent find to their children.

A funny sensation came over me.

I grew wings.

I lay claim to the sky.

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My brain pulsed, and jerked with desire. The pages of books fanned in front of me, blowing a sweet wind of knowledge over my face. My thirst was insatiable. My quest, without end. All the knowledge in the world would be mine. Then with it. All the power.

All I had to do in the mean time was think.

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The blood splattered hallway was the first piece in this showcase of horror. This museum of the macbre. Detective Johnny Sanders sloshed through the thick pool of congealed innards, making his way to the coup de’ grace.

It made even his stomach turn. A steel stomach that had withstood many atrocities cast over him by the sickness of mankind.

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The computer cackled at me, beeps and boops reverberating off the metallic interior. The glare of the screen burned into my retina. A permanent bloom of white cast over my vision. I only had a few precious moments before the system realized what was going on.

An alarm went off in the other room.

Time’s up.

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I looked ahead on the empty highway, seeing nothing but the scorching rays of the sun staring back at me. The half empty can of gas felt like a lead break in my hand. It weighed me down with every step I took, but I had to get back.

She needed me, and the baby was nearly here. Just a few more miles.

Just a few more miles.

Just a few…more…

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I stood in the white hallway. Two doors in front of me. One of them my life that has past so far, and the other full of new oppurtunities. One a stark, stainless white, signaling fresh choices and new people. The other a sooty gray, tarnished, and covered in the sins of days past.

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The obnoxious burden of education began to weigh heavy on me as the thin black ink on the page before me began to blur. My head was bursting with useless facts, and my eyes burned from the flow of acidic knowledge crossing their threshold.

I couldn’t learn one more definition. Add one more number.

Second grade is hard.

» Posted By Max Ryder On 02.11.2013 @ 6:04 pm

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