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Sly as a fox, quick as a whip.
Sharp as a tack, sneaky like a snake.
He creeps into your heart and takes residence.
He’s cunning but deceitful, and charming but evil.
He makes you love him and then leaves you.
But he was already inside of you.

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 06.04.2014 @ 2:54 pm


Currency prompts the world to commit terrible crimes against humanity, all for the sake of riches. Rape, theft, murder; it all is up for grabs. Such people take atrocities and act on them, with no regard for the people around them. And if such practice is acceptable, what do they live for? And why do we allow them?

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 03.20.2014 @ 4:39 pm


The bouquet of flowers sat on the corner table, lonely and forgotten. It had been days since they received attention, but they finally began to bloom. Whether or not she was talking to him, Sarah missed talking to Ryan. But in sudden frustration, Sarah stormed over to the flowers, yanked them out of the water and shoved the vase to the ground. Then she tossed the flowers in the trash can and let out an angry sigh. Then the phone rang…

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 07.28.2013 @ 9:38 pm


Dreams flushed down the toilet. Years of efforts and countless hours spent planning all forgotten. The destiny of hundreds of students lie in the results of pieces of paper stapled together: final exam results.

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 07.25.2013 @ 7:30 am


The words on my heart press upon me, my lungs close up because the pressure can’t escape. Too many emotions plague my chest, it feels like suffocating. I want to release them, but I don’t know how. I want to write, but I don’t feel creative enough. All my thoughts remain unwritten.

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 07.21.2013 @ 12:59 pm


The doors all around me are locked, like for Alice. I try to push past them, but they disappear. Leaving nothing but blank walls, the lights dimming; I’ll be blind soon! Adrenaline means nothing against the concrete in front of me. Despair fills my thoughts as I think of what actions I could possibly take…

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 07.20.2013 @ 10:37 pm


Truth is what I believe in; not to be conceited. I simply know the secret to life when others are lost in chaos. Why am I so afraid to share? Afraid to love? Thank You for allowing me to know Your all-encompassing truth and love… thank You for Your grace. May I give You glory for all the days of my life.

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 03.18.2013 @ 4:54 pm


I glance past the rows in the theatre, minutes before the show will begin. And then, as if by magic, our eyes meet. Oh, sweet destiny! Lost in one another’s eyes, but too afraid to walk toward one another. Then the lights dim… we have but two hours to even find each other once more.

» Posted By LiterallyMegs On 12.28.2012 @ 12:32 am

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