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After everything, she was so tired and hollow.

She was wearing herself thin in the stresses of what was now her life; struggling through college, dealing with her family, trying to just keep up with everything.

Everything was too much, and she didn’t have anything left.

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The darkness was beckoning.

At first you are able to ignore it, indulging yourself in work; burying yourself under layers of enthusiasm and fake smiles.

Time goes on.

Your cover wears thin.

The light shatters.

The darkness beckons, and you are consumed.

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“Nobody cares, Grayson! I’m just…I’m just some tool that they use and once I’m done being useful I’m shoved back into the box and no one seems to care! And you! You did the same thing!”


“No! Save your excuses! Don’t lie to me! I know that’s what you meant! You don’t care about me either! I can’t believe I made the mistake of trusting you. I should have known by now that trusting is a weakness. I never should have trusted you!” The boy screamed, voice cracking in pain.

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Jason pulled the boy behind him, guarding him from Bruce’s view.

“Don’t you dare touch my brother,” he growled menacingly. Tim whimpered.

“Jason, I’m not trying to hurt either of you. I just want to help.”

“Yeah, well you’re no help to either of us. So leave.”


“Haven’t you done enough already?”

Bruce’s face became hard and stoic, and without another word, he turned, the soft swish of the cape the only sound as he leapt from the window and off into the night.

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Dick sat on the roof and gazed out over Gotham’s towering buildings.

There had been so much going on lately, too many variables in the mission, too many mistakes. The weight of it all was piled heavily on his shoulders, the responsibilities giving him a pounding headache.

It was so /loud/ in there.

Solutions were limited, and decisions were vital.

He swung his feet.

Maybe if he just…

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“And here comes the plane! Open wide for a landing! Vroooooom- Ow!”

“Dick? What happened?”

Dick clutched his wounded hand to his chest. “Riley bit me!”

Barbara stared at him for a moment before she burst into laughter. “You’ve gone up against the Joker, Two-Face, and countless other villains and weapons, and yet your daughter’s teeth cause you that much pain?”

“She’s vicious,” he whined playfully. “Her teeth are really sharp.”

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The pain is infinite, choking him to the point of suffocation. He pulls himself along the floor, the door seeming to move farther and farther away. He cries out, white hot agony flaring down his body in a ruthless shudder.

He finally reaches the exit, hands jiggling the handle, but it’s been locked. The panic sinks in, taking hold with an iron-vise grip and he turns, collapsing against the steel door.

He’ll come for me, he thinks. He always does.

But a steady beeping catches his attention, numbers ticking down slowly.

9, 8, 7, 6…

And he realizes that Bruce won’t be coming for him this time. At the time he needs him most, he isn’t there to save him. His son.

3, 2, 1-

The world explodes in white, before the world crumbles and buries him in darkness.

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“Natasha, I know we’ve had our differences, and things have just been…weird lately. But I’ve known you long enough. Even with all this…double agent…business, I know. I know you. I know you’re different, I know that there’s good. You’ve proved that time and time again. But… please,” he chocked, begging. “Help me.”

Natasha stared solemnly down at the form of her partner trapped beneath the support beams. Tears stung at the backs of her eyes, threatening to spill. She shut them tightly and turned her back.

“I’m sorry, Clint,” she whispered. “But what I have to do…I’m sorry.”

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Even before they were Robin they were different.

Dick was an acrobat, Jason had survived the streets and crime alley on his own at the age of 9, Tim was a genius.

They had unusual and not-so-unusual hardships, yet they survived.

But being Robin…it changed a person. Changed /them./

And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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It was the first time Jason had truly felt afraid.

What if he wasn’t smart enough, snarky enough, nice enough, understanding enough.

Good enough.

Tim deserved better than this, but he chose him. Him of all people. Jason freaking Todd, Red Hood, outlaw vigilante. Tim insisted that this is what he wanted. And Jason knew that Tim always knew what he wanted.

Jason refused to show it.

But for the first time in his life, he was truly afraid.

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“You can’t just go around claiming to be people’s little brothers, kid,” Richard Grayson stated, scowling at the ten year old in front of him. He turned on his heel in disgust, walking purposefully in the other direction.

“Tt, Grayson! Remember! You are Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, I am his rightful heir, and you are my older brother! I am not claiming anything. I speak the truth!”

Dick paused with a sigh, glancing up at the sky with a why-me look on his face. He turned to face the boy, and he placed a hand on his shoulder sympathetically. “Listen, kid-”


“-Damian. I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about, and I wish I could help you-”

“You can!”

“-but I can’t. You must be thinking of someone else. So…go find your parents, okay? You should probably head home and get some sleep. You look tired.” He placed a hand on the boy’s head and ruffled his hair gently before turning and walking further down the street and out of sight.

Damian was frozen in place, the familiar gesture sending a pang of longing and hurt through his chest.

“Please…” he whispered to no one. “You have to remember…”

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They weren’t related by blood, yet they were family.

They went through many hardships, and always had each others backs. When Jason was killed by the Joker, when Bruce died, when Barbara was shot. When the world was ending, they were always there.

Always together.

They are the Bat family.

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The first time he flew as Robin was the first time he had felt so alive.

The wind combing through his hair, the feeling of weightlessness as he soared hundreds of feet above the Gotham streets, the only thing keeping him from falling a thin but strong rope attached to a titanium grappling hook.

At home he was trapped, a prisoner.


But here, up in the air in the shadow of the Bat, he was alive.

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He gasps painfully, his breaths stuck in his lungs like peanut butter. His blood is pumping wildly in his ears, chest constricting tighter and tighter as he fights for breath.

He collapses to the ground, arm outstretched for his backpack. He reaches, but the few inches between his fingers and the nylon seems like miles.

