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The boy’s parents had been anxious for days on end, and the boy knew why. Today, straight after breakfast, he was going to be diving on the biggest generator boat on the island. He didn’t want to go because there were so many risks, like the generator failing, drowning and of course, the bends. One of his close friends had died a few days earlier and the loss was still red raw when he thought about it. The time had come. He was boarding the ship, watching his parents tearfully wave goodbye, hoping, wondering if they would every see him again….

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The clash of symbols made the dragon jump awake with a start. It let out an angry roar as it felt a red hot iron poker touch his skin. The men started shouting and the dragon made a sound of annoyance. The dragon thought how dumb these people were, he could crush them with one foot if he was free.

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The chocolate bar was soooo tempting. Billy just wanted to reach out and grab it, but he knew he couldn’t. Of its own accord, Billy’s hand started reaching out and his hand had closed around the chocolate bar before he knew it. There was a split second before a voice pierced the silence, “Stop, thief!” Billy turned and ran for his life. Suddenly, he tripped and a fist closed around his arm. “I have you now”, said the shopkeeper in a menacing voice….

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Fading. Everything she had ever known was fading. Her home, her friends, her family were fading before her eyes. She knew this moment had been coming for a long time, but she didn’t expect it to come so soon.

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The man was discontent with what he saw in front of him. As a celebration of his first day of long service leave, the man had decided to visit a popular restaurant that had been highly recommended by his best friend. Instead of seeing the delicious burger that he had expected, the man saw something with greasy bread, very under-cooked meat and floppy lettuce. He immediately went up to the counter to demand a repayment, and grew very angry when he was denied.

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The day was cold, blustery and grey. The girl walked along the old cobbled street, the sharp edges of the cobbles cutting her bare feet. People stared as she walked, no one knew her, and they didn’t want to. The girl turned into a door way and sat down, hands over her face, wishing that she had a home and someone to love her.

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At most primary schools and some high schools, you can do selective subjects, which are like art, music, MDT and Home Ec. Some students really like particular ones, and some hate ones. I like them all.

Also, selective means to have the choice to pick something, rather than to just have someone say, ‘Here is something you have to do, now do it.’

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i missed how we used to be so good. we could talk forever and never stop. i remember lying on my bed and just being able to talk to you for hours and hours. i wish we could go back to that. i feel like everyone would write about this stuff. i don’t know. it’s just the first thing that popped into my mind. i’m like every other teenage girl right? i guess. i just want us to be good again. god i wish i could just admit to you what my problem is. why can’t i? i sometimes wonder what kind of a fucked up person i’m going to grow up to be. i want to know but i’m so afraid what i’ll find.

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