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I like to smell flowers and rose peddles all day long, and I like to smell my moms cooking when she makes dinner and I like to smell the grilled steak when we have a bbq

» Posted By maddy On 09.12.2019 @ 12:07 pm

you can smell and can smell danger sometimes like if there is a fire, and your nose is a body part that is easy to break or fta

» Posted By maddy On 09.11.2019 @ 11:44 am


we just finished up editing the new logos on our clothing line.

» Posted By maddy On 09.10.2019 @ 1:22 pm


Impact can be many different things it can be when an object hits you or something else, it can also mean change, like when someone says somehting to you it changes the way you th

» Posted By Maddy On 07.27.2019 @ 2:08 am

Impact can be many different things it can be when an object hits you or something else, it can also mean change, lik

» Posted By Maddy On 07.27.2019 @ 2:07 am


One of the best times in my life was when I got my dog, Bella. We picked her up and then we headed out for the ride home. We all switched turns holding her. She was so special to us.

» Posted By Maddy On 02.18.2019 @ 12:52 pm


Earbuds in, fucks off. That’s what Charles thought as he sat in the back of the bus, feet up against the worn plastic of the back of the seat in front of him – his usual routine, of course, designed to drown out the idiotic screaming of the rest of the passengers. Because, after all, no one was as smart as him, and they didn’t have as good a musical taste as he did, either… his metal blasting out of the earphones, it wasn’t until he felt a tap on his shoulder that he was pulled out of his reverie.

» Posted By Maddy On 08.19.2017 @ 6:28 am


Bonnie stood in the unlit alley way scared almost to death. anything could happen, she treid to run but a large arm snaked around her neck, covering her mouth and pulling her into darkness. A fierce monster stood above her. growling.

» Posted By Maddy On 07.30.2017 @ 9:32 pm


Circles. Squares. Triangles. Shapes. They’re signs of life before a flatline

» Posted By Maddy On 04.19.2017 @ 7:01 pm


It’s like a recording, playing before my eyes again and again, but it’s not really there. It’s just my imagination; flashing back over and over the images I can’t erase. The biggest question I have is, why is it that I’m stuck in YOUR past?

» Posted By Maddy On 04.17.2017 @ 10:08 pm


She used to glow. Warmth and happiness radiated from her soul. Until one day, somebody sucked it all out and took it for her own. So now she cries, at night, alone.

» Posted By Maddy On 04.13.2017 @ 8:35 pm


Everyone around you screams not to do it. The signs protest, even the birds sound like they’re sending you a warning. But you aren’t one to trust others’ judgement for you anymore. You know what you want. You do it anyway. You jump.

» Posted By Maddy On 04.06.2017 @ 12:53 am


To be religious is to put blind faith in another’s hands, another whom you’re not certain exists. It’s throwing all of your hope, your breath, your life, out into the universe and not getting a response… that is, until death.

» Posted By Maddy On 04.04.2017 @ 6:38 pm


He used you to mislead others about his identity, but he didn’t tell you. He made you believe him like a fool. You didn’t matter.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.27.2017 @ 9:05 pm


The thing that kills her every night is the fact that her life is no made up drama. It’s not a book, it’s not a dream. This is what causes her to gush out tears uncontrollably. It’s what ceases her ability to breathe.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.23.2017 @ 9:50 pm


I gave it away. The token I had that it was real, that anything at all had happened, that it wasn’t all just a dream. I was going to break it that night, but I had it taken from me while I was in the midst of tears. I let her have it. I gave it away, but I was under the influence. And now I want it back.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.22.2017 @ 8:11 pm


Life bowed down to her. He held her hand and kept her with him. But there was another that captured her eye, and she cheated on her lover — his name was Death.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.20.2017 @ 10:15 pm


Wishful for a time of peace of mind, where the world feels magical and all consuming in the best way. Wishful to feel alive. Wishful to want to be alive.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.18.2017 @ 10:19 pm


When you make a promise, you sign an invisible contract. You tell that person they can trust you, and if you break that, you break everything they ever believed in.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.16.2017 @ 8:43 pm


Quiet, listen…
Listen for my footsteps
I won’t be on my tiptoes
Keep your ears open for the echoes of my footsteps down those halls

» Posted By Maddy On 03.15.2017 @ 4:55 pm


Love, pain, sunshine, broken glass
Rivers and snowfalls and smiles, all kinds of places
Are some of the ingredients that make up this lifetime

» Posted By Maddy On 03.13.2017 @ 6:54 pm


There’s nothing more pure in this world than an unconditional bond between two beings. A bond in which if the world were up in flames and one could choose life or death, they would sacrifice their own to give life to the other.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.12.2017 @ 12:15 pm


It’s just one ballot, one out of millions. There are so many little pieces of paper out there in the world with everyone’s say, and yours is just one. It’s just one… but I promise you, it matters.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.08.2017 @ 8:03 pm


I hid inside while the door rattled. The knob twisted and turned as the latch struggled to break free, but it couldn’t. It’d be locked forever if that was what it took.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.04.2017 @ 6:31 pm


I thought I dodged a bullet, but I saw it never came
I squeezed my eyes tight when I thought it was on its way
But then I realized my eyes were deceiving me
And I know I was a fool for leaving recklessly

» Posted By Maddy On 03.03.2017 @ 10:21 pm


I was lead to believe everything would be perfect. It would be that way forever. I would never again have to be abandoned, alone. I’ve never been taken down such a misleading path.

» Posted By Maddy On 03.02.2017 @ 9:31 pm


Let me shout from the rooftops
Let me scream it all out
Hear my voice echo in the mountains
All my pain leaving my lungs
Travelling the world like how I want to do
Emptying my body
And helping me get over you

» Posted By Maddy On 03.01.2017 @ 8:35 pm


Definition: Me
This is how I feel
I have to fight to stay in people’s lives
And if I’m not perfect, anyone could say goodbye

» Posted By Maddy On 02.28.2017 @ 6:56 pm


I’d rather be sleeping but I’m up late weeping
Reflecting on all the past times I tried leaping
But everything ended, now it’s all a heaping
Mound of dust I won’t be keeping
I’d better start sweeping…

» Posted By Maddy On 02.24.2017 @ 9:29 pm


“A… counselor?”
“Yeah. Why not?”
“They’ll think I’m crazy.”
“Who’s ‘they?'”

» Posted By Maddy On 02.24.2017 @ 12:06 am

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