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one day i got tired of playing pretend
so i let my guts spill

they ripped through my solar plexus
and tumbled onto the pavement

and everybody stopped and stared
because they had never seen anything stranger

» Posted By Luna-Ellen On 05.06.2014 @ 1:09 am


When she breaks down and falls apart over the deaths of beloved fictional characters,
she expects him to snicker and smirk.
But he doesn’t.

When she timidly traces her fingertips over the freckles on his cheeks to identify constellations,
she expects him to cock an eyebrow and stare.
But he doesn’t.

When she stumbles in public or sings at the store or has avid conversations with flowers,
she expects him to blush with humiliation and usher her away from the bemused onlookers.
But he doesn’t.

And for that, she is perpetually grateful.

» Posted By Luna-Ellen On 03.18.2014 @ 4:22 pm


“I see light,” said the man, eyes glassy and glazed, “I see clouds thinner than cheesecloth, of which we shall soon frolic through in our ivory gossamer robes whilst strumming miniscule harps and sporting golden rings that shall hover over our heads and symbolize our goodness. I see that all of our pain and hardships will be for naught; I see purity and virtue and light.”

“I see sun,” said I, eyes wide and round, “I see swirls of unpredictable cumulus drifting over our heads, barely visible through the gaps of the trees that spill leaves of gold and green, which fall to the soil that stains the flesh of our bare heels. I see rain racing along bare flesh and rocks cutting into sensitive skin. All of our pain and hardships are yet to end; I see a world of people refusing to entertain the thought that Earth may, in fact, actually be Heaven.”

» Posted By Luna-Ellen On 03.16.2014 @ 11:32 pm


Allow me to swim in the translucent pool of melted chocolate that are your irises
and weave through the lustrous flecks of umber that adorn them.

Permit me to bathe in the beauty of your bashful one-sided grin
and lounge on the thought of your lips, which spill with words of stammering grace.

Watch me wade in the feel of your skin, softer than silk and warmer than velvet
and flawed with lovely blemishes and story-telling scars and speckled constellations of freckles.

See me drown in the thought and the feel and the perfection of you.

» Posted By Luna-Ellen On 03.13.2014 @ 3:29 pm


Excuse me.

Could you meet me by the boulder this evening
You know, the one that’s beside the dead tree that’s beside the polluted pond,
And perhaps exchange a bit of nonsensical conversation with me?

Would you also be ever so kind as to sneak out your broken bedroom window at midnight tonight
And find me under the bridge tattooed with graffiti
So we could maybe trade fairy tales and barter lullabies?

Oh, and if we could please rendezvous at dawn by the littered field cluttered with cigarette butts and fast food wrappers.
I promise I will listen to you speak of your dreams in the most vivid of detail, so long as you listen to mine.

For you see, I am searching for a way out of this world where the smoke thrives and the wrappers gather…
So could you perhaps be so kind as to help me escape
and deal me a bit of your mind?

» Posted By Luna-Ellen On 03.12.2014 @ 9:52 pm

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