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The yellow paste coated the child’s face, his grin as wide as can be. Having no care in the world except for finishing his meal. A much more difficult task than expected. Having no concept of potion sizes, there was more mustard than anything on that poor hot dog.

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there are grades for everything that you receive in life. you can receive a downgrade or an upgrade. its up to you. either way, there is no badgrade. a grade is just a humanistic perspective formulated into someone elses imagination via translations

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tracking was one of the red indian’s strenght. He made use of this by selling his services to willing settlers who had lost their way.

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One time I went to a party and got really drunk. I got into an arguement with one guy and I ended up getting beat up by 15 people and getting stabbed. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, I said out loud, “I can be a rapper now!”

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well…not exaought ctly the word I thought isI would see. I am placed here on thi as earth for a reason. I want to discover and experience the joy of knowing why I am placed. It’s kind of cool to think about the randomness, or really lack there of, how life places people, events, circumstances in our lives.

whoa….isn’t it 60 seconds yet ??

OK, i am most thankful for my adopted daughters placement in our home….she has been a blessing since we brough her home

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hair, girls usually have braids in there hair, they link it looks really good. I think it looks good sometimes, sometimes girls braid guys hair, they thinks it’s cute or something. I don’t know, there are all different types. French braids and so on and so forth, I don’t understand how to do it. Complicated for me. They are pretty cool though. I usually see them in brunette girls/

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Locks are frustrating from the outside, annoying from the inside. When you’re outside, you have to pull out keys, find the right one, and manage to hold onto everything while turning the key what feels like 43 times. From the inside, you’re never quite sure if the lock will hold up in an attack from burgulars.

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Resist, i can resist the change that i feel rising up inside me i am not quite sure what to do i am in a quandry some one help me i’m not sure i think my dad couldve helped but i may have to figure this out on my own please help.

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Wanting something is often confused with needing something. Wanting comes after needing, if needs are fulfilled. Wanting is more of a state of mind, a periodic feeling towards something. The boarder between wanting and needing is often hard to notice.

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used for building, a clay material that is laid using mortar. Can be used to pave streets or build houses. Bricks have been used for centuries to pave roads and have served as a milestone of building technology..

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It was hidden away in a cupboard behind the stairs so none but the most prying of eyes would look upon it.

It was important to him. He wasn’t sure why, but it was. It was connected to him in some strange way he couldn’t yet explain.

Why, then, did he hide it away? What was he afraid of? He didn’t even know what it was.

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the hero’s of great and renowned
myth derives from the cult of mithras

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