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I stared at the artwork on the wall, pondering its meaning. The confusion settled on me as I tried to guess what the artist meant by this. But it was simply a beautiful piece of artwork. Perhaps it didnt have any meaning. Maybe that’s what the artist meant.

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dark , tunel, street,

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I am joyous when I stay with my bf.? He makes me joyous just simply being himself or by making me nice small tiny gifts. Life with my

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well i think it means like a trick or something done very carefully, it can be dangerous im guessing. you have to be a professional to do them. cuz their really dangerous

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I slipped out of the hotel room and into the night. IN my hand i held an object heavy with anger – It dripped to the ground in black drops.

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ben looked into his coffee and chuckled quietly. Of course joanna wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t come home that night. he was invisible to her.

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FLASHBACKS, a tricky thing to investigate. Why does the mind do this? Why does it recall certain events and not others? I could not tell you why, but I could tell you that I was certainly having one and it was not pleasant.

It was a typical Hollywood day, and by that I mean it was perfect. The sun was out radiating warmth, the wind blowing through my short sandy hair and avatars on that reflected a perfect cerulean sky.

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It was complete chaos. She drew a gold finch, and it was so messed that she turned bright red and didn’t dare to listen to the laughter. The teacher told them to settle down, but they wouldn’t listen. She cried. Nobody understood.

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A dialog from Fever’s Blackberry, edited for your reading pleasure.

I can’t [BLEEP]believe that the [BLEEP] of the
[BLEEP] got to [BLEEP] that [BLEEP]
[BLEEP] DeLaine. Sometimes they just make me wanna [BLEEP] and die [BLEEP] Myself
[BLEEP] him, and his mother too.

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I already got ticket. Ticket to love, ticket to freedom. The only way to find out what emotions lie behind you. The only way to let yourself be free. LET IT GO, open it up, let it all out. keep going. end it all.

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train ticket? What. Ridiculoud prices. Concert ticket? Love it. The best thing to have in your hand. What else? Ticket to freedom, would be good.. ticket to love.

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In this club, tolerance is expected, but underwear is optional.

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“Of course, I’m here to totally destroy you” The broken, doll-like goddess screeched.

“Perfect…” The wild haired vixen said.

Typical Monday morning

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The lone maven trekked across the rugged landscape. The sun was harsh, and threatened to darken the already deep toned heroine’s skin. She brushed a lock of craggly hair from her face and looked around. Her radio began picking up static. Someone was nearby…

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And with this water, I cleanse myself of the impurities and vices of my life. I take this purity, and rid my mind of the grime and filth I’ve collected over my horrid existence, and begin anew. I liberate myself, and take it back.

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A flock of geese flew overhead as the maven watched the battle unfold before her. Two young women, as cracked as they were skilled, throwing punches and kicks back and fourth as they fought for their own personal victories.

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Today I brushed my hair. As I was picking though it, I noticed how unusually thick it was this morning. I continued to brush, only to feel pain as I continued. I then examined my scalp in the mirror. To my horror, there was some sort of creature embedded in my scalp.

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my head is dry, i feel alone … i feel cold when i think of this dry world

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She tasted the hard candy he gave her. The flavor blew her away! “I must buy twenty boxes of these at once!” She said. And so she did, and she ate them all that day.

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there was the wall that no one could see
it was transparent
villagers would walk up to it and stare, wishing they could see the invisible wall and stop walking right into it. its not fun hitting your head on a wall, you see. not fun at all.

» Posted By Luci On 11.29.2009 @ 2:48 pm

there was the wall that no one could see
it was transparent
villagers would walk up to it and stare, wishing they could see the invisible wall and stop walking right into it. its not fun hitting your head on a wall, you see. not fun at all.

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She threw the headband out the door. “It’s UGLY!” She shouted. But little did she know, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

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She rubbed the pencil between her hands. It’s texture was amazing

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She carried the tray to their table. Only then did she find out the mystery…

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The laterns were hung above her head. They reminded her of the new years eve party they always had.

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well there’s a fun word. some people use it to describe people, like hot people, or handsome.. why aren’t girls ever studs? only guys. . . maybe a little wrong there. or they use it for scrapbook stuff. Studs, like little brads to stick on pages.

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The sprinkler switched on. Mary and Delilah were being drenched. “RUN!” Mary shouted. They made it home, but worse troubles were facing them now.

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His aspect is different from mine. That’s okay. We’re still friends.

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Ella dialed the number. Anna answered. “Hello?” Ella smiled. “Can you come to my party?” She asked. “Yes,” Anna said. Little did Ella know that was the biggest mistake ever, inviting Anna, I mean.

» Posted By Luci On 10.22.2009 @ 9:14 am

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