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Silver has been used since historic instances for
jewellery making, but has not survived in addition to ancient
gold as a result of it tarnished and decomposes.

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It’s more than just about being part of the same crew. It’s about family. It’s about being there for each other, standing by each other, supporting each other… It’s about believing in each other and making sacrifices for each other.

Being part of the same crew means sailing through life in the same ship, sharing similar experiences, and exploring adventures together. It’s about sharing the good and the bad, and working through whatever comes.

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It’s been pretty expensive lately. Talk about a waste of money! Um.. gasoline is a natural resource..? Right? It keeps cars running! Man! Ran out of time:(

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bob is the creator of the new world of advertising. The sponge is the new way to create fresh ideas by taking everything from your environment and squeeze it in a new blank paper.

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I found it…destiny. Then I thought oh no it must be the end. So I lost it. Now I am searching for it again. What a crazy game.

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when the world seems to constantly twist you and turn you…kind of like a pretzel. When it’s done with you it spits you out and leaves you crossed. Arms crossed, legs crossed, hair a mess…back to square one again.

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It’s a light comfortable rolling kind of surprise. When you’re startled you don’t worry about what’s happening because after the initial shock you know you’ll be ok. It doesn’t last.

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we were not held. he was gone. i was alone and they were not there, but nothing is lost we are still together. his body is next to mine, we could never be far apart. No matter where he is going, he has given me what I’ve got, and even if he never comes back he has taken me in his heart.

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