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Under normal circumstances, I avoided crowded placed. More than that, I avoided churches. A lot of time had passed since I was last inside one, and despite the fact that Is till prayed, I wasn’t sure God heard me anymore. I wasn’t human. I couldn’t die. I couldn’t be saved from this life. Not even by him.

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She woke shivering. Was the window open before? Kara pulled the covers tighter around her body. She shouldn’t be cold. Burrowing into the hotel bed, she turned her face into the pillow and squeezed her eyes closed. What was going on?

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He stood out, looking at the city. His bowtie shifted in the breeze, as if it were waving at me. I hid in the shadows. “I know you’re there, Kara.” Taking a step forward, my hair caught in the same breeze. “I know you’ve been there for a while now.”

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I remember the first party we went to, before it all went to hell. He was standing by the bar and I slipped through the dancing couples to get to him. “You look nearly perfect,” I said softly, reaching up to straighten his bowtie. “You’d think you’ve never worn one of these before.”

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The walls reached up to the sky. Stretched higher and higher, above and out of her reach. Not that she even tried to see how far above her fingers they would go. She simply stood in their shadows and watched them ascend to heaven without her.

They were blocking the sun, which in a way was a welcomed relief, but it still depressed her to watch the sky disappear behind them.

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