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I walked down the staircase, following the murmur I heard through the doorway. This sound was uncanny, as I was completely alone in the house. As I descended the staircase, the temperature dropped, step by step. Goosebumps raised on my arms. I paused to catch my breath.

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Draw the curtains.
I can’t today.
Let me sleep.

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My mind swarms with the feeling of desolation; I am on an island, far from civilization, and I can’t help but to wonder why no one has bothered to look for me. Why is that?

I drink cocoanut milk and think about the cliche of it all.

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The clamp wasn’t as painful as Valerie expected, not initially. It was only after it had settled against her skin, into her skin, and Benny had set it on the second notch it began to hurt. She wielded the piercing needle with the expert hand of a high schooler who pierced her friends’ in the ladies bathroom.

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The doors lined the hall, waiting patiently like soldiers for battle. Dora couldn’t remember the door that brought her to the hall, why she had entered the hall or which direction she was meant to go, so she resolved to work down the line.
The first door was red wood with an old brass knob and key hole.

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My student looked at me funny.
“Are you okay Mr. Barnhart?”
“Yes, Joel. My hand just hurts. I’m sorry about that,” I replied with embarrassment in front of a 7-year-old.
“You look like you’re in pain,” Cassidy commented.
“I’ll be fine. You just keep working on your drawing there,” I replied, flexing my fingers.

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The sky was spinning above her head, because she was drunk and she was pretty sure she would fall down. Below the celestial dance was a bonfire and a group of kids, and Bree was over come with the sense something bad would happen, as she plopped to the soft, spring ground.

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As we loom, the rest of the earth will just have to listen to the cries and pains from all that there is, we will examine as one, for we are the bacteria of silence, the world is our toilet and we are our mouths, join our brains and ears to live a sensitive life

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The ratings were huge. Astronomical, golden. They would never have to worry about filling the houses again, about empty blackness yawning at them on Friday nights and cleaning up at eleven to drink the money they didn’t have away in the costumes they made themselves at the bar where everyone knew them and how badly they were failing.

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I stood at the cliff wondering about him. Would he care if I left? Would anybody care? The wind pushed my body toward the edge, and I took in a deep breath of the icy air even though it was too strong to completely inhale. I’m going to jump.

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Everyone should keep their promises. Promises are about trust, and many times about love. They go along with honesty and honesty and trustworthiness says a lot about someone character. Don’t break your promises.

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I sometimes don’t know if I have experienced enough in my life. I feel I will get older, and I will know none of the tricks of the trade, I will not know enough about life to live it to the fullest, etc., and it scares me a little.

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I placed the plate of macaroni and cheese on the dark chestnut table as he walked in. Smelled of perfume, of another woman’s breath. The kids said hi and he gave me a kiss on my soft pale cheek. He asked me how my day was and I asked how was his. Does he still love me?

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fire is an intensity one cannot write. fire is love, fire is hate. fire is desire, fire is distrust. fire is lust, and fire is love. too much fire and one will perish, too little and one will never live.

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living is about being you, not caring what people think. just live your life. make mistakes. its your life, you control it, yu expieriment with it, its you. don’t let people tell you what to do with your life.

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routines patterns things we do. i like methods. but i am not methodical? or maybe not scientific? methods makes me think of the scientific method which reminds me of when i failed chemistry, or i didn’t fail but almost failed. did i actually try in that class? was i just dumb? did i lie about doing my homework? i can’t remember but lately my students remind me of myself, pretending they turn things in when they don’t

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my past is not that special, like everyone thinks it should be. i dont have any problems, i dont havent had anything bad happen to me really. everyone says we all have our secrets, but what are mine? I almost wish something bad would happen to me, just so i wasnt so perfect. its awful and ill regret it later, but thats how i feel.

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It was an old place, older than half the buildings in this town. Half the lights flickered on and off in the storms, the other half buzzed loudly. All of the newer books were kept in the light, while the others were left to themselves, their knowledge hidden in the darkness. What secrets awaited me there? What would I discover? And would any of it make sense of who they were.

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I was a somebody. By my choice, I turned into a nobody. I hate myself for taking advantage of what I had. Now I’m living the regret, every single day.

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When I’m not, somebody out there is. Somebody out there is better than me. And I hate that thought. Somebody out there works harder than me and will always be better than me. Somebody out there is my sister.

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People spend way too much money on artificial items. We buy headphones, wristbands, expensive hats, but why? Just so we can be cool. In this day and time, your cool, if you have money. it doesn’t matter if you show it or not, but as long as you can swing some cash around, your set.

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they, themselves, were the only ones who actually cared. the rest of us might as well have not even known there was a problem.

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It wasn’t something anyone could ignore, sitting there in the morning light, hidden and hardly able to be seen through the fog. Yet it was there, reminding us of the simplest and most beautiful story that’s out there. Not a single child could see it and not say: Bambi. Everyone will ooh and awe over the little deer and its little spots – marking its age like the wrinkles on someone’s face. Yet we all know – one day it’ll be on the side of the road.

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The silence was almost unbearable. It was an eerie silence, one full of unasked questions and unfulfilled promises. It rang loudly in the ears of everybody gathered in the tiny room. Nobody wanted to break it; it seemed that to do that, one would have to take the whole weight of silence upon their shoulders.

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They happen, once in a while.

When you believe.

Sometimes they happen even if you don’t believe. Especially if you don’t believe. You often overlook them because you don’t believe. You don’t see their beauty, or even their existence. You lump it with the normal, mundane occurrence of life and fail to see that magic has taken place.

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“I’ve got it!” she insisted.

“No, really, it’s too much.” I replied.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You have far too much on your plate. Let me do this one thing for you. Please.” The please wasn’t a question, but a plea. I knew she felt that she needed to prove herself. To prove that she was more than a high school drop out from the Bronx who survived paycheck to paycheck and paid rent with the tips she made waitressing at that greasy diner on the corner of 7th and Main.

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I dont have my parents approval to date yet, not until Im 18. I dont even want to date because i never have luck,ever. so Maybe its good i dont have their approval. although that wouldnt stop me from dating, is just i dont like anyone. Well I like someone but we live too far away from each other, in different countries. it sucks. and the other guy is a dick….

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I wish i had a camera, I could take pictures of things all the time. IT would be amazing! I could share my view of the world, and all the beauty I see with those who cannot share it with me. SO many place I could go, so many things I could see, and the memories – OH THE MEMORIES! I could keep them to share with those who follow, and say: This is what I saw when I was younger.

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methods is a word that is mentioned in the dictionary, it also has a definition! I know what you’re thinking that’s crazy! But its completely true woah. fascinating.

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