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The orange-pink hue of the plastic wrapped sugar glistened on the table as I nodded along to make sure they thought I was still listening.

» Posted By Mo On 08.15.2016 @ 10:41 am


Its made by affixation, out of re and group, its a 7 letters word

» Posted By Mo On 07.06.2016 @ 3:59 pm


Received pronunciation is the allegedly proper way to speak, and received can in general mean accepted, or normative, in a given society. You can also receive a gift or an email. Received wisdom again refers to common sense, transmitted throughout time. Received looks close to deceived.

» Posted By mo On 03.06.2016 @ 1:42 pm


He hated proof. Everything about it stunted anything he wanted to dream. He liked only one sort of thing: the sort that could neither be proved nor denied, and that no one could ever seem to stop talking about.

» Posted By Mo On 07.28.2015 @ 5:42 pm


The fence was coated thickly in mud– it wasn’t a white-picket fence at all, and he didn’t know why he had spent so long wishing it was. White fences were easy to come by, and darkness was no sin.

» Posted By Mo On 07.24.2015 @ 1:25 pm


well the first time i hear of starry was a song called starry eyed by Ellie Golding but the first cover i heard was by bridgit mendler then i realized it was originally sung by Golding so now im gonna go look up what the word really means.

» Posted By Mo On 08.21.2014 @ 4:20 pm


Wrath.cmales me think of first Gods wrath. Which I never truly understood when they said god is love how could he also be full of wrath. But you know what, people do take you there honestly. A place of anger like you won’t even believe. I’m glad he’s not still like that though. I would have been messed up a long time ago

» Posted By Mo On 06.13.2013 @ 6:11 pm


I wasn’t listening. The doctor went on and on about prognosis and expectancy but as soon as he said cancer, I stopped listening. 60 years of health and wellness had come to this. I was about to watch her die of cancer.

» Posted By Mo On 03.24.2013 @ 4:26 pm


once there was a woman who lived forever and she watched the changing world flower and bloom and wither and die and sprout all over again. She watched the pain and happiness and saw that it was good. Even the bad was good. And there was no evil, but there was a great deal of sorrow.

» Posted By mo On 03.13.2013 @ 12:59 pm


She was startled by how much she still felt. It had been two years, what the f**k?!! That night she lay in her bed wishing she could forget the past…

» Posted By Mo On 02.25.2013 @ 9:13 pm


Responsibility. You are my enemy and my best friend. I feel so stressed because of you, but you also give me purpose. I hate when classmates say, “You are so responsible!” What does that even mean

» Posted By Mo On 01.24.2013 @ 4:38 pm


what is real? reality is just an illusion, right? but what i’m feeling right now has to be real because it’s not learned, it’s not a result of this experience right now, it’s REAL because it’s ME. it’s MINE. sl the only thing that is real in this life is what we cannot control. what we shouldn’t control.

» Posted By mo On 01.23.2013 @ 8:40 am


Experiences are always the greatest with other people. It doesn’t matter how shitty an experience is if you have good company who makes you laugh. Every day we experience things we don’t even realize are going to be significant.

» Posted By Mo On 01.06.2013 @ 9:43 am


when we first started going to the library together i was surprised at how well we could work together. i think that’s when i first started falling, because that’s when you know you really click with someone. you can work together, and that’s the nicest kind of camaraderie.

» Posted By mo On 11.24.2012 @ 9:27 pm


it is a way to make a mission easier for some one it is great to do anytime any where to whomever don’t be lazy to do this at all

» Posted By Mo On 09.27.2012 @ 8:06 am


Half. Half of me which is what i’m feeling and longing for. I think of the lost half that i havent found yet ], that one person that completes me. Or just the other half of my heart and soul i lost along time ago and that i’m always searching for.

» Posted By mo On 08.21.2012 @ 6:14 pm


“this is a real stretcher” she said, pointing to the EMC’s using it to bring her grandmother to the ambulance. They didn’t know that Lucy had a problem with lucid dreaming and didn’t know what was real or not.

