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Shutters shut the light out. So you would have them in your bedroom and they can make sure they can not see in your room.

» Posted By Liz On 08.29.2019 @ 12:43 pm


The glamor shot was gorgeous; hair swept away in the wind, lighting enhancing their facial features to the sharpest angles. Too bad no one would see it. The camera fell to the floor, the model dead.

» Posted By Liz On 07.31.2019 @ 7:14 pm


She held the cello between her thighs, her bow moving smoothly over the strings as she lost herself in the music. It took a long time for her to notice someone was watching her. When she did, she almost stopped playing.

» Posted By Liz On 01.23.2019 @ 4:34 am


Oh, hai, like the music, yes? Or like the architecture. There’s your Classical, and then there’s your CLASSIC. And ionic and doric and what’s that third column? And your classy. And your classist. And your girls who wear glasses.

» Posted By Liz On 01.14.2019 @ 3:33 pm


Between what you say and what you really feel. Between where you are now and where you were then. A muddy scrim that doesn’t want to let you see. Maybe it protects you. Maybe it it protects something else. Hard to say with all that muck between here and there. What would it take to wash it all away?

» Posted By Liz On 01.13.2019 @ 10:57 am


Ugh. Really? Okay, okay. How about some hush puppies? The fried dough balls, yeah. Oh, or the horrible horrible shoes I wore as a kid, the Hush Puppies brand — hideous, lumpy, made of some kind of pleathery substance, nothing but clod, clop, clod, even a kid like me knew they were hopeless

» Posted By Liz On 01.04.2019 @ 1:04 pm


This makes me think of the movie The China syndrome, though I have ZERO memory of plot, characters, etc. Syndrome. What makes a syndrome? How many pieces constitute a syndrome? What duration? Oh damn I’m asking QUESTIONS again. Drome. Drone. Syn. Sin. Sin drone. Ooooh, look out for the below-the-radar trajectory of the SIN DRONE.

» Posted By Liz On 01.03.2019 @ 10:53 am


What if I weave you a story, one skein truth, one skein prevarication and wishful thinking? What if I weave it from grass and glass and the fingernail clippings of the best of us? The worst? What if I weave you something too good to be believed? Why do I so frequently use questions in free writing?

» Posted By Liz On 01.02.2019 @ 1:20 pm


I thought I already wrote about this word. I’ve broken one word. Maybe it’s just one word now, forever, like “harm” is The One Word I Get To Write About From Now On. Did I break oneword? I mean, if I only GET one word for the rest of time, this one’s not bad. Easy to rhyme. Pleasant to say. Emotional resonance. Etcetera. Harm. Chicken Parm.

» Posted By Liz On 12.19.2018 @ 7:10 am

Harm has me stumped.

First, do no harm.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.

What a lie. I’ve felt a word slice home like a well-honed blade, aimed and hurled by one you could only call a warrior. Like a stone thrown. And if it makes a wound you can’t quite see? How to heal that? How to set the deepest bone so broken?

» Posted By Liz On 12.18.2018 @ 7:27 am


Sometimes you’re the other, and sometimes you’re the otherer, the fish who doesn’t even realize she’s in water, the mother of all bother, an otter whose whole world is the crack crack cracking of a hard shell against a stone. Other other other otter and why bother, why dither?

» Posted By Liz On 12.15.2018 @ 3:14 pm


Related, elated, sweet cousins, weird uncles, my relations, my ancestors, the roots and branches of the family tree, the relating all the relating is so exhausting but we keep at it at the table where we all clutch our forks like madmen and gnash our teeth like beasts, like beasts of a family, family creatures reaching for one another between bites

» Posted By Liz On 12.06.2018 @ 6:25 pm


Oh fun this word this world funfunfun till your daddy takes your Tbird away, fun like sun like I am so done with the world’s insistence on glee and chin up and happy spirits — I find fun in the surly corners, fun in the funk

» Posted By Liz On 12.04.2018 @ 6:45 pm


it can’t be that today’s word is one of my favorite things! I’ve got a dozen or so at home, a few more in the office, and then there are those I had to let go over the years, duplicates, or monsters too huge to keep dusting and hauling around. many live in closets and under beds, stuck like time capsules in their snapped-shut cases, waiting for I don’t know what…

» Posted By Liz On 07.12.2018 @ 12:07 pm


Moving fast, burning away, energy turns to flesh turns to energy, flying through the void, no stopping it, no turning back, no way to rest. Thrum of a heartbeat, screaming of lungs, muscles straining against skin, tearing, binding, creating anew.

