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“I’d like one entree please”
“An entree?”
“That sounds retarded. Why don’t you say dish?”
“D: I wanted to sound fancy”
“You’re not even pronouncing it right.”
“It’s in tree isn’t it?”

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The water poured down my hair as I watched him walk away from me. The rain so thick that he was just a blur moving farther away. I cried that day. No one could tell because the rain washed my tears away.

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The water splashed as I shoved the cat in the bath. It hissed at me scrambling to get back in the water while I pushed it back in scrubbing her down. Her claws etching at my skin. Her anger sizzling with each swipe.
“Stupid cat.” I muttered plopping shampoo on her.
Today. She will be clean and victory will be mine.

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He swiped his hand over his desk after scribbling furiously on his notebook.
Fuck.Fuck. Fuck.
“Where is it…”

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“Such an exquisite cake” She said pulling up her monocle.
“OH, Quite Quite” She replied to herself hastily moving to the chair across her while stroking a fake mustache.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lie said looking at her from the doorway.
“Hey man. I just want to have a tea party. Don’t judge. ” the girl said continuing to stroke her mustache while putting her plastic monocle back in her pocket.

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“Fixed it” a man said pulling his tool box away from what looked like a hunk of metal with tape and screws randomly inserted in it.
“You’re an amazing handyman” Lie sarcastically said flipping a page in his magazine.

One minute is hardly enough time for what I want to write.

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Ratings ratings ratings.

She stared at the screen.

“C’mon higherrrrrr”

“Stupid. Staring at the thumb up button isn’t going to work” a voice said from behind her

“NOOO You’re jinxing it! there’s a thumb down! YOU JERK”

“-.- You posted a video of you eating cereal.”

“It was super interesting!”

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I watched as the little miss universe climbed up the stairs. I frowned watching her sneer at me. Her eyes smothered with make up. She was only eight.

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