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The priest attempted to purify Janet, but no matter how hard he tried, the demon persisted. He dunked her in two buckets of holy water to no avail. He had no choice but to call the eradicator.

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Fateful. That was the only way that Angelica could begin to describe how she met her new husband. All the others had met her through an arrangement by her parents or sister. Now she was sure that she had met Mr. Right.

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The channel that led into the city was the color of blood. The vision was clear. The king should not start a war with Ovelur, but how could Sam convince him to stay his hand and pursue peace?

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The corridor led to a pocket in space time. Rachel could not identify where in the structural stream this was located but she knew that she was in a lot of trouble. Her comm broken, there was no way to go atemporal for help.

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It was scripted. His whole life. How could that be? What bargain had his mother made with the Voodo Priestesses that had gotten him into this situation. Walter jumped in his car and started driving east.

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The willow had an odd color to its leaves. Sandy decided that it was probably wise to give that tree a wide birth. So focused was she in doing this, however, that she almost ran smack into the giant.

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The lawyer got canned because it was discovered that he had been having an affair with not one but two of his secretaries. To be fair, both of his secretaries were quite beautiful and resisting them would clearly have been unreasonable.

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Ooo! I meant the flour was all over the floor. :)

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The flour was all over the flour. The children had made quite a mess. Where were they? They would not be watching TV for a week. Wait. What were those tiny prints in the flour. Too small to belong to the kids.

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Televised? No I did not realize that what we did was being televised. Can we maybe edit a little bit of–. Well, what the hell. It is what it is. People need to know the truth.

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The taffy was quite tasty. If it had poison, Juan could not tell. Fortunately, his healing factor would protect him from all such attempts on his life. He looked across at the baker, who smiled benignly.

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The sentiment that pervaded the room was clearly hatred. How could one that hate someone who had been responsible for cold blooded murder of much of one’s own people? Murder was also in the air. The guards moved closer to protect the convict.

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The firearm that Rachel found was not made on Earth. In fact it was clear that it had not been made anywhere in the Milky Way or any other galaxy that had terran trodden.

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The woman who hijacked the plane was definitely not human. She had three eyes and only one ear. Also she was about ten feet tall. Roger decided that trying to overpower her would not be such a good idea.

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Submerged the star ship seemed but another piece of wreckage from the impact with the God Spear, but it was of course much much more. The occupants posed a threat to the Triune that nothing else in the nebula could possibly rival.

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To the delight of the vampire, his quarry could run. Easy catches were boring. He chased her through the subway station, through a clinic and even a zoo until finally he caught up with her at a police station. There he fanged her and then had a feast on the police on hand.

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The collection of bodies that Jack found in the basement boggled the mind. Whoever this sicko was he certainly had been quite busy and from the looks of it, he had been hard at work for some time.

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Creative force. The sorcerer savored it. He had spent so much of his life chasing after the runes that would give him access to the force. Now he was in a position to make significant changes to the principalities of the realm.

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Jon’s intent was benign, but Susan had good reason to believe that the demon that inhabited his heart had another reason for offering her a lift to the train station, so she opted to take a taxi instead. The demon, however, was quite persistent….

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The Child God was quite willful. Disciplining him was the only way to preserve the realm in its current form. But disciplining a supernatural being had to be done with the utmost care. Only one wizard was up to the task.

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Steady. Steady. Roger told himself as he walked across the ledge. The woman at the other end did not look so steady and she was making the mistake of looking down.
“Look at me. Look at me,” he said, trying to give her a reassuring smile.

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The instant he saw the giant at the door, Jon realized that he was in a world of trouble. If he still had the Staff of David he would very easily be able to dispatch this opponent. His only hope now was to flee.

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The balloon popped and Rachel jumped. She had been daydreaming again. This time she was in a small village in France waiting for Patrick to come. His arrival brought her untold happiness. A far cry from her present reality.

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The decoy failed to divert the missile. The resulting explosion destroyed three of the ships in the armada. Violet was lucky to have stowed away on a ship in the outer ring.

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The arthritis got in the way of the Peter killing his wife. He just couldn’t squeeze the trigger fast enough. Unfortunately, his wife was not so encumbered when she drew the kitchen knife. Peter tried to evade, but again he was not fast enough.

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In a frenzy the beast came at the king. However, it did not get far. The vampire guard that surrounded him also went into frenzy and launched themselves at the creature, fangs bared.

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It was incomplete, but there was much more left of her life. Surely. The prognosis had to have been a mistake. She would get a third opinion.

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The pairs of bombs that were dropped on the cities had a cobalt base. The defenses set up by the Akardian government were no match for the bombs. Everyone in all three cities were killed.

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The pixels that dotted the heroine’s costume were almost blinding. SunEater retreated to dark side of the moon and started to power up. A tap on his shoulder startled him. The Pixel gave him a wry smile.

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The wrath of the death god was felt across the seven spheres. But as angry as he was he could never be anything but kind to his favorite daughter Delia. The other daughters of course cried favoritism.

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