» Posted By Liz On 06.14.2018 @ 1:37 am


The car stopped with a judder. “Shit,” I spat, scrabbling desperately for the gear stick, feeling my neck turn red with the pressure of the line of traffic behind me, reaching impatiently for their horns. The car lurched forward as I found the gear, then stuttered to a halt once more as I failed to find the bite.

» Posted By Liz On 06.06.2018 @ 7:37 am


Anger, suddenly arising within you. You have no control over what is coming out of you. You are filled with so much emotion that your face feels the heat, you are heated.

» Posted By Liz On 05.09.2018 @ 8:26 am


She waved at me from across the room, but I pretended not to notice. Not because I didn’t want to see her, but because I didn’t want her to see me like this. I guess it was too late, given her wave. I stood up a little straighter, pushed my hair behind my ears and began the arduous walk through the sweltering crowd to say hello.

» Posted By Liz On 10.19.2017 @ 3:11 pm


he sat down next to me. “I’m sorry to say but, i have to inform you.”

“Inform me of what?”

“It’s about your brother,” he tipped his hat and set it on the table. “I’m so sorry.”

“No,” i whisper as he hands me a flag, folded into a triangle. Just the way he taught me.

“I’m so so very very sorry.”

» Posted By liz On 10.11.2017 @ 8:39 pm


everything is so relatable in today
its what we strive to be
people make money off of it
they try too hard they look stupid
in their 60 second video about hashtag relatable best friends
which are not relatable at all
why is it such a standard

» Posted By liz On 09.25.2017 @ 6:27 am


The harmonica? Really I hate the harmonica… it is certainly no harmonious…so I dont know how it derived its name…

» Posted By Liz On 09.19.2017 @ 7:16 am


the amount of dollars i make it little to none and i literally see no point in having a job so young anymore. what is the damn point? to make a life? for who? not i! ugh. who made the idea that i need money to survive? not i! this is foolish and unfair to everyone under the age of at least 18. but, y’know, the world thinks the more dollars you have, the more people will tolerate you. psh, okay. sure. this is ridiculous.

» Posted By Liz On 09.18.2017 @ 12:31 pm


There is stuff in science that people have learned over and over so it would be traditional

» Posted By Liz On 08.14.2017 @ 8:01 am


The heatwave was rushing up her back. It was devouring all the pain and fears. It was a lion in the dark. Cold, ancient, golden glowing eyes. She was consumed, she was relieved, she was set free.

» Posted By Liz On 07.11.2017 @ 3:37 pm

The heatwave was rushing up my back. It was devouring all the pain and fears. It was a lion in the dark. Cold, ancient, golden glowing eyes. I was consumed, I was relieved, I was free.

» Posted By Liz On 07.11.2017 @ 3:32 pm



» Posted By Liz On 07.10.2017 @ 8:01 am


I was asked to enter my name into a ballot to find out if I would be selected to represent my class. I was really nervous and worried that I wouldn’t be selected because it was something I really wanted to do. I thought I would be good at the role but there were many others who also wanted to be selected. I thought I wouldn’t sleep that night but was really tired so fell asleep straight away.

» Posted By Liz On 03.08.2017 @ 12:44 pm

We had to put names into a ballot to decide which parents would go on camp. The funny thing is that we knew exactly who we wanted to go but had to go through this process in order for the parents to feel it was fair. Not a very fair process at all. I’m sure we have all been in this situation when we have felt the outcome was decided prior to the vote.

» Posted By Liz On 03.07.2017 @ 7:23 pm

We had too many parents wanting to come to camp so had to put it to a ballot. We all know that the reality is, we pick who we want and the ballot system is a farce. If only it was as simple as drawing a few names out of a box. There are so many specific qualities needed for parents on camp. We need to look at their skills, their personalities, how they relate to others, how they manage their own children and quite possibly the other children. Do they have any convictions?

» Posted By Liz On 03.07.2017 @ 7:18 pm


So many debts to repay but not with money. We pay we repay we repave the old roads over and over, not with good intentions but with asphalt, this time the holes will stay closed and the rides will all be smooth and we’ll definitely get where we’re going. Repayment is a long slog, but we have a special plan just for you. I am out of ideas but

» Posted By Liz On 02.07.2017 @ 5:41 am

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