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Nutrients are the basic components that food is made up of. Nutrients may include vitamins,minerals, protein, fat, etc. Nutrients are generally listed on food ingredient labels.

» Posted By Lori On 06.15.2017 @ 5:02 pm


someone living in my house with me. They are a border.

» Posted By Lori On 01.10.2017 @ 9:21 am


I feel grounded. I feel stable. Like I can actually breathe again.

» Posted By Lori On 08.27.2016 @ 4:39 pm


She fell, fast and hard. Hitting the floor. She couldn’t hold herself anymore. She couldn’t handle all of it. At that moment in time she gave up, in every way possible. She gave up.

» Posted By Lori On 08.26.2016 @ 9:09 pm


To weap and heal during different situations. It is a former of cleansing to the soul.

» Posted By Lori On 01.31.2016 @ 5:37 am


That was fun, to many typos slowed me down.

» Posted By lori On 01.04.2016 @ 10:10 am

I know the exact thing I want in life. I want to go life coach, I need to attract the right leaders to myself and I will. I need them to attract leadters and want to grow just as

» Posted By lori On 01.04.2016 @ 10:10 am


My head spun in circles at the thought of n being your love.

» Posted By Lori On 12.27.2015 @ 6:03 pm


orange big round fat Halloween garden rotten will not grow we like to carve and put a candle in some people like to smash them on the ground I dont

» Posted By Lori On 11.30.2015 @ 12:02 pm


My husbands grandmother is elegant. She grew up in a generation that prided itself of a woman of standards. No matter the weather or the season she wears her heels and her pearls. She is a woman of elegance.

» Posted By Lori On 10.16.2014 @ 9:45 am


We’re sinking! Falling deeper down into the inky depths of the ocean. There will be no return. We shall never break out aboard the surf again. We return to our watery roots and will be fodder for the fish.

» Posted By Lori On 08.27.2014 @ 1:23 pm


in a museum, cannot touch, very old. I go to look at these works of art and am guarded and told to stand back. Who decides they are so precious and valuable. I don’t agree with all the choices.

» Posted By Lori On 05.23.2014 @ 6:54 pm


The gun in his hands trembled almost as as badly as his heart was fluttering in his chest. Jamie looked towards the man lying dead over the kitchen counter, the body slowly being pulled down to the floor by gravity. It hit linoleum with a soft thud, blood beginning to pool where the bullet entered his body. It trickled over to Jamie’s shoes, sticky and warm even through the leather. The girl in the corner released a screech that she did not know she was holding as the gun fell from his hands. He was a murderer.

» Posted By Lori On 01.18.2014 @ 10:26 am


Dad held the bike steady as mom sat on the blue seat.

“I never learned! I’m scared!” she screamed, but with a smile on her face.

Down the sidewalk they went, with dad holding on then not.

“I’m doing it!!!!” Mom screamed then promptly rode the bike into a rose bush.

“Ow,” she said.
“I want to do it again!”

Before the next ride there were band aids and antiseptic applied.

“I’ll be the only lawyer in court with a skint knee!”

Again, Dad held the seat as mom felt steady then he let go. For all those years she watched her friends ride and have the freedom of the neighborhood, she rode.

» Posted By Lori On 07.01.2013 @ 11:10 am


There are pairs everywhere in my apartment. Candelabras, decorative bowls, guest towels. It’s funny tho, there is only one of me. I’m not a pair. ,

» Posted By Lori On 06.18.2013 @ 9:29 am

Pair of hands, pairs of feet, pairs of shoes, pairs of eyes, so many pairs. Much duality in this world. Life is meant for companionship. But finding a pair of shoes that go together is much easier than finding two people who go together. There are few who are fortunate to discover this. Maybe if we stop trying so hard and stop looking in the wrong places.

» Posted By Lori On 06.17.2013 @ 6:32 pm

There were two pairs of underwear in the bedroom that didn’t belong to katy. this was a problem, as it was her bedroom and she had no memory of how those underwear came to reside just under her bed.

The night before, Katy

» Posted By Lori On 06.17.2013 @ 5:15 pm


The clothesline was strung between the only two trees in crystal’s yard. Her husband would be home soon from his job at the quarry and want dinner on the table. Tonight was meatloaf and she was

» Posted By Lori On 06.16.2013 @ 5:07 pm


Everything I think and everything I feel is bleeding….bleeding and spilling over and tumbling and co-mingling. I can’t find where one begins and the other ends. Is this depression? Or is it just the sign of a busy mind?

» Posted By Lori On 02.26.2013 @ 3:21 pm


My ass is flat. My chest however is not, which I’m okay with. Sometimes. Having an airborne eraser collide with your eye in the middle of art class during junior year because some freshman boys wanted to see if it would go down your shirt is not a fun experience. I had a black-eye for a week. Imagine explaining that accident to your friends and family.

» Posted By Lori On 02.14.2013 @ 9:43 am


Swell, This word makes me think of the 1950’s, as in gee whiz, that’s swell. Picture some guy in khaki pants and a button down shirt with a pocket protector and white socks walking down the street talking to his nerdy friends.

» Posted By Lori On 01.31.2013 @ 6:55 am


it seemed to have no reason to be there but the more I studies it the more I began to feel that it had been placed specifiacally for me to find. I wondered what to think as it began to float in the air before me.

» Posted By lori On 01.03.2013 @ 7:38 pm


Sometimrs officers are good, sometimes not. They can be law enforcement people, or members of a board of directors. All have important jobs.

» Posted By Lori On 12.29.2012 @ 2:21 pm


I want to leave now so I can play with my new tablet. Now is the time to work on what I want to do for the future. Now is the time that I don’t want to waste. Now is the time for inspiration and trying all the things that I’ve never done before.

» Posted By lori On 12.26.2012 @ 1:45 pm


anything is. everything is. its possible. you can make it happen. think beyond what you know.

» Posted By Lori On 10.06.2012 @ 8:05 pm


She walked out of the Sacramento Airport with an air of greatness. She was bedazzled head to toe . . looking glorious in the California sunshine. She was dressed in her leopard jammies – no one would know, would they? What with her hair done and all those distracting decorations? After all, it was a long flight.

» Posted By lori On 07.16.2012 @ 12:43 pm


I always have extra stuff. When traveling, this is a problem. I tend to overpack. I feel like I’m always prepared, but really, I’m just a big ‘ole pack rat.

» Posted By Lori On 07.15.2012 @ 9:40 am


My friend Andrea is a distributor for 31 bags. They are both functional and fun. She has parties to get people acquainted with the product and to get to know each other.

» Posted By lori On 06.26.2012 @ 11:20 am


I am on a path. A path to nowhere. At least, I think it is nowhere. I do not know where it’s taking me; it might be leading me to a path of destruction. Or of happiness. And that is what I am aiming for.

» Posted By Lori On 05.25.2012 @ 9:43 pm


To me retrieve means to go get somthing and bring back. That is what I get told all the time is to retreive

» Posted By Lori On 05.25.2012 @ 9:18 am

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