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she clicked. clicked again. It was gone, spread out to the world and she could do not one thing to change it. Why would she send it? She knew it would hurt her friend. She knew that picture would destroy their friendship. Oh well, there was no going back now. everyone would see it…

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Up high in the trees sits a young girl. she brushes her hair as she sits in the willow tree. when her mother calls, she ignores her. she is in her element. she is free. she wishes to stay up there forever and ever. the willow is her safe place.

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Wong tong!

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radiating, trapped in sun, a sphere of hazy light enveloping you.
the warmth of being relaxed and unconcerned, a lie-down in the park without fear of grass stains or someone lifting your bike, a cold beer in the bag you’re resting your head on, to drink when you get too warm.

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