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As we sit on the hill in the most beautiful African savanna the sun sets on the horizon and makes it the most romantic setting imaginable.

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She held her camera just waiting to get a photo of the beautiful sunset. Just at the right moment she captured the perfect picture.

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We all were assembled into the auditorium for a big announcement. We are remodeling the gym! This is huge for everyone!

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“My favorite food is pizza” said Miranda “Mine is chocolate chip cookies!” said Sally. “Do you want to know mine?” asked Manthra “Sure!’ said Sally. “Buffalo chicken” said Manthra with a big smile.

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to give

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They gave an offering to their Gods. “Why are you doing this? Your Gods have done nothing for you but still you give everything to a statue. Come to the temple and repent to the one true God who has risen from the dead to give you new life. He died so you could be with him. The one that I speak of is named Jesus and his father is the God of the heavens and earth. He is the prince of peace. Come I say and repent to be with the one who loves you.” The people just stared at the man, he was not a disciple but he knew the God was the one and only. Everyone left the statue and went to the temple with the man and they all where saved in the name of the Lord.

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With only seconds left to the volleyball game and only a point behind Sally ,who was up front, was ready to do whatever it takes to win State Championships. The ball was coming her way, before she could think Sally spiked the ball down to the other teams side and won the game.

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A women was once cursed that she could never walk. So she set out to find a cure. There was a magical flower called the Amnissa. It was a beautiful flower with different colors of blue and feather like petals. She took it home and made it into tea and drank it. The flower tasted so wonderful and was sweeter than chocolate. She tried to move her legs but they wouldn’t budge. The women gave up all hope. A few days later, without even noticing, she was walking! She burst into joy and ran out into village to show everyone her accomplishment. She taught children and told them her story. She soon had a daughter and her name was, Amnissa.

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“I am very eligible to play in the varsity games considering how good I at soccer” said the snobbiest girl in the whole school.

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We have this globe in our dinning room. It looks old but its very beautiful.

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As I was on that date I knew I had more pressing matters than how this date was going. He talked and talked and talked! I couldn’t get a word in.

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My neighbor just sold her house but she hasn’t bought a house yet. So she rented a house until she found one.

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She was devastated as she saw her beautiful garden all withered.

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Beyond the mountain was a beautiful forest with trees of all colors and shapes. The wind had a beautiful pine smell that softly brushed across my cheek. I then heard a light chirp followed by another and another! The sun was setting and it had the most magnificent color in the clouds that shines on the leaves. As I stood there looking at this sight I heard a loud boom in the forest. “A fire stick?” I said out loud to my self. Moments later I heard another boom with dogs barking. “Its coming closer!”. I then ran on the side of the mountain and behind a big boulder to hid from the frightening dog and fire stick. After a few minutes I peek over the boulder and saw there was nothing. As I turned my head in relief I saw one of the most frightening sights anyone eye could see. A plain of blood and dead soldiers and Indians. That’s when I knew, the French and Indian war had spread to my part of the land. And no one would be safe here, as long as the battle rages on.

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Just beyond the hedge, I looked and saw a beautiful garden! I couldn’t help myself from looking any closer so I jumped over the great big hedge and inched closer to the garden I could see more and more of the magnificent flowers and vines. Butterflies flew across from plant to plant. One of them landed on me, butterflies are good luck. In my own imagination I made a wish hoping it would come true.

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We are going to have a settlement on our house that we are selling. Not even on the market for 24 hours and we have got a buyer! Amazing how God works in my life!


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My sister has a ton of head bands. But she only wears one. Its this sparkly pink one that is very dull now. Its very weird. Well she is very weird.

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I have heard of Venice. Its a place in Italy! People say it is beautiful there. I want to go there someday, hopefully some day soon.

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I would love to have a little bear cub. They are bears and when he/she grows up they could hurt me. No way! I would train it to be nice and friendly to other people. It could be my guard dog!

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The fire was burning so brightly. As I looked in the fiery fire place I was amazed by the blaze and the shine it gave off.

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I have a toadstool in my house. What? Yes a toadstool. Its very small. It makes no sense though.

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I love to speak. But not very clearly. Every now and then I say things but then forget what I was saying and stop. My family says I’m weird for that.

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I do not have a complicated life. I don’t have very many chores. I don’t have too much or not enough school.

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