» Posted By MO On 07.18.2012 @ 11:54 am


I think quickly but find myself stuck in place. I can see the motion in my head a kick of the legs a sweep on the head and I’m in the cold blue water. but instead I am held to shore, motionless and the others jump in around me. I am not motion, but you are, and thats why you moved on.

» Posted By mo On 07.01.2012 @ 3:21 pm


Limit me when you help me. give me rules when i want freedom. I word, complex regulation. You scared me, I loved you. We debate, nobody like the same. Oh thou Framework. Oh thou.

» Posted By mo On 06.17.2012 @ 12:48 pm


The branches of the tree have a strange flow to them. The tree is a willow, it is weeping. The branches slowly sway in the wind, an air of sadness but stability about them.

» Posted By mo On 04.07.2012 @ 4:51 pm


the left overs stuck to the plate, the bowl. No matter how hard you scrub, it sticks, it stinks, it leaves a mark that taunts forever more. But a soak, a complete bath, with warm, sometime scalding water, a baptism, will clear it. Forever the mark is gone

» Posted By Mo On 03.23.2012 @ 4:06 pm


I suppose something of a nap would have been useful instead of taking two 30 mg of Ritalin in an attempt to stay alert during my Philosophy class. My professor was reminiscent of Ben Stein. In other words, I had Ferris Bueller’s Economics teacher. I suppose he switched classes.

» Posted By MO On 10.04.2011 @ 7:56 am


As evidenced by her coy smile and mussed hair, I could see that she’d been with my man. That and her knees were pink. There are only so many reasons why her knees would be pink and Garret’s floors weren’t spotlessly scrubbed.

» Posted By MO On 09.26.2011 @ 4:02 pm


I was pressed for time as I was pressed against the wall. Conflicts pressed and weighed in my mind. And for the first time, I felt the humanity squeezed out of me in my boyfriend’s hug.

» Posted By MO On 09.25.2011 @ 4:56 pm


Port’s good, rum’s better. And on those really chilly nights, I like scotch with my fire. Alcoholic beverages make some of the best lighter fluid I’ve ever used in my pyromania.

» Posted By MO On 09.23.2011 @ 8:59 am

The ferry ride departed from Plymouth in the south of England. A five hour drive from Harrogate, where we had been living for a few years. I just recall the wind – it was sharp coming off the water. And the ferry trip to France was deliciously harsh. Sun and no heat – just brightness.
At night the French boys were out, and the smell was of fried food, cigarettes and perfume. Such a strange mix. Until you go to the deck. Lashed in the face by salty water. My eyes stung. I loved it. I hung with my face hurting as the blood rushed in, my eyes bulging slightly as I stared at the waves.

» Posted By Mo On 09.22.2011 @ 6:06 pm


Everything was played in my mind like an old-fashined 20’s shootout. Two captains, shooting each other over turf. Except there were no guns and no one was wearing a zoot suit. Just two jealous girls fighting over a tall blonde.

» Posted By MO On 09.17.2011 @ 5:05 pm


Taking into account all that has happened, a margarita at the end of the day isn’t such a bad thing. Accounting for the margaritas is completely different. It would take a sober accountant to add up the numbers.

» Posted By MO On 09.14.2011 @ 10:44 pm


Rally me together
Sally forth, my good man
Stiff upper lip, chin up, feet forward
Armies crumble for you

» Posted By MO On 09.13.2011 @ 5:28 pm


I traded away my childhood, one pokemon card at a time, in exchange for a boyfriend, my own apartment, and the experience of growing up. Then I wrote a play about it and I traded my personal experience and soulful work for public opinion and money. Then I traded obscurity for fame and fortune. And with my new salary (that I got by trading compassion for the ability to bite) I bought a 2-pack of pokemon cards for my 5 year old son.

» Posted By MO On 09.12.2011 @ 12:00 pm

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