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There was a turtle named John. he lived in Ohio but did not like it because he found the winters very hard. he and his wife wanted to move to Florida but it was such a long distance and his wiFe was not in the best of shape so they decided they needed to make a plan because walking would never worK. they decided that flying also was out of the question because they both had a fear of heights. After much though they decided that a bus would be their best option but how to get tickets would be another problem

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Smoking is a terrible habit that has been around for years and years. Many people have died for he effects of smoking yet still there are new smokers everyday. Why? For one thing tobacco the main ingredient in cigarettes is highly addictive. It contains a chemicals that endanger a person’shealth.

» Posted By Linda Doherty On 07.30.2014 @ 11:29 am

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