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I like to go to school because school is a cozy family to me.

» Posted By Liam On 02.16.2019 @ 4:27 pm


he had a logical brain

» Posted By liam On 09.20.2018 @ 5:38 pm


I am discontent that I have no idea what to write about so I’m doing this cliche thing where I write about how I have nothing to say. I did it, I’m done. Game over

» Posted By Liam On 09.14.2017 @ 2:10 pm


I’m not a skater. Never have been, never will be. But what I do skate through is life. Making aligned choices as a matter of priority, I push the boundary everytime I wake to see the first light of the day. For those who missed me, I’m back. For those he didn’t, hide yourself. Aligned choices, daily. Rest, work, recover.

» Posted By Liam On 03.19.2017 @ 1:45 pm


jury is a person that decides what is guilty in court or not. I don’t know anything else

» Posted By liam On 08.03.2016 @ 3:26 pm


I left the tank in the late morning, around 11:45. The air stung, and the light burned. My newborn body fought against my ancient mind. My SELF will win.

» Posted By Liam On 03.27.2016 @ 1:44 am


There was something burning deep in the jungle. Arianne could smell it, and see a faint glow far away through the trees. She made her way cautiously. Fire meant people, usually, but that didn’t mean they’d be friendly.

» Posted By liam On 02.06.2016 @ 3:35 pm


His cloak of midnight became a symbol. Anyone who had any awareness at all knew the second they saw that cloak what they were seeing. If they were just, they had met a strong ally. If they preyed on the weak, their easy pickings were at an end.

» Posted By liam On 02.05.2016 @ 10:18 pm


I don’t get the shakes. I know that’s the classic pre-drop condition, referenced as far back as Heinlein, but I’m still as a rock the whole time I’m in my capsule. Every time, I know exactly what I’m going to do, and that’s peaceful.

» Posted By liam On 01.24.2016 @ 3:43 pm


The shape grew in the sky. All along the streets, children pointed to show their parents the massive shadow stretching overhead. Soon it reached from horizon to horizon.

» Posted By liam On 01.23.2016 @ 7:35 pm


Out in the boonies, the main thing we had to keep us occupied was shooting up dummies to train for the war. Most recruits that went anywhere came from the rural areas. I guess boredom bred efficacy.

» Posted By liam On 01.12.2016 @ 9:09 pm


The light from the crack in the cave wall pierced through the darkness , revealing the clammy surfaces around me. Unbearable pain stabbed at my eyes, unused to light after so long.

» Posted By liam On 01.08.2016 @ 8:37 pm


I can’t help it. I just don’t feel clean without the ritual. It’s necessary for my sanity. Sanity? Sanitation? Cleanliness of the mind. Yes. I need to complete it, or my dirty soul will never be washed clean. Clean.

» Posted By liam On 01.01.2016 @ 12:09 am


The scent of her hair transported me to a far-off land. I felt surrounded by luscious plant life, and the warm caress of sunlight bathed my skin. Every time we kissed or held one another, I was in a safe place. I wish beyond everything else that I could go there just once more.

» Posted By liam On 12.30.2015 @ 3:06 pm


AH! I cried. I immediately slapped my other hand across my mouth to stifle any further noise. The jagged slivers of metal that had pierced my fingers glimmered in the dim light of the cave. I’d ben crawling for hours, but this was the first time I’d felt something so sharp.

» Posted By liam On 12.20.2015 @ 7:13 pm


Used in sentences like “Until when?”. The sometimes longing and desperate time frame between when the word is written or said to the point that was designated in the speech.

» Posted By Liam On 05.26.2015 @ 5:28 pm


I was walking through the forest when i stumbled upon some ancient ruins, i thought to myself “what could this be?” I then saw a cow and i went and said hi and then the cow said hi and then he gave me milk and i ate the milk with some coco pops because I like coco pops

» Posted By Liam On 02.16.2015 @ 5:55 am


Simply, my life was graced by her presence. Graced like the first rain of autumn; sweet like the first kiss we shared. Graced is a word too ugly to describe her effect on me – it was pure bliss.

» Posted By Liam On 09.20.2014 @ 11:06 am


duct can be used in many words. it can be like “duct tape”, used to kidnap people, an air duct or a “abduction”, like aliens taking people into space.

» Posted By liam On 06.18.2014 @ 7:24 pm


modest means a kid was very modest today at school.he was good .

» Posted By liam On 03.10.2014 @ 8:49 am


the boy was hapless.very hapless. one day he found a million dollar bill and he was happy.

» Posted By liam On 03.05.2014 @ 10:34 am


The tumble weed skipped lifelessly across the desert sands, as an lonely armadillo trotted through the heat. As the sun began to set on the hot sands and the echo of the lost Hawk drowned lightly on the midnight clouds.

» Posted By Liam On 06.18.2013 @ 6:32 pm


A creative and focused mind with a desire to see his thoughts or ideas replicated through media or through the actions of others.

» Posted By Liam On 03.13.2013 @ 9:16 am


I am flailing while drowning in the water help! help! no body hears.

» Posted By Liam On 02.18.2013 @ 1:39 pm


She claims she does not understand.
She claims it isn’t worth it.
She claims nothing is going on.
She claims she isn’t perfect.
She claims everything that is not true.

» Posted By Liam On 02.07.2013 @ 12:23 am


Sweep, to sweep is an action of frenzied cleansing. To brush away the occurrence of matter and experience with one clean “sweep” of mercilessly undiscriminating all encompassing action.

» Posted By liam On 01.17.2013 @ 7:02 am


the size of the shirt was too big for sally, i thought it was too big when i saw the size didnt fit. the size was not the right size. size doesnt matter because beauty is on the inside. but fat people are a bigger size than skinny people

» Posted By liam On 01.15.2013 @ 6:09 pm


Mustard goes nice in pork sandwiches, especially in a stottie with Lurpak.

» Posted By Liam On 01.07.2013 @ 1:11 pm


ones i measured how long i could go abogadibla for and i found 1 minute see aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabooooooooooooooooooooogaaaaaaaaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

» Posted By liam On 11.14.2012 @ 3:07 pm


The sound was defending, the feeling of rage was flooding his body like somewhere a dam had bust. The vibrations travelled the length of his being and with each new wave multiplied in strength and ferocity. How did it happen? Why had it come to this? The sound had no answers, just more questions.

» Posted By Liam On 11.10.2012 @ 10:21 am

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