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The mechanism was stuck. I tried hard to get my hand in there – wiggle it- but nothing happened. I sat back and screamed at the top of my lungs, then slammed my palm on the side of the machine. Pop! Whirr! It’s working!

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She took her clothes off and jumped into the pool. “This will help me get more screen time and boost the ratings,” she thought.

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She walked onto the stage, twisting her hair with her finger – nervous and excited all at the same time. This was her first pageant, and if she didn’t stop shaking, she would be sure to lose it. She sucked in a breath, stood up tall and sauntered out.

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The brick crashed through the bedroom window. Shane and I looked at one another. “What the heck was that?” He asked. I stumbled for the light and cut the bottom of my foot on a piece of glass. “Shit!”

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