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She beckoned to him from the balcony, her auburn hair a tumble of light over her shoulder. He couldn’t believe the beauty of her, the sheer effervescence of her presence. He walked slowly toward the door, eyes locked on her, loathe for even a moment to step out of her presence. She watched him back and a slight smile curled the corners of her lips – he was hers.

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There were never any words with which she could describe her world. Where others saw in color, the full spectrum or so they thought, she saw everything. There was a shade right between the orangest red and reddest orange that was the perfect one to paint a sunset in. There was a color that made her think of forgotten promises, another that sounded like true love.

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She conjured his image to her mind, filling in every detail with obsessed precision. Slowly, it grew more real in her eyes until finally he stood before. His green eyes though were blank and dead and though he breathed softly, his chest rising and falling under the ochre tunic, he made no motions. She screamed a curse and thrust her hand into the space he should occupy. With that, he disappeared and she fell to the ground in tears.

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She embellished heavily on the story. A wyrm became a 20 foot tall dragon with a wing span twice its length. Her drab farm hand was now a devilishly handsome prince and the awkward hug and twenty pounds became a night of love followed by a tragic separation. Her audience enjoyed it well enough, but she was beginning to feel like a real charlatan.

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She’d weathered many a storm, her deck washed clean and scoured by the pounding waves. Clean even of the crew that had held tight, but not tight enough, to rigging and mast before tumbling off and down into the churning waters. She was complacent now in her journey, taking it as she pleased with no ant-like humans scurrying over her demanding she go this way or that way when all she wanted was to drift.

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She was falling, flailing through the water. No matter how she moved it seemed to only drive her deeper into the ocean. Her air was running out, her throat burned and her eyes even worse so as they blinked open and shut in the stinging salt water. She could feel hope slipping further from her as the water ran between her fingers, as she fell deeper and deeper.

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The sanctity of marriage…

She stood by his side, their hands tied with a red ribbon as the priest droned on and all she could think was “What am I doing?”
Her eyes followed the motion of his hands as he blessed them once, twice, thrice. And she could only ask her self “What am I doing here?”
The words washed over her, around, and under her. Beside her, He said, “I do.”
Had they missed the other part? The objections part? Couldn’t anyone see to object? Didn’t they realize how awfully, terribly wrong it was?
Beside Him, she said, “I do.”

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She willed the rock to rise, but it lay there stubbornly on the ground. Again, she shut her eyes tight and pushed her will at it, feeling only growing frustration with this pointless task. She could feel Ard’s eyes on her back, his gaze sardonic as he watched her futile attempts. Finally, she opened her eyes and yelled, “This is stupid!”

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Flat, flat flat. She stared down at her chest in anxious frustration. As per any girl her age, her breasts should be coming in now, blooming into bouncy, jiggly wonderfulness, but instead she had mosquito bites. Itty bitty mosquito bites. She turned sideways to the mirror and sucked in her stomach hoping that would help, but no such luck.

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She was growing, growing, growing! Her bones stretched like taffy and went up and up and up. She bounced on the balls of her feet and the ground trembled under her, uneasy at such weight. She giggled and tried to skip, but tripped herself up on her big, big feet. She stumbled, reached out to stop her fall, and accidentally crushed a tree.

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The salesman knocked punctually at the door. His tie was straight, his shoes bright, his hair impeccably styled in the ways of the 50’s. On the curb was parked his classic car, shiny and bright so that he could be proud of it. In his suitcase he carried his life’s blood.

The woman came to the door, a harassed look in her eyes. (END TIME) “What?” Behind her were the sounds of squalling toddlers.

“Hello, Ma’am,” he said, tipping his hat. “I was just wondering if you would take the time to allow me to show you the most wonderful thing since sliced bread.”

She squinted at him suspiciously. “What are you supposed to be? Is this some joke?”

“No, Ma’am, it’s no joke. I’m a genuine salesman and I’m here to help all your problems just disappear.” A smile flashed onto his face. “If you’ll let me of course.”

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it was real, it was here, it was tangible and happening in real life. It was a fact and it existed here and now and it was irrefutable. It was not fantasised or imagined or conceptual; it was real, it was a realised object. Specific

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He can’t satisfy me. Nothing can. Like a maw I devour all and all and more than all and yet am not filled. What is a mortal beside that? I could eat this planet and not be filled. I could eat this solar system, this galaxy, this whole god damn universe and it wouldn’t matter. And yet I settle for one man on one planet in one solar system who thinks himself special. What logic is that?

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She stepped lightly over the threshold into the new room. Just like the ones before it it was entirely different. Its walls were forest green with vines twining in the wallpaper. A smooth, moss-like carpet went from wall to wall and chairs and tables looked as though they’d grown from the floor. She walked carefully, checking each step for weakness as the room before had had hidden falls.

