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He charged.
Like a bull.
Maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised when he heard the other guy’s nickname (Torro) or seen the tribal tatts and the nose ring.
This guy didn’t need a damn shotgun.
He just needed his thick skull.
As Bradley took Torro’s head in the gut, the previous had a flashback to when he was a little kid and a girl, name long forgotten, suddenly started to play leapfrog with him. Needless to say, it had ended in tears and a bloody nose.

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The porpoise sighed as it swam near the great blue; the cheerleader sighed as she brushed by The Brick.
He was a giant…thing…perhaps, of 280% muscle and 2% intelligence. Everyone was so afraid of him. If he said “Come with me,” you came with him. If he said “We’re going to go out on a date,” you did that too, and smiled at his dumb, half-baked, racist jokes. Even if you were black. “Hey, did you hear that they reinstated slavery?” he had asked on his first date with the cheerleader, “and that the entire South had a party with their enslaved rappers?” She had smile weakly; surely he couldn’t know that her step-mother, who she adored, was 1/2 black.

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She was boxed into white walls, though there wasn’t any point to them. She was in a matching straightjacket too.
Her mind sighed as her mouth laughed. Emma had been sealed up for no apparent reason, just that she had kissed someone. To be fair, that person was a girl, but still.
She buzzed and bubble, whispered and yelled as she was dragged into the jacket by her feet, the guards talked to her in gruff voices calling her things that couldn’t be repeated.

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Mix baking powder with vinegar, she said. It’ll have no reaction, she said.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
Raymond knew this now as the mixture spilled on his clothing, staining it permanently. There was a reason baking soda was in fabric detergent. It felt cold in the science room; it was tempting to go into a locker and get his pink leather jacket.

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She fell through the hallway, her hair almost looking speckled as she pranced. Stepping on peoples toes with an almost maniacally happy ‘Sorry, so sorry everyone!’ They didn’t mind. She was their fawn, and no one else’s.

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He couldn’t breath as the tube was yanked from his nostrils, violently. It was like yanking out the tooth which was dangling from a thread of muscle; it simply had to go. He gasped for breath–and his medication, mostly calming drugs- and began to howl like the madman he was.

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It was something she wanted as she ran in the freezing cold, gym shorts swishing around her flapping legs. Least they looked like they were flapping to her; she was extra concious about this. The cold froze her lungs, freezing her and her breath.

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He pulled her off the dirty hallway floor, and her eyes dully shone. She didn’t get what she needed; and what she needed was help. “Thanks,” she said in a deadpan as she walked on towards the health room. They never exchanged a word again, but there was always that…connection…between them, barely acknowledged.

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He loved her, not his wife, which was unfortunate because he didn’t have a wife. This had dawned on him several times, though the blood was still on his hands. He had thought to himself ‘you don’t forget murdering someone’, but it was so tempting…so delicious…he had daydreamed about it, punishing his wife and putting her in the other her’s place.

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I must be a huge [censored], she thought.
After all, most people don’t cheat on their husband with his brother.
She rubbed her eyes, temples, face, as she sat at the bedside. Cheap hotel in the countryside. He had found it online; he hadn’t shaved this morning.

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How it had started, she did not know, and yet it did.
It started with a drink in a dark smokey bar, with a stranger in a leather jacket. How cliched, she had thought. That I might get drunk with this guy.
It wasn’t any fight with her husband; rather, it was boredom.

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