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He clasped her hand tightly, saw the fear in her eyes, and smiled. He let go, and she dropped down into the void, her screams echoing off the cliff. He stood up, brushed himself off, and watched as far down below, the diseased-ridden humans converged around her lifeless body and began to eat.

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The light, the flashes, a whirlwind of visual magic, her eyes followed the spiral of sparkles up into the blue sunny sky.

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What to do? I was being offered the chance of a lifetime – see all my friends and family again, see HER again, or go on alone to paradise. How could I choose? Which did I prefer? It was an impossible choice.

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I brushed the dust off my dad’s favourite album and tipped it to one side. What slipped out of the sleeve into my hand was the key. The key to fixing everything that had gone wrong.

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