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While he was speaking she was off in her mind day dreaming. He’d catch her eventually, but it was a few minutes to work out the details of her story some more. What did the hero do next? Well, he needed to save the girl somehow, but there was a rather large monster in the way. It seemed besotted with the fair lady.

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He looked down at the ground. He lost track of what he was doing and now he was lost completely. There was a trail here. Maybe he should head back, but he wasn’t sure where back was exactly. He wasn’t sure what he was going to find following the trail anyways.

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The butterfly came out of the cocoon. She thought it was amazing how different it was from the caterpillar that went in.

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There were floating castles. They were pink, no green. Wait maybe they were blue. He didn’t care anymore. Watching the colors shift were making him dizzy. He wondered where he was. He felt hot and miserable.

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She was standing at the graveside, crying; like they all do. Everyone she knew was walking past her and giving her their condolences. No one else was crying. Her kids were angry. She wish she understood why.

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The moonshine was bright and shiny. It was also an acrid taste in his throat. Ah, it felt good. He’d made it himself and was sharing with friends. They were a rowdy bunch, but he sat back and quietly watched their antics. It made him happy.

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I heard the awful, gut wrenching cough from the other room again. I felt a similar wrench in my gut at hearing it, and winced. There was a splashing of sick into a toilet bowl and I knew this time, mother would stay ill.

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I honestly can’t think of anything other than Baba O’Reilly when I hear the word wasteland. This brings me back to my junior year in high school’s field trip, sitting on the bed with my best friends while blasting the song that I know is not called Teenage Wasteland but we call it that anyway. Katie Nay is awkwardly dancing while I attempt to do a robot dance, someone is filming us and the rest are talking about how nice it is to be away from school. We were the perfect blend of comfort and fun and everything high school should be. We were young.

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I wasn’t even sure what time of the night it was. Or was it already day time? I couldn’t look straight or left or right, there was too much night in my veins. I kept walking towards whatever I thought was forward. Catch up with me, world! I shouted out to nobody. I just wanted to shout and shout and shout. No one would hear me. It was delicious.

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It’s awfully hard to type this with protesters outside my window. Especially now that they’re shouting in Spanish. !No hablo espanol, lo siento!
They say they want justice but I don’t understand what the injustice their facing is? Especially when they’re shouting in Spanish.
Shouting things and chanting things, whereas it can succeed in getting your attention, the message is lost upon me.

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the executive walked in. “what’d you do to get this high?” she said. he frowned. “some men get to where they are without lies and cheats,” he replied. she scoffed the scoff of a woman who had long lost the trust of men. he frowned again. he was a good guy, but those didn’t exist anymore in this day and age.

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the audience was terrifying. they judged, they sat there & judged. they took no part in the creation but witnessed it & thought of it whatever they pleased. they took every word & diminished it in their heads. they took every sound & turned it unpleasant. they took every song & made it noise. the audience was harsh, the audience was cruel, the audience was mankind.

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struc creates one sound yet it is made up of 4 letters. the str seem to come all together while the u pulls it out and it ends in a c. tured has just as many letters but ends quicker. once again the t is pulled by the u ending in red which is one sound! where is the e? it’s barely even there.

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however can change many things. it can change minds and it can change lives. it’s like a fork in the road that leads you down one way and suddenly BAM! you run into a however. completely different route! you’re now on a dark and dusty lane and you don’t know where you’re going. BAM! another however, you’re back on track. howevers have the power to change a lot of things.

however, you have to know how to use it.

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rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they?
policies are for followers.
i was never a follower.
one makes their own rules but one rarely follows them.
policies are the same, i’m not going to do this just because it’s considered more acceptable by society.
nobody likes society anyway, so why listen to it?
policies and rules can go suck it.
but we all follow rules, still.

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she takes on many shapes throughout the day. the shape of a girl who can do anything and who many look up to. the shape of a woman who can lead a nation when and if she feels like it. the shape of a daughter who never drinks or smokes and always gives change to the homeless. the shape of a friend who will always, always be there to take care of those who don’t deserve it. the shape of a person who is just like every one else but so different in her own way.

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wanted. jail. this person is dangerous & bad.
wanted. the movie. james mcavoy. rawrrrr.
wanted. this person is wanted. i want you.
this thing is wanted. it’s something people strive for.
a faded poster of some bad guy saying ‘dead or alive’ on it.
materialism. wanted but not needed.
wanted. used to want.

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I will wave my wand in the air. Like a witch. Am I an evil witch or a good witch? I do not know. My want will be wooden and maybe a little bit crooked. Have you seen Harry Potter’s wand? Yeah, like that.

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I am guided by my Lord – He always knows where to steer me, even when I don’t know when to step over a gaping hole or a crack or which way to walk straight in to the arms of the people I love.

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The knot was not coming undone. What a naughty knotty knot. This is not naught knot good.

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The knot was not coming undone. What a naughty knotty knot. This is not naught knot good.

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i prick my ears, afraid as anything. Planes score across the sky, intentions cutting holes in the atmosphere. I listen. The plane is gone within seconds, and I feel silly for being terrified.

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The photograph pictures her boyfriend as a little boy with ten sticks of licorice all protruding out the corners of his mouth. His silly facial expression makes her wonder what happened.

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I scrape the wall of this pit, whining like a pitiful dog. The morning dew has almost arrived, and I hope my father remembers me when he opens his eyelids in a few hours.

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They called him Teacher – though he was so much more. He taught them, yes, but he loved them, he laughed with them , he cried with them, he bled for them, he died for them. I don’t know many earthly teachers that might do that.

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I had assumed today’s word would be ‘sneeze’ from when I’d searched it on google to find the website. Alas, I was incorrect. Assumations can indeed be wrong.

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The bear growls, tensing its muscles. There is an intruder in its home. A small human cub – wandering around aimlessly on the bear’s property. No. No. Human children are bloodthirsty beings out to get its babies and are not to be trusted –
She ambles out of the hidey-hole, knowing the offspring will see her and flee, and he does – Demi’s piercing scream rattles the forest for miles.

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The socks don’t match at all, but it’s fine with her. One has over-cheery smiley faces, one has squiggly little caterpillars. It was deliberate: to make a statement. She figures everyone needs another’s radiant happiness to complete their day.

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I totally read the above as ‘pasta’, which definitely means I’ve still got Hetalia on the brain. Why? I haven’t been excessively thinking about it or anything. This is weird. Maybe I need a new pastime. ;D
That, or I’m really hungry.

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The hair feels slimy and as far from perfect as it can be, so she digs her nails in and disperses the water.
Some conditioner isn’t the right condition for her hair condition.

» Posted By lita On 08.12.2009 @ 12:21 pm

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