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“Alright gang! Here is where you are, up on Tokyo tower where the girl of your dreams is waiting, and suddenly you are hanging on for dear life on the edge where she comes and attempts to pull you up! And action”
“Is life really like that?” a naive coworker asked her friend.
The camera-man quietly laughed and said, “Only if you are in the movies kid, only in the movies can something as stupid and nauseating as this can spawn.”

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She sighed and swept her eyes over her desk. An assortment of chocolates, a solitary lily (her favorite), sparkly wrappers, dog hairs, pictures of friends and family, notebooks filled with secrets, notebooks filled with poems, pens, pencils, erasers, and a note from her ex-boyfriend telling her how much he loved her. Ah, how life throws various pieces of junk at you.

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“Oh Belladame Magnifique! if I had a hundred lives I would spend each one of them with you!” he crooned from below. “Knock off it! You just want to get into my pants!” She laughingly yelled from above. “Pants would be nice too,” he smirked lovingly, “but I would take your lips over that any day, any minute, any precious second.” She sighed. “Monsieur, if you had jewels for every time you opened your mouth, their would be a pile of 1 karats at your feet! Now leave me be!” Closing the door behind her, she turned the light off, leaving the hopelessly-in-love gentlemen out on the streets of Paris with nothing but his heart on his shoulder and her words in his ears.

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When I think of a breath, I think of holding it before a great big moment. Holding it in to make a sound in your saxophone, or to sing the first note to your masterpiece, or blowing out birthday candles, or having your first kiss. It may seem silly to hold your breath for such (maybe) trivial things, but I think holding your breath, ready for that big moment, is half the excitement.

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Before the tragedy of Humpty Dumpty, the kingdom of Far Away (created before Far Far Away) was at peace with it’s fairy tale characters. Before the disastrous resettlement of the characters, there was peace and harmony. But as you know, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, so here we are today, with Far Far Away being a melting pot of sorts and the kingdom of Far Away reduced to a haunted village, where only Hans Christensen and Grimm characters flock to to save their salvation, for after all; none are welcome now, and soon, even Far Far Away will be reduced to ashes.

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Trial and error. Batter-up, one will get medal, the other the cup. 18 and 20, 5 and 12, know that love, that emotion too well. Step right up, try your luck, you might find in the time you’ve spent, the love you have, or had, or will have, will have gone, be lost, or went.

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Relax. It is only a sheet of paper. It may be blank, but it is ok. The blank ones are the worst, maybe I should get lined onesss-no, don’t screw yourself up. Breathe. Now un-clench that pen and grab a brush. That should be better. Dip it in the black ink (black is very morose, but such beauty) and touch the paper with the first stroke.

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Why do they always say this? They claim to love me, and they claim they are my friends, but no! Friends wouldn’t do that, and especially not that! The voices are my better friends, they only tell the truth, and what is best for me, and those people with their fake smiles and phonie personalities make me want to kill them all! Gah! I could scream, and one day I will, with the bullets coming out of my AK-47! One day I will be the Holden Cauldfield of this century, only this time, I won’t be the one catching, I will be caught! I will be caught, and I will like it-no, I will love it! I will be like a god! And all who will perceive me (because no one will ever know truly know me) shall know who to be worshiped, praised, dignified, honored, glorified, all of this, will become my platform, and I, it’s beautiful silver statue, because the only true metal is one that will tarnish!

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“Someday, despite what you think you know about me, I will become famous. No, I may not be on a billboard, or on a box of frosted flakes. I may not be on a tv commercial or an internet ad. I may not even be known to you at all, but god-dang it, one day I will be famous, and it will blow your frickin’ mind away.” This five year old was too energetic for my taste, but I got to hang it to her, she sure had spunk; at least that was what my 10 year old mind was thinking.

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Together forever. They tried to carve it on a tree, but they couldn’t carve it. They tried to paint it on the car, but it kept running off. They tried to seal it with a kiss, but the kiss was dry and without feeling. They said together forever, but they didn’t know what it meant.

