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Step into a world of intrigue and adventure! Preform death defying feats, confound villains, rescue the princess! Or enter a workd of romance and fantasy. All this can be yours on motion picture. The movies – coming to you on the big screen.

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Deep in the woods lay the settlement. Deep and hidden from view. A waiting silence fell over the glade. Strangers were approaching.

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A million butterflies zoomed around his stomach, fluttering and jittering. It was only a matter of moments before he entered the portal and transformed into a non-terrestrial being. What shape would he assume? Would he be a predator or would he be prey? Would he be able to revert to his old well worn human form?

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Slaking my thirst was paramount. Only then could I start to think about how I was going to get out of here. My tongue felt like a lizard, raspy and reptilian. My head pounded. Metallic and harsh, the sun was merciless.

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Permission to speak, sir!
But sir! It isn’t like it seems.

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Little blue green will-o-the-wisp darting through the coral. Turtle has to take care he wasn’t spotted by a hungry giant. Life was so hazardous! He had a number of bolt holds to dash into if things got too hot. Red coral 9 o’clock behind fat anenome. Pink coral 2 o’clock behind clam shell. Rock crevice 7o’clock below elephant head coral.

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