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My mother liked her quilted cloth. It never became much more, for like the threads she used, her life was much too short.

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The old man smiled at the future in front of him. If the world played its cards right, the future would no longer have to play among a field of spikes.

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I like my mask. It’s protection. It serves its purpose, so why is that any of our business. I leave yours alone, don’t interfere with mine. Now sip slow but don’t swallow. One is too many.

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He lay in the sun and closed his eyes. He pretended he was on a stretch of sandy beach by the Pacific Coast instead of a rocky desert. The rocks had hurt a bit, especially when the tires had squealed away, but it didn’t hurt as much now. Now he was alone with a friendly sky and a couple of friendly birds.

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She peered into the water and watched the multi-colored sky reflecting on the still lake.

The red hood of a 1998 Toyota lay a half inch beneath the surface. She wondered at the terror that must have run through those little minds once the icy water began to swallow them whole. She sighed and watched the divers prepare for entry.

The idealic scene before her was a lie. A mirage. Only death remained.

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It was feeding time, and the trainers in high-pitched baby voices called out to each penguin by name, while tossing freshly dead fish into their greedy mouths. The flock rocked on their feet, swaying as if drunk from salivating. An occassional bark ripped from their mouths, teasing the watchful crowd.

Three older penguins, lay their white, brown and black bodies on artificial ice. They faced each other, their eyes turned away from the trainers’ calls, their ears closed to the oohs and aahs from the crowd.

I stood alone, close to the edge of the penguin pool below me, unwilling to leave the three penguin hermits. Their isloation fascinated me. It felt familiar.

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There it was, the picture of my daughter and I at the beach on that cloudless winter morning. The cold sand had slipped into our boots when my daughter announced that she wanted to be a vet.

It wasn’t the first time she had said it, but I never believed she would go through with it. She’d burst into tears on sight at any animal–especially dogs–starved, dying, or in pain.

When therapy didn’t work, I suggested she be something else. But my gentle suggestions: just like what happened when I talked about the boyfriend, her moving away for college, or asking her father to pay her tuition, she resisted me.

I put the picture back on the mantle. Thank God she did.

“Mom, let’s go. We’re going to be late!”

I have to go. I was the driver for Dr. Constance Ward, DVM.

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My grandfather lay on his bed, his head faced the ceiling. For a second, his eyes go wide and his palms shake. I look up to see whatever angel or demon has come to fetch him, but we’re in two different realms, and I see nothing.

“History will repeat itself, young one.” Papa blurts out, his voice rich in terror. “It’s like a cycle you cannot avoid, like a lie you cannot untell. It’ll come back to haunt you, as it haunts me now.”

He takes a big gasp then turns to me and I see a shadow move in his eyes. I scream.

“Go now before it’s too late!”


But his breath left him and his soul with it.

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I look at the text, and disbelief doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.

“If our lives were but an instant tear
in the fabric of time,
I’d want to spend
every second with you.

But life stretches
across the rack of eternity,
there must be a way to
entertain other options.”

I stare at the phone until the screen goes black.

That’s what I get for dating a poet.

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Festy slammed the map on the table. “This is it. Either we take this route, or face certain death!”

“Okay,” Copper said, dragging out the word. “This is all a little dramatic for a regular comic raid.”

“Argh!” Festy almost pulled out a clump of hair. “T-that girl… she’s down there!”

“Yeah… so?”

“She kissed me! We need to avoid her at all costs.” Festy pulled up his chair to the table. “Here’s the plan–“

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My back was to her, more for my preservation than hers. I was too much of a coward to face the woman who’s voice broke with her tears; a woman who was standing on the last of chord of a relationship I had to sever.

The truth was that I loved her with every fibre of my battle-scarred being, but she was so far out my league she belonged to a different stratosphere.

My body trembles as her fingers tentatively trail across and around my back, and she’s holding me tightly, desperately. I want to give in to her softness, her whispered words of anguish and love, but I can’t. A rotten soul like mine would alter and engulf her humanity until there was nothing but a blackness that matched my own.

Her words are feverish now, and she’s telling me how much she loves me, that she always had, ever since her father found me picking through their garbage for food. But I bite my tongue to spite my heart.