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“Ah!” She sighed warmly, leaning over the hospital bed. Her look of sereness baffled the patient, but she didn’t care. She didn’t care that his memory was erased, or that he lost one of his eyes, or that he was temporarily mute; no, she was just glad that he was alive.

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The day was brutal, soaking with perspiration and a yellow-yolk sun so blazing hot it could melt your eyeballs. The marching team was being fried in their thick, card-board like suits. Two hours each day, they fought to make each set of their show perfect, each foot movement, each squeak of their instrument, each turn of their head; it all had to look stunning yet effortless at the same time. Ah, the glory of their sweat-laced collars were nothing compared to the competition they had months ago, when it rained only for them the entire day; how they wished for rain now.

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Heart pumping. Badup-chish. Badup-chish. There is a drum where my heart used to be. Oh look, he crashed the symbol, that must mean something bad has happened. The beat is going quicker and quicker and the drummer is running.out.of…

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She couldn’t concentrate, no, it had to happen during the middle of the biggest final in her class. She couldn’t concentrate, no no, no birds, clouds, no sun-dotted rays on the landscape, no nothing distractions, this was not a no-nothing distraction; this was a big-something distraction. This big-something distraction that had appeared only twice before, and was out to get her again. No, not this time, she could always make up her life and future later.

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Both of them, the twins as they were called, brothers that worn born together, built together, loved together, came crashing down; a barrage of concrete, glass, plastic, and flesh. The smell, intoxicating, the sound, clenching, the horror, unimaginative. The twins, the towers, the 3000 souls (and counting) were lost to the smoke and tears. Remembered by loved ones, by strangers with goosebumps, by ordinary people, and we the last generation, are the last who will remember them, the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

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She crossed the threshold, sighing whimsically. The damage hand been over, the contract had been null, she should be happy, that is to say, she should be free. But, she strangely wasn’t. She missed them all, the twins, the large black girl, the tall Asian boy (especially him), she horribly missed them, and now that the binding was undone, and she was left to herself, she could only look to their ghosts for the memories of what happened, and what could have been.

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Softly she tiptoes, nervously, with flushed cheeks and a determined smile, she approaches the door. Her courage drops, looking around she looks at all the other women, “Should I go through with this?” she thinks to herself, and knows that if she doesn’t do this now, she never will. She opens the door, unwraps the towel covering her body, and greets the massage boy with her beautiful naked self, willing for him to come for her, come to her, come love her.

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His arm was buys, lifting; down up, down up. That girl over there, she is hot. Look at me damn it! This show if for you babe, all of this, muscle to muscle, chest to chest, body to body. A force of nature. C’mon Damnit! Why must I put on a goddamn show for a girl like you? A no-good class act. A girl who won’t even look my way. Why must I like you this much. I am such an idiot.

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She stood there amidst the snow, breathless, with ruby cheeks and silver hair. Such stillness, almost like a statue, but breathing, her full lips melting the snow in a heartwarming way; like you see in the Norman Rockwell paintings. She just stood there, and her standing there made the snow just a touch more beautiful then it already was. Norman Rockwell should get inspiration from her, this angel of the snow.

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It is such an indecisive word “whether you choose this decision or that” is what he said to me one afternoon under our favorite tree “you only really got one true choice.” Whether I choose him and stay in the country, or choose out there in the world to escape to. the city. He is right, there can really only be one true choice, and that choice ain’t him.

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“Aah”, she sighs, as the bubbles dance around her ballerina-like movements. The spheres so effervescent and glorious, like a chorus of angels that surround her lovely dance movements, and you know one day she will break something and she will never dance the way she is dancing now, but this miracle right here, yes, this one; right here. This one is the one you will cherish, your darling baby girl, your ballerina surrounded by floating bubbles.

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If one could only dream of the horrors we had experienced, then we might have had something believable; but it was no dream, and we are experiencing it. Right. Now. You see, my fellow colleague Dr. Hubert Steingraber devised this clever mechanism that could with-tract all feelings from a persons mind, and it just so happened to cause the entire planet into a worldwide war that obliterated the entire human species, except for me, a teenage girl, a professor of literature from Russia, and my fellow Colleague, Dr. Huber Steingraber.

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