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I was sitting by the piano when Thomas entered the room.
He looked as if he had come from the war. Completely messed up, ragged, his hair dirty, full of dust. Not the usual Tom.

» Posted By Luiza On 11.26.2016 @ 8:00 am


Pumpkin pie and pumpkin faces are smells and visuals of a certain time in a distant land that feels like it’s close.

» Posted By Luiza On 11.29.2015 @ 4:26 pm


i’ve never had any sort of dietary restrictions in my life, but when i was a kid, my mother tried to make me eat one of those strange vegetables, the one that is purple. i could never eat it, because i always seemed to think that the vegetable had a life in itself, and it wanted to talk to me about my life choices and all.

» Posted By Luiza On 03.08.2015 @ 7:34 pm


the world is a spinning ball, but i bet you knew that already. the thing is, whatever we do, however we try to change things, the world will always be a spinning ball in the dark sky, nothing more than that. we’re invisible and tiny and meaningless.

» Posted By Luiza On 10.18.2014 @ 1:10 pm


There’s been a couple of weeks since i became this huge ball of anxiety. it is hard to go on with life when everything you can think about involves getting away in some level. we were not born to say still, there’s no way i can surrender to ordinary life.

» Posted By Luiza On 08.21.2014 @ 7:39 am


what the fuck is cutlery? she asked
maybe cutlery was everything she was hoping to achieve and still couldn’t because life moves way too fast for looking up words or proper forms of self discovery in a dictionary
we’re as lost and meaningless as cutlery

» Posted By Luiza On 08.04.2014 @ 10:30 pm


i was really delighted to hear your voice speak to me from the door. i knew you’d be back, but i had a bad feeling about that day, i was sure something had gone wrong. but it wasn’t you, i told myself,it couldn’t have been you. you were always the most clever of us two.

» Posted By Luiza On 07.15.2014 @ 6:26 pm


the prophet was a man who no one really knew anything about. they just admired him in some way that no one could explain, he had some magic inside him. No one could scape his power, and yet no one knew they should do something about it. The prophet one day came up with his last spell: Make everyone think that they had an option.

» Posted By Luiza On 03.16.2014 @ 7:02 pm


they look at themselves, they feed themselves, they think about themselves.

but sometimes they do not see themselves.

what they see is what the world projected on them.

» Posted By Luiza On 11.08.2012 @ 3:20 pm

it’s always about the other, isn’t it? what if the other is within me? I have all these people inside of me, but if they’re inside do I still get to call them them?

» Posted By Luiza On 11.08.2012 @ 1:23 pm


Jelly are delicious food that you can eat any time, even at a party, here you can make jell-o-shots, little cups of jelly with vodka or rum (rum is better) in it. There are lots of flavours, like strawberry, lemon, pinaple…

» Posted By luiza On 06.06.2012 @ 3:20 pm


My thoughts are full of compassion. How should I care about such a fool as you? Oh, I must be out of my mind, if you ask me. How could we ever reach that point, when we both reached for the gun?

» Posted By luíza On 10.14.2011 @ 9:23 am


water and i am afraid of water, therefore i am afraid to swim and i cannot learn how to swim no matter what!!!!! swimming is good for losing weight and for good sex away from the beach. if you cant swimm, no sex under the water.
I would love to be able to swim:P but no problem, at least i am good in sex c´mon, 60 seconds….i am tired of writing

» Posted By luiza On 10.01.2010 @ 11:39 am


i’m not aware of anything that i don’t fear. even a little.

» Posted By luiza On 11.30.2008 @ 9:15 am


you can change it!
You it again, in a different way, maybe for the better.
Multiple choices, just use your imagination.Go roadtripping, babe!
Go get it!

» Posted By Luiza On 11.12.2008 @ 5:49 pm

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