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Lift me up but do not throw me on the ground. Set me gently down please, for I am young and delicate and able to bruise at the touch of the bell upon my eardrum. My hands are too small to pick up a whole being like you do without a second thought. I want your power to engulf me, comfort me so That I never feel fear again, but it will be fleeting as always. Your mission in life is to help all, not one little girl wanting some love from her simple parent. How in the world did I come to this point? How do any people ever learn to stand, walk, talk? HoLoww can we ever feel right leaving the alleged safety of our wombs and our cocoons? One just fakes it for the rest of their lives, doesn’t one? Then one day, I’ll be 83 and thinking “Wow, didn’t life fly by?” But it will have all been one long play. The one I finally starred in.

» Posted By Low On 10.29.2016 @ 2:29 am


everything on my mind right now is a combination of depression and guilt and hopelessness but all put together in a way that makes me think everything’s fine when really my head is screaming silently that everything is not fine, will not be fine, what the fuck am i doing? where am i going in my life? how did i get here and will things ever get any better after they have clearly gotten so much worse??

» Posted By low On 11.04.2011 @ 1:13 am

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