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It was hard being a reporter when you had nothing to report. the city was always the same and the people and stories only repeated themselves over and over again. What the hell is someone supposed to write about when literally nothing changes in your daily life. The same as always. that’s what you write about.

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The drop off was steep, all the way down, in fact. But Jongin looked straight down it, his heart thumping gently in his chest. He closed his eyes, unsure of what he was even doing there. Just then, he felt a hand softly grip his wrist.

“Jongin,” a voice next to his ear said, a voice that could only be labelled as Sehun. “Don’t.”

Jongin then let himself be pulled back into warm, easy safety.

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Come out of your shell, they said to her. Speak up child, they said to her. But how? How in this huge, different world was she supposed to leave the cave of her mind and run in the fields of life and thoughts?

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The role Sehun played was crucial. Be there for Jongin. It was all he needed at that moment. He was by himself, and hurt. And Sehun couldn’t do anything else about it; but be there for him. (I accidentally just wrote exo fanfic im sorry)

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is what happens when i see you with her. i get so frustrated. so angry. so sad. you should be with me, yet you are with her. i love you, did you know? even if you did im sre you wouldn’t care. you gave me empty promises now i am in empty room with an empty heart because you stole everything that was within me and my beating heart.

» Posted By lex On 07.12.2016 @ 7:33 pm

is what happens when i see you with her, i get upset, anrgy frustrated. i love you yet you love her. i know its wrong but i hope everyday that you two part ways. i need you. come back to me please. jeremy.

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they are white and black and they can be large or small round or square. They can be thick or thin. They can be made of metal wood cloth the ground. They can be cold or warm or hard and soft. they can be whatever.

» Posted By Lex On 06.29.2016 @ 12:58 pm


His sleeves were always too long. Not that Seungcheol didn’t like it. He loved to see Jeonghan’s beautiful little fingers poke out from the fabric of a worn crew neck. More than that, he loved to hold those fingers.

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The bus was never Hansol’s favorite place. It was always too loud, too crowded, too much. He could always put his earbuds in and tune everyone out. But Jisoo always made it better. The other boy would sit next to him and talk. He couldn’t remember when Jisoo started to notice him, but he never could imagine himself without it.

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To whom did I have to explain myself? Nobody. This is my life, and nobody else is in control of it. I am to do what I please, because I am the only one in control of my life.

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Jem’s craft was photography. He was good at it, really. But it was more about the feeling, about what he put into it. He put in all his emotions, his thoughts, into the image that he captured.

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He was mysterious. He stayed in the background mostly, and very few knew his name. He was okay with that though. They would all know him one day. They’ll see his name on TV, in magazines. Until then, he would wait for it.

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The attack came quick. He hadn’t expected it. All he felt was the blows coming, coming, coming. The heat spread through his body as he felt on his skin. His brain felt heavy, and the last thing he saw before his vision went black was the fire of the fight before him.

» Posted By lex On 04.10.2016 @ 6:43 pm

It was an attack. They came from above they came from below. They were animals and I just a tiny worm.

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We are all chosen for something. No matter what you think, you’re important. Even if your super power is something small, that doesn’t matter. Just know that you’re always important, you were chosen for something.

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Tending to the flowers was always fun. It gave them a sens of serenity, something they didn’t get much. Being the ruler of a kingdom was hard after all. It was full of pressure and things like that. This, however , let him escape from all that stress.

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I do no know what this word means it is very confusing. I am scared because I am rushing to get this word right. Frankincense

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i have taken the sun under my wing to see if it somehow shines as bright as you, up close. It does not. You have taken over the galaxy, yet you are the galaxy, and every galaxy that sings and sleeps around it. If God exists, and he had given me the sun, I would rather go to hell than to repay him with you.

» Posted By Lex On 12.04.2014 @ 2:53 pm


The last time i was asked on a date, it was probably the most awkward thing of my whole existence.
Dates are stupid anyways. If you want to spend time with someone and get to know them, you shouldnt have to rely on an overrated dinner and movies type situation. humans have a tendency to label anything that has to do with love. its time to stop that.

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Wrath is a horrible thing. It’s what happens when people have too much rage, anger, or pent emotions, they take it out on everyone else. Maybe they don’t deserve it, and maybe they do. It all depends.

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Vines grow endlessley into the wall of my home. The water takes care of them and lets them continue into a mess of knots. Sour small grapes appear along each vine as my finger follows each allowing them all the tu

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fatigue: when your heart is so broken that your bones ache, your soul feels like its rotting, and suicide seems the only cure

» Posted By lex On 02.17.2013 @ 2:38 pm


i think a lot. i over think most of the time.
i think a lot about everything. about people walking next to me on the sidewalk. i think about whether or not theyre happy.
i hope they are.
i think music is the best thing in the world
i think love is when someone can make flowers grow in the darkest parts of your mind
i think words are the best way to connect with someone
that ideas are important
and passion is infinite
and it is important to remember
to remain inspired
i think i want to help change the world
but until then, ill just think
a little

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thats a weird word, like who came up with doubling letters up? its not like they get lonely
and putting lied in a word can never be good
speaking of, how did people even come up with words? did they just gargle out whatever sounds they could make to find the least atrocious possibility of combined sounds and facial expressions? who decided what words mean?

and who came up with the word moist?

or pennetration?
ew goodbye

» Posted By lex On 01.20.2013 @ 3:22 pm


What is it to destroy? All you leave is an individual to pick up the pieces of your sanity and your shambles.

» Posted By Lex On 01.19.2013 @ 4:37 pm


some one placed me in the wrong time, wrong city. all im surrounded by are superficial selfish jerks and im slowly turning into them. i lost my way, i knew what i wanted to do in life i wanted to help people but know the furthest ahead i can plan is what outfit is that girl i hate going to be jealous of tomorrow? i dont know what happened. i just wanna be in the 80s, rock and roll, find myself in some music and sex drugs and alcohol and no pressure to be anything but different. here every face is the same. most people dont get me, they think im selfish and intense when really i just shut up like i never wanted to and let them judge. because who am i really gonna convince? not these stubborn self absorbed dictators of a social scale. i was placed in the wrong city, where we do all kinds of wrong for our 15 minutes of fame.

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she knows
she always knows, no mattter how much you hide
its impossible to hide every tear from her, because she always knows that your pain is greater than any fake smile. you cant breathe and my god she will always know how

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They took it out, pulsing and beating, I watched every minute of it though they believed I were to be asleep and soon no longer breathing. They ripped it out and threw it deep into that hole. Kicking the gravel. Buried it down. I watched and felt nothing. Nothing anymore. It’s still pumping there under the rubble and rocks and dirt, trading the mud for plasma. I feel the earth now, not my skin.

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The signs on the road keep saying stop. We pass them and I always seem to wake up as they fly by. It is a miracle that my eyes can keep up with them at this speed. You hum away as you listen to the radio. Even when the car is silent you hum and I beg you to stop. Stop. Stop everything. The humming. The driving. The us.

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No, I did not cry out like you would have expected. No scream, nor moan, nor sound of any kind escaped my lips other than the breathing. Lost, I shook and sat on one edge of the moss covered concrete thing…may have been a bridge at one point, maybe it held railroad tracks. Looking through the expansive yellowing treetops as the sky darkened and the blade grew colder and colder in my hands. I’ve always said I could never live in the country. Don’t you remember? For the sounds are so different when there are not a thousand and one others to drown them out or make them seem less like a threat and more like an after thought.

» Posted By Lex On 09.27.2012 @ 8:34 am

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