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And wrinkled white straight from the mighty sea of childhood and splash guards that never work anyways. The ducky was valiant in his efforts but nothing could save the fingers. Wrinkly crinkly clammy fingers of death. Rehydrated, saturated prune stumps.

The smallest like a raisin and your palms like raisin cakes. Sweet baby raisin cakes I could keep you forever.

» Posted By Maryanne On 02.22.2014 @ 3:56 am


it’s the big box of shattered light surrounded by blasting sound. Can’t we sit in back I plead. I’ll get a neck ache, a butt ache, maybe some heartache.

» Posted By Maryanne On 02.04.2014 @ 3:11 pm


lots of men feeling very strongly about the male bond and support to each other but not

» Posted By Maryanne On 06.03.2013 @ 1:51 am


Since you ask I will have to say I’m sorry. Asking for a sorry always ruins in though.

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.14.2012 @ 6:54 am


the dominant trait passed down through my kin is opinions. passion for opinion. your opinion, my opinion. dominant opinions of all shapes and sorts. world domination through opinions.

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.09.2012 @ 2:52 pm


Like a hundred percent chance I will grow a mass if I continue to eat like the rest of America. I don’t own a microwave. Should I reside in a museum or a freak circus show?

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.08.2012 @ 3:52 pm


Is it possible these children will never stop chatting and filling my brain to the brim? Creative mothers… they deserve a gold star. Making their brains think creative thoughts in the midst of all this noise. It’s possible all right.

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.06.2012 @ 4:10 pm


Be scene and not heard said the photographer to the politician. A picture speaks a thousand words. Make wordy scenes.

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.05.2012 @ 11:24 am


If they could talk what a story! All four of them, or is it five. What of the roof. Who let the walls out? roof, roof, roof, roof! Let be grateful that won’t get past these four walls. Oh my.

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.04.2012 @ 11:37 am


Combining the ingredients using the measuring cups ironically made in China! So I’m not a professional, so what? I just need the right tools. Perhaps a wok. Combining all things garden glory with a bit of oil spice and soul pleasing ginger.

» Posted By Maryanne On 10.03.2012 @ 7:53 am


into a dfferent dimension shiny metal box thing with many colored buttons antenas up in this bitch im gone. seeya later. im in a whole new world. fuckin unicorns i can ride and they fly and their piss is a delicious elixer of love mother fuckers woot woot

» Posted By MaryAnne On 08.20.2011 @ 7:39 pm


Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend. He’d have brown hair. He would wear spandex. His spandex body suit would be pink. There would be a purple headband around his head. It would snap when you pulled it.

» Posted By maryanne On 08.10.2011 @ 5:51 pm


i’m so tired
red bricks are red
blue bricks are blue
you bricks are you
i love you
i love bricks
i want to sleep but I won’t sleep
because i like lights
not as much as i like bricks
not as much as i like you
i love you
that is it
that is all

» Posted By maryanne On 08.08.2011 @ 11:08 pm


edition editon edition i dont know what to write! not a word i use often. yayayyaya LoL ok bad vocab. i should write about something else. BOOMSHAKALAKA didndjdh ok not creative at all! :P

» Posted By Maryanne On 01.16.2011 @ 3:06 am


Dew drop. rain drop. drop of blood. water. drip drop. water falling. mist. rain. pour. lots of water. drop it down. it dropped . DROP.

» Posted By maryanne On 05.08.2009 @ 10:17 am


I charge you lots of money for the bagel because it it made out of wheat and i grow wheat it costs money so u pay me so there hey you u didnt give me my money so hurry and give me my monney i have to run a mile today DARN i already ran it today is a bad day i like softball better and mrs campana is absent tom. I hope it is hot for the rest of the week

» Posted By maryanne On 05.07.2009 @ 10:49 am

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