Black and red spots dance at the edges of his vision as he hears someone shout for an ambulance. He makes one more feeble attempt to grab his sack, but his arm falls limp, no more oxygen reaching his lungs, and the world around him fades to black.

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Their family was dysfunctional, there was no doubt about that.

Each member an orphan, yet each and every one of them were closer than blood.

The billionaire. The circus freak, The street rat. The genius. The demon child. And all cared for by the family-friend/butler/grandfather/father.

The Batmen and Robins.

Dysfunctional? Definitely.

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If there was one thing that could calm him down, it was his music.

He’d plug in the headphones and grab his sticks, and play along with the music. The pent up emotions were released, and an odd sense of calm washed over him. All his fears, memories, emotions went away.

It was just him, his headphones, and the music.

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He flexed his injured arm experimentally, wincing as white hot agony flared through the arm. He clutched it tightly to his chest as Max leaned over to take the hand in his.

“Dude, come on. We need to wrap it up.” he said, gesturing for the boy to give him his hand.

The boy shook his head sharply, inching backwards away from his best friend. He had been through enough pain already, hadn’t he?

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In the stillness he breathes, sweat matting his brow.

He does not know how long it’s been, lying here, waiting for someone to come. He’s been beaten and broken, left alone in the dark.

In the quiet, he wonders if he’ll ever escape.

In the stillness, he hopes.

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He was 10 the first time he was broken.

And he was 15 the next.

Each time, he had to determine whether or not to make things better.

Whether to succeed or fail.

Whether to stand up or fall.

Whether to heal or stay broken.

Each time was his decision.

And once again, he had a choice before him.

Yes…or no?

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The movement of the accordion was simple: out, in. Out, in.

Her life was not.

Her life was complicated, filled with good times and bad times, equal and all the same.

Out, in. Good, bad.

Call it what you would; fate, coincidence, some otherworldly diety. Whoever it was up there controlled her, and she had no way to stop it, no will power to prevent it.

Good, bad. Out, in.

As she listened the the man playing his accordion on the corner, that’s all she could think about.

Out, in.

Maybe someday things would get better, she though to herself as he finished with a drawn out note.



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He would sacrifice the world to save his loved ones.

That was his fatal flaw.

Though why it accounted as a fatal flaw, he had no idea.

He thought that caring for your friends and family was a good thing, taking risks where no one else would.

But then again, sacrificing the world may be a bit much.

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He couldn’t say he could relate to what she goes through every day.

She lost Luke, her adopted big brother, to an evil Titan Lord out for revenge.

She lost Thalia, her adopted big sister, who turned into a tree. When she did come back, she left with Artemis’ hunters.

She lost her father to a step-mother that despised her for a while.

She almost lost him numerous times.

How was he supposed to compare to that?

He had a mother that cared for him, that had always been there for him through thick and thin. He had almost lost her once, but he had gotten her back and hadn’t lost her since.

He didn’t have any siblings, not even adopted ones, unless you counted the other campers not from his cabin at camp.

Though in all that time, the one time he had lost her, the girl of his dreams, she had bounced right back, and she had had his back ever since.

How could he show her he truly cared?

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He hated that castle with every fiber of his being.

That was the place Vlad had tried to clone him. That was the place that the cheese-head had attempted to steal his mom. That was the place where Plasmius had tried to kill him numerous times.

It was a place of destruction, a place of danger. It was a place of anger, frustration, and fear.

It was the place of one of the most disastrous events that occurred, or at least, it did to him, in another time line.

Oh, how he loathed that castle.

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A mortal’s life must be so dull.

No monsters. No gorgons. No Greek or Roman gods.

Just a Mist over everything that really happened.

A demigod’s life was not.

Constant battles. Dryads. Fauns. Aurai. Iris Messaging (IMing). Magic.

Mortal’s lives were dull.

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The warfare was deafening.

As the demigods clashed against the Giants, battle cries split the air; “For Olympus!” “For Gaea!”

Swords and shields clanged against each other. Arrows and spears whizzed through the air.

Pained screams and anguished shouts stuck out the most.

It was the second battle of the Giants, and the Giants were slowly winning.

But the demigods still had a few tricks up their sleeves.

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“I know what you need, Percy Jackson. You need comfort, your friends, your family, but you don’t know how to find them. You seek advice.”

“Could you help me?”

“You know how it is with the gods, boy. And I am not allowed to interfere with their judgment.”

“But Lupa-”

“No, I cannot help you. You must learn the way of the wolf, and then, and only then, will you be able to regain your past.”

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They were the scouts. The protectors.

They found the ones who needed it; they protected them on their journey.

They were vital to their survival.

And Percy was so blessed to be given the best scout, protector -and most importantly- best friend anyone could ever want.

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You’ve always been dark and emotionless.

You didn’t give a care to the world, it could all go to hell for all you cared.

You were quiet, but spoke your opinions when your emotions were stirred.

You were fierce, you were determined. You were independent.

But, now…in this life-or-death situation, you seem…more open, kinder towards me.

More dependent.

More compassionate.

And…I kind of like this part of you.

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Spring was her least favorite season.

The bright or pastel colors? Puke.

The happy cheerful little kids? Gag.

The cute little baby animals and waaay too optimistic Easter Bunny? Someone kill her now!

Spring was to preppy and bright for her.

But maybe, just maybe, she could stand the adorable, sweet face of her best friend sleeping peacefully with his head in her lap.


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The way his green eyes stared at her made her freeze and melt at the same time.

The way his soft, black hair felt between her fingers made her relax.

The way he smiled made her smile back giddily.

Everything about him took her breath away.

But yet, she just couldn’t figure out the mystery of the boy standing in front of her.

Why did he have such an affect on her?

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