I peel her hands off and leave her in a sobbing mess.

I tell myself that it’s for her own good.

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Detective Rostrum zoomed his camera lense to get a closer look at his suspect sitting on the edge of Smith and Main.

“There’s the bucket,” his partner, Holloway, said.

The man was exactly how the witnesses had described him. The fact that this sicko, posing as a vagrant, was able to get away with a string of murders for so long, boggled him. It didn’t help that social media was dragging the department around by the nose, either.

A flock of business men in ties costing more than his rent walked by. The suspect stumbled up, dragging the bucket behind him as if it was a cement block.

“Oh, there he goes.” Holloway was already out of the car.

Rostrum bit back a curse. “Wait a second, kid–” But his three month old partner had already crossed the street. Rostrum huffed behind him, wishing that he had eaten one less cheesesteak.

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Everyone stood over the weeping woman as if their feet had taken root underneath the floorboards. No one said anything as the mother’s wails crescendoed.

All around me was evidence of chores half done: laundry baskets of rumpled bed linen, dishes with bits of breakfast now cold, a broom and a dust bin.

I grabbed the broom and swept the floor under the dining table and the baby seat where the woman’s little girl had once sat.

A plush monkey, flopped over the tray, looked up at me. Its glass eyes seemed to beckon to me to find his mistress and the man who took her in broad daylight.

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You are worthy to be worshipped. There is, and will never be, anyone like You.

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After dieting for over a decade, I thought I’d had a handle of it–dieting, or better yet, my weight, that’s kept me single and confidence-less since birth. But I realise that I don’t. Sometimes I just want to give in–sit down and smash all the confectionary heroin, available at your nearest supermarket, into my face and call it a day.

I tell myself not to give in…

but I do.

I gain but I lose.

I’ve lost.

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I wanted to unconsciousness, sleep, anything to shut out the faces and voices crowding around me.

I closed my eyes, fighting for bearance. Why do they keep asking me ‘if I remember them?’ Another one kept calling me ‘Dad’. I’ve never had kids. Never wanted them. That was the promise me and… what’s his name… made… a year ago?

I can’t remember, but these people need to get out of my house. Mom would give me the spanking of her life if she saw these strangers fiddling with her china.

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I stare at the brown spot on my ceiling; it has been my constant companion for three weeks now that my eyes refuse to close at night.

I hadn’t slept since the hour I ran out of those sterile walls; since the moment those glistening, metal stingers gleamed under bright, LCD lights, blinding me, sickening me.

I can still remember the frantic thumps of my heart. It pounded then as it did now.

For the future.

For the two of us…

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She followed the movement of his hand, as it fitted over hers like a long-lost glove finally returned. She looked at their hands–conjoined yet unblendable in both color and texture. Tears came to her eyes. She loved this man so much it was impossible to stay away.

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I watched the strap of my backpack hang low on the hook. It dangled, that single thread did. That singular, lonely attachment tethered to the mass it had once been sewn into. Taut and worn, it hung on for dear life, fighting to the very last fiber.

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My doctor’s stylized handwriting was just as uninterpretable yet comforting. It meant that I wouldn’t have to go another day dealing with the pain that had long crept from my back and into my heart. 

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“I can look after myself. I don’t need you breathing down my neck every five seconds.”

“I’m just doing what any salt-of-the-earth father would do.”

“Oh, puhleeze! You only started showing up because you probably found out I inherited mom’s house.”

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“I’m not getting a divorce.”

My parents looked at me, their mouths hanging open. The buttered steak perched on the edge of my perfect sister’s perfect knife, fell like a stone on the china.

I didn’t care. I wanted to save my marriage. When had saving a marriage become more shocking than the act of leaving it?

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I need an editor for my life. Someone who can cut away the old pieces, possibly improve the good ones. But if, after careful assessment, I’m too much of a screwup then leaving things as they are should be good enough.

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What else could I say? It was tempting me, haunting my footsteps as I cradled it away from the kitchen. My lovely, how i loathe thee.

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“Look, I uh…” That dead-on-arrival look wasn’t helping me get the words out. “It’s just lunch. It’s just a half hour with me, a limp sandwich and diabetic tea. I haven’t seen you in ages, so just say yes.”

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