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“Society, what a great fuckin’ idea, am I right?” His voice cut through the chatter of the coffee shop, loud, strident and obnoxious.
I looked up from my book and scowled at him. He stood over my table, cup in hand, smiling down at me with that cocky smirk. “Well, am I?” he asked, plopping into the chair opposite mine.

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You never learn, kid. I tried again and again to teach you, but again and again you failed. What the fuck’s up with that? It’s not that hard, but you just don’t get it. I try, lord knows I try! Whatever, you don’t get it you’re dead and then I start over again…and again…and again…and again…so many times I’ve seen kids like you and each time they’ve ended up six feet under. When’s it my turn?

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She loved the Plays, she sat through them every year on the edge of her seat. While other students watched with passive, bored expressions, hers flickered through delight, sorrow, and excitement. They were history and love and wonder all wrapped into one gorgeous, perfect package. They were everything and she couldn’t understand why no one else saw it.

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The ruins loomed on the skyline. Their glittering heights brought new meaning to the word ‘awesome’. The young men could barely keep their eyes off of them as they set up camp.
“Tomorrow we’ll be there,” one said to another, an eager glint in his eyes.
The other nodded. “Tomorrow.”

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She sailed slowly down the mountain, arms outstretched, eyes firmly closed. After all, perhaps if she saw that she was really, truly flying it would stop working! Better to not see and just feel. And what a feel it was…the wind tangled in her hair and ran lightly down her back on little feet as she bobbed downwards.

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She went forth from her land into the barren waste of desert. None knew whence she had gone nor why, only that when morning came she could not be found. There were searches sent out in vain. She did not wish to be found and so was not, but they tried again and again for they could not let her disappear into ether.

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She was raised still beautiful and perfect in every way. The formaldehyde smell was the only giveaway, but she covered it up with perfume and fresh flowers and didn’t spend too much time in the sun. Every month she went back to the morgue and made them inject her again because she would begin to rot. That was the problem with being dead, you couldn’t reverse it to make yourself more alive.

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He had the upper hand, but that would soon change. She dashed forward and rolled beneath the table. It would buy her a precious moment. Before he could react, she was up and running on the other side. Chairs and patrons scattered around with angry shouts. He could follow that trail, but then she wanted him to.

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I was happy, so happy, with him, but then everything changed. Isn’t this how it always goes? Everything’s fine and then it changes. It changes sand you’re left long ago and far away with him or her or it. It always changes. That’s life. Change, change, change. When do we get to stand still?

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The walls inched closer to her, bending toward her like inquisitors on the march. She saw them waver slightly in the heat that radiated from her body. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t quite remember what. Was it possible that the rabbit would know? He hovered in the distance, watching her intently. They were all watching her, watching to see her fail again. She couldn’t fail again, this was her final exam!

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I combined the elements, stirring and sticking them until they formed one cohesive whole. I was arbiter of life, of death, of the unkown. All power belonged to me…right before it blew up in my face. I mean that literally, my eyebrows were singed off as well as most of my hair and I couldn’t see out of my right eye for three days. After three days, I took out my left eye too so at least it was even. It was a long time before I walked in public again.

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The signs all pointed to the left, each one cocked slightly on its axis so that while they all pointed left each pointed at a slightly different angle. Hell, just barely off of straight up. Heaven, twirled so that it pointed toward the ground. There were a thousand others, each a place of peace or passion. Heaven or hell like settings, but none in places you would expect.

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He was fawning. She could see him doing it. He was fawning on another nubile, hapless young girl who would be overawed by this older man taking such an interest in her. Again! How dare he do this right in front of her? As though she weren’t standing five feet away watching him do it. At least before he’d been discreet…ish. Okay, he hadn’t, but she had thought he might have been. Or she had been in denial. In any case, it had been different before.

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A hundred men stood face to face, each squared off against the other. The queen stood aside, watching. There would be death and bloodshed and she reveled in it. For her, they would die. For her, they would be born again in the field of battle. Mewling babes to grow and nurture and send once more into their rightful place – the grave. She flicked a curl from her shoulder and turned her eyes to the ravens circling, waiting.

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I begin to understand why they ignore it. Push it away. The knowledge is so hard to bear. It’s heavier than any shroud, it confines more than any mask, it hurts worse than all wounds I have ever received. It is the worst thing to know and yet not knowing…how could I stand that as well? Or pretending that I don’t. To know and then forget would leave the taste of loss and failure on my tongue.

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I claim no one and nothing for my own. I am an empty shell. A place with no home, a home with no place. I am nothing even more so than nothing is. The sea has no claim to me nor the land nor the air for I am a being of none and all. How can there be so many contradictions in one body? It’s easy. Believe. Believe and the world will be as you wish it to be. Who knows? Perhaps it will even stay that way.

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