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I sneezed, and sneezed. Then again, a powerful burst of air fired from the back of my throat, forming a phlegmy propulsion through the air at a sixty miles an hour towards the unfortunate commuter in front of me. Funny, it only took the mere thought of last night’s pepper steak to trigger this attack.

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The grey blocks lining the wall, that made up the wall, that held each other together and remained strong for the better half of a century, were finally crumbling under the power of the invaders. Their destruction, and that of those within, were imminent.

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The silken threads of night wove through the forest branches, as slivers of moonlight gave every leaf a translucent emerald glow.

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A sickly-looking gas curled up in front of us, wispy tendrils reaching out from the grate as it spread into the room with poisonous intent.

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I hopped onto the uneven metal platform just as the cogs underneath came to life, creaking slowly at first then more smoothly, and soon I was flying past the desert landscape on this peculiar transport.

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It was dark outside. The person attending to him was different, now a young nurse with “Danielle” pinned to the front of her uniform. Although her motions were gentle, Joseph found himself wishing she hadn’t succeeded the kindly old woman, the one who would hold his hand, Grace, was it?

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The single syllable went on repeat in his mind, as he tried to fathom what meaning might lie behind the name, the person, the one who sat beside him with all the patience in the world.

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The flood of memories surged, as more faces and names swam into Joseph’s mind, but the tide began to wane and lap away, as they gradually disappeared. It might have been better not to have remembered, that he would not have to bear the punishment of losing them again.

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The elderly woman turned to look at Joseph directly, and crinkles of a benevolence too long unseen met that of Joseph’s. His recent discovery from endless hours of fruitlessly searching his memories bore a peculiar joy unique, and for once in a very long time he felt at home.

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Joseph asked his mind, “What have you done with my past? Where did all my memories go? Is that Grace beside me? But I can’t remember, who is she?”
He received no answers.

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There was a number on his wrist. Joseph fingered the elastic band, rotating it about the skinny frame that remained of his arm, glancing over the letters and numbers that identified him as one of the elderly ward.

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Joseph looked at elderly woman on his right. The intense disorientation and unsatiated desire to know who it was that spent all of his waking hours attending to him, caring about him, was driving him crazy.

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The blank ceiling held a widespread canvas across the reaches of the elderly ward. Spotted here and there with a light at even intervals, it allowed Joseph to roam across his thoughts in tranquility.

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Joseph toyed in his hands a peculiar plant. It was a gift from his grandson, who he did not remember at all. He turned the bulbous root around in his hands and wondered its significance.

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why is everyone so locked up into writing up definitions of the word of the day? this place is for people to write blah, whatever floats into your mind, perhaps a creative gem begging to escape the confines of mundane daily life.

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Trapped in the small white room saturated with light bouncing off the spotless walls, Joseph found himself locked away from the world, away from his past, away from any notion of the joys he might have experienced many years ago.

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She oversaw all that went along in Joseph’s life. Perhaps ten, twenty years ago it had been the other way around, him ordering, demanding, overseeing everything. Now she was the boss, and took to every detail to make his final years better.

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He was fighting his own mind. It held secrets of the past, keys to his happiness, secured beyond layers of forget and the membranes of time. It would not yield his memories. Level with me! Joseph’s strangled cry echoed across the vaults of his subconscious.

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There was a gentle rumble beside the bed, growing in intensity and deepening to a baritone roar, before a sharp click indicated that the water had been boiled. Grace then held the cup of chamomile tea to his lips.

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Suddenly, Joseph was borne on wings through every moment he had ever lived, drinking in the precious flickers of joys, of griefs, of all the flavours that made up his life amongst the community of friends, who were now departed

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The ceiling was quite empty, and white. Was there a small insect scuttering across the diagonal of the upside down surface? Joseph mused on these things, while he continued to be denied of any recollection of the past.

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She gazed at the magazine pages for slight amusement; sitting beside a clean white bed of an unresponsive beloved bore few pleasures.

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The stage band played a familiar tune, soaring through the clouds of Joseph’s mind and past the mists of time.

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