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“it’s bound to happen, bro,”

“what is bound to happen? and don’t you bro me,”

luhan snickers, sehun is indeed too naive for this journey. this deadly journey.

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“Roll like a buffalo?” he snickered. “What was that, Kris? Really?! Buffalo?!” now he laughed out loud. Kris rolled his eyes. “Don’t laugh! At least I came up with something! What about you? What did you write the whole night?” Kris snapped.

Chanyeol went silent. He didn’t do anything, he slept the whole night.

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He doesn’t know what induced him to talk to that one pretty boy, but he did not regret it. The moment the pretty boy looked up at him (as he was shoter by 10 cm or so), he was sucked inside that pretty eyes. Drown. He fell in love.

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