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The veins were filled with molten metal, simmering beneath the surface of flesh like polished diamonds. She was transparent, a spun glass figurine containing delicate copper filaments. Spinning on an uncharted trajectory, the last breath of a dying wish lending her the buoyancy to cast free of those tethers. She was a fantasy. She was a myth. She was a construct of base metal and precious stones and wanted things, more real than the ethereal hands that had crafted her, once upon a time.

» Posted By Lira On 11.29.2010 @ 11:40 pm

It was like biting into a copper penny, only with the smooth crescents of her teeth sinking into the metal like butter. The tang hovered in the back of her throat and singed her nasal passages, her pupils blowing wide as stars going supernova.

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probably she is just a second away from being hunted down. However i could not manage not to feel guilty or strangly afraid or ansoius about her future. I had her in big consideration though i hated her simultaniously. She flew out, in great desperation and wearing only that white doted dress i had gave her last january. I missed her presence and sauer humour around. I called her home to find an empty ansewring machine. Left the message … maybe we could meet up for lunch or… dinner. I could tell her a joke. yes that would please her. She would laugh and… we would bump into each other´s eyes and the flame would burst. All nothing but a bunch of probable, probable, probable.

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The waves crashed against the sand, trailing rivers of foam echoing the might from before. She plays with the lingering bubbles, swirling swastikas and peace signs in their wake.

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