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There is no freedom on land like that granted by the waters of the endless sea — capricious and calming all at once, and, yet, driven ever on by the journey to know what it is that lies beyond that furthest horizon, and the yearning to know what mysteries lay hidden in those steadfast and fathomless depths.

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“You can’t be serious.”

“Of course I am.” The Baron raised an eyebrow in smug amusement. “You are the governess to a young witch. It is a part of the job — risks must be taken.”

Aggie sighed and turned to face him. “You do understand that I am not a cat, I presume?”

“Naturally,” came the reply. The Baron sniffed delicately and gave her a pointed look. “Though I shall never understand how you humans have ever managed to survive this long with only a single life at your disposal; hardly sensible, in my opinion.”

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“You are… certain this will work?”

The sea-witch nodded. “I have seen this before, many a time in ages past. But you must be willing — it will not work otherwise, I am afraid, and everything here will be lost forever.”

Celia bit her lower lip as she once again looked pensively at the site before her. Her decision had already been made, but she stalled for time nonetheless, and when she finally tasted the metallic tang of her own blood on her tongue, Celia released it, ignoring the sting as the wound made contact with the briny water. She sighed. “Then I am ready.”

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With a grimace, Lune turned away from the older man and looked back to the large black stone barring the path. He held his hands out before him, fingers splayed and trembling with the effort, as he closed his eyes and summoned the last dregs of his energy. He felt it crackle through his body, fanning from that focal point behind his eyes and the center of his chest, to the tips of his fingers and then out, all the while augmented by the tiny sparks of power contained in the bright green stones that hung by delicate silver chains from each of his earlobes.

The energy, no longer contained by flesh and blood, continued on, weak and hesitant as it searched for something to hold onto, until it met the rough, cracked surface of the stone. Lune inhaled deeply, and as he let out the breath slowly, manipulated the energy as he had been taught. The black stone trembled, and then rose a meter above the dusty trail upon which it had been resting.

But it wasn’t enough. As the last of his energy left him, Lune felt his hands seize up; breathing became difficult, and as his heart began to beat erratically in response to the stress. His concentration broke, and the line was severed. The stone fell back to the path, and Lune staggered toward it before exhaustion overcame him, and, barely conscious, he crumpled to the ground.

Parrett did not move to help him. “You haven’t learned a single thing,” he said, his tone as measured and even as it always was.

Lune didn’t have the energy to reply. He heard the old man reach into his bag rummage around for something before the sound of a match being lit reached his years; the smell of tobacco came soon after, followed by the familiar sound of uneven footsteps and a metal-tipped cane hitting the earth. A smooth line of energy hummed by Lune’s ear, and he turned his head to find the skin of spiced wine hovering beside him.

“Drink,” Parrett told him. He was sitting on the same stone Lune had been attempting to move, facing away from the boy and smoking his pipe. “We will continue in ten minutes – if you haven’t recovered enough energy by then, the only person you will have to blame is yourself. You know what I expect: I do not teach incompetent children with delusions of grandeur.”

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The Baron frowned at her. “Madame,” he said, “I do not know if it has escaped your notice, but I am a cat.” His eyes narrowed, and Agatha decided that at that moment, the baron looked very much like a rather put-out and dangerous feline. “All I want is for the young mistress to come into her majority at the appropriate time with the proper knowledge and maturity expected of a lady of her standing – something that only you, thus far, have been able to give her – so that she can take this blasted enchantment off of me and I can resume being a carefree housepet once again.”

But Agatha was not deterred. “Is being human really all that bad?” she asked flatly.

“Allow me to make this simple for you to understand,” the Baron replied. “My life for the last seven years has been nothing short of a hell on earth.”

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“Some people collect buttons, while others collect bottle caps or stamps or miniatures of ships in bottles – my interests simply happen to lie in areas rather far removed from the general populace.”

A- seemed hesitant. “But sir,” she began as politely as she was able, “you collect human skulls.”

The baron tapped his cane on the floor and flashed her a quicksilver smile. “I do believe we’ve already well established my eccentricities at this point, my dear,” he said. “But not to fret – I do collect seashells as well.”

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“It’s beautiful.” She took the object and turned it over curiously. “But what is it?”

