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I didn’t like stretching the truth, but that’s what I had to do to convince my parents to let my latest transgression go. Truth is, one of my friends asked me to come over because he was depressed and he needed someone to talk to. I ended up staying the night and, well, some stuff happened between us. I had to tell my parents that he needed a ton of comforting and that he was ready to end his life, which was a total lie, or maybe not. Truth is, I’m not really sure why I slept with him. Maybe the truth I was telling myself was stretched too.

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There was a stillness in the air as Sharon took her last breath.

Thomas felt it. He put his right hand on his chest and struggled to take a deep breath as his left hand gently smoothed Sharon’s hair in place. He clutched her hand and gave her one final kiss on the forehead.

Amy felt it, too. Her mother was sick for a very long time. The stillness was like a weight pushing down on them, making everything seem unbearable. The stillness had been there for quite some time now, a constant reminder of Sharon’s impending death. Amy tugged at her father’s coat and led him away from her mother’s pale body.

Thomas looked at his daughter and patted her head before taking her hand. You look just like your mother, he thought. And a smile played at his lips.

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