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Her temples throb, and she grits her teeth. Abigail puts all her energy into the sparking at the end of the yew wand. It fizzles out, and she can hear him start to speak.
“Merlin’s Beard! Would you just shut up!” she screeched, turning. The tutor hems and haws, and she throws the wand at him. “Stop! Stop speaking. Leave.” he sighs, likely marking this on her record.
The door slams shut, rattling the windows. If only she could get the hang of her magick, then she could move on. Abigail’s tempted to break her wand. It lies on the floor, innocuous. She can’t. That would be the fifth one this month. Dean Larson would refuse to compensate her for it. If Abigail had progressed to Magi at the last testing, she wouldn’t be in this situation. There wouldn’t be tutors, she wouldn’t be alone in the Hall of Housing. Well, she could stay with Auntie, but that was against the point of her coming to the Institute. This was her chance at freedom. It might be Abigail’s only chance. Auntie wanted her to get married. To save magick for party tricks like Abigail’s mother and grandmother before her. It was only by the grace of Dean Larson (and a few favors owed to her father) that she was able to afford the tuition. Coming here had been a dream, witches weren’t often educated in proper magick. She’d made fast friends with the two other girls enrolled. Cora and Lucy were lucky, first of their lines to have the powers. Cora’s parents had encouraged her to go, selling heirlooms right and left to afford her books and wand. Lucy’s brother-in-law had helped her, donating his grandfather’s wand to her schooling. But none of that mattered. Why should they progress so well, when they were mere First-Borns, and Abigail had so much magick in her veins she glowed. Abigail kicked the wand farther away. That was the kind of thinking her father had, what he’d said when he found out her failure. Auntie, he said, was waiting for her to give up. If she didn’t make it next semester, he was sending her home.

There was a knock at the door, and it opened to reveal a boy with carrot orange hair. “Excuse me, I was looking for the girl who sent Tutor Miles running ‘cross campus. Would that be you, Miss?”
“Miles? The one with the big nose?”
“That would be him.”
“Then yes, I’m the one you’re looking for.”
“Lovely, I’m his replacement. Thomas Under-hill at your service.”
“Abigail Woods. Pleased to meet you, Fairy-boy.”
he laughs.
“You and I will be fine friends, Miss Abigail.”

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She was all alone. surrounded by infinite masses, but seen by none. the landscape of the city was desolate itself. But her tower, perched among the high rises and the air hangars, was higher still. It was truly alone, an island in a sea of clouds. So she thought. she thought on this loneliness, on this anonymity, this desolation. And in the end, when her prince came to rescue her, she found…
She preferred it.

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Cut it open, peel back the skin, watch the heart beat,


take it apart, study how it flees.


watch it bleed.

dissect it and study again.

Try and fail.

to understand.

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dreaming of a dream.
where the faces light up,
a thousand beaming,
the streaks of light
across a dark-lit
night sky.

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