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Crin’s sweet honeyed laughter warmed the hearts of all in the room.-That is, all but one, Iynh. Iynh hated sweet things and was allergic to honey. She was not bewitched by Crin’s convincing act.

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Iynh felt utterly alone. She watched as the black sedan got farther and farther away.
Iynh stayed there for a while contemplating if her pride was really worth severing ties with companions.

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Iynh hated driveways. They reminded her too much of her own life. Cars, like people,coming for whatever reason only to leave. They all do. Eventually.

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The blue sedan pulled out of the driveway. It suddenly stopped and once again lurched forward. Iynh watched on as it continued down the street. She smiled and shook her head.

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The Fifth District of Homea was the filthiest region to live in. If the slums of the others were to be considered garbage cans, then the Fifth District was a garbage land fill. Despite this, Iynh still considered it home.

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