The other woman shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know,” came the reply.”It’s true that my father’s people are known for their skills in craftsmanship and smithing, but also for their abstract and curious way of thinking and creating.” She looked down and smiled fondly at the object. “My mother told me that my father sang it from a young aspen sapling for her during the first new moon of the spring in the year I was born, and while I don’t doubt that at least a bit of magic was used to make it, I’m certain that most of the effort came from him shaping and smoothing the wood himself with his own two hands.”

“He sang it?”

A grin formed on the smaller woman’s clever brown face. “Didn’t you know?” she asked. “My father is an elf.”

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In her mind, her anger takes the form is like a tsunami. It crashes ferociously against the shores, breaking against those hapless victims unfortunate enough to face her wrath. Her anger is not a fire – fire leaves behind ash, and from it life can still be renewed. But the sea is a merciless mistress, tamed by no one, and a rage such as hers leaves little in its wake.

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“Did you really think nothing was going to happen?” He glared at the small figure kneeling on the grass in front of him. “They faced the Marquise’s personal guard – the chances of them surviving were slim, but even knowing that you went ahead allowed them to go through with their suicide plan.” Elec crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I’ve done plenty of idiotic things in my life – and I’ve paid the price for each of them – but I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything so bloody stupid before. I thought you were intelligent.”

The figure glared at him in turn. “I am intelligent, you dunce,” Priscilla said, before her voice softened, and her normally stern expression became one of remorse. “I just don’t understand – this never happened before.” She traced her fingers along the edge of one of the bloodstained scraps of fabric caught in the bush’s thorny brambles. “Something about this doesn’t feel right.”

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People frequently tell me that I am a willful child, and that being so strong-headed will one day do more harm than good to me if I’m not careful. Whenever people tell me this, my natural response is to cross my arms over my chest, look them straight in the eye, and tell them in a particularly matter-of-fact manner that my willfulness is simply a part of my own natural charm.

In hindsight, saying things like that probably doesn’t help matters much.

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There was a time, once, when the bones of the earth were bound together by an ancient power, and the trees whispered amongst themselves, and the mountains contained an infinite wisdom wisdom – and in the dark of the ageless wood, the false god remained still in eternal slumber.

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“It’s going to fall if you don’t hold it properly.”

A grunt of pain preceded his reply. “I know,” he said pointedly. “But you have to remember, I’m the one doing all of the heavy lifting around here.”

She frowned at him. “And of course, I, being the typical fragile female that I am, am doing absolutely nothing at all.” She grimaced and shifted a bit to the left so that the weight of the beam she was supporting was distributed more evenly across her shoulders, even if it was by a marginal amount.

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When the first drum beat sounded, the world around her went silent, while the second swiftly brought darkness. She did not hear the dull roar of the audience that sat before her as they spoke amongst themselves, nor did she see their faces as they watched her critically, judging her every movement. The third beat reverberated through her body, moving through the wooden stage, through the soles of her bare feet, and into the tendon and sinew that bound together her muscle and bone. With the fourth, the rhythm entered her heart, and the essence of an ancient song began to pulse through her veins.

The fifth beat came, then, and in that instant, she danced.

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“It’s a giraffe.”

She simply stared at him. “Giraffes don’t have three heads.”

“…those are his legs.”

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“You want me to do what, exactly?”

“A distraction. A decoy. Something.” He frowned. “Just don’t let anyone see me like this.

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You could barely see it, the tiny spark in his eyes as he looked at the small creature cradled gently in his tiny hands. He had always been a reticent child, but what he lacked in exuberance was more than made up for in his sincerity.

“Her wing – you fixed it!” His voice was soft, like always, but she could still hear the relief and joy in his words, could see it in the curve of his lips as he smiled shyly up at her.

But she couldn’t help but smile back in response. “It’ll be some time yet before she can fly properly again,” she said to the boy, “but I did the best I could.”

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I remember your eyes – they screamed accusations at me from across the crowded room. Your mouth was no better, lips pressed into a hard, thin line, a grim reversal of the smile I had always been so familiar with.

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you say i’m wrong
i dare you to say otherwise
what if i was right
and you were not

or that small chance
that perhaps
just maybe

we were both wrong

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you say i’m wrong
i dare you to say otherwise
what if i was right
and you were not

or that small chance
that perhaps
just maybe

we were both wrong

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