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There are a lot of things which can be haunted, as a house and a person among others.

» Posted By Leo On 03.18.2019 @ 11:54 am


Rocket symbolizes growth and flight. It represents mankind’s quest for exploration.

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He opened his eyes, the sterile white of the room blinding him, making him shut them tightly again, trying to block out the whirring of the machinery around him.

It had been months, weeks, even, and he still ddin’t know who he was, why he was here, why those white walls surrounded him- Only that he was meant as nothing but a doll, a puppet, nothing but a tool in those men’s hands.

Scientists, they called themselves. They were scientists, indeed.

Mad ones.

» Posted By Leo On 03.03.2015 @ 6:38 am


devastated: past tense of devastate. I was devastated but I will recover. Like fallen towers, I will be rebuilt. Like the phoenix, I will rise again to find my place in the sun

» Posted By Leo On 01.04.2015 @ 8:50 am


I have sympathy for the way he treated me, you know, with his Dad being gone and all. It wasn’t all his fault, and I do blame myself for what has come out of this. One day I just hope we will overcome this and look back at it.

» Posted By Leo On 11.13.2014 @ 12:49 am


his routine, wither he liked it or not, was the same every day. wake up, eat, shower, walk around the neighbor hood, go to the record shop, then come home and sleep some more. he was told before, when he was first told about his illness, not to go out often. that he couldn’t operate properly in the real world, that too much happened all too quickly for him to deal with it. no one trusted him to keep his cool, but he trusts himself.
He trusts that he can walk around his calm neighborhood, visit his favorite record store, buy some new records, go home and listen to it. it’s not really that overwhelming.

» Posted By leo On 10.26.2013 @ 3:57 pm


it is a little bug that jump extremely high and it is brown. Commonly seen on dogs that have been infected with it, Similar to lice in a way. Could be classified as an insect or even a parasite. four letter word dont know what I am to be doing

» Posted By Leo On 10.22.2013 @ 1:26 pm


a plague of locusts is currently swarming across madagascar, killing all crops in its path. I don’t know what makes it a plague – is it now a biblical event rather than just a biological infestation?

» Posted By Leo On 03.30.2013 @ 12:47 pm


the wolf ate the lamb. Or so the story goes, but are we just as predators ourselves for attracting the hunter to our lair? Are we the true killers? Or are we dead meat walking…

» Posted By Leo On 03.04.2013 @ 6:50 pm


instill. People, this world we live in. We are constantly instilling ideas thoughts thinking for them leaving no room until they suffocate.

» Posted By Leo On 03.02.2013 @ 4:30 pm

Setting principles, ideas, details, thoughts and actions living on a world were the institutions we set now are for the future generations. Were what we establish things.

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I was feeling very tired all the time. The fatigue would set in before my day even had the chance to, before the cereal had even lost it’s crunch. Darkness especially was something i tried to avoid, because it made my head feel heavy.

» Posted By Leo On 02.17.2013 @ 9:02 am


That which I have received spans so much that those I have met are measured, and well, by the wealth. In that lies both the an innate positivity – the plenty, though superficial – and an inane negativity – the plentiful superficial. It is the good and bad of my inward eye – like different lenses in a pair of glasses and they blur my vision immensely.

» Posted By leo On 11.20.2012 @ 8:21 pm


somebody once told me that you were looking at me across the cafeteria. I thought that was ridiculous until we made eye contact. holy shit. you were looking at me. somebody once changed my life. thank you, somebody.

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Fried Things get so oily.

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chat is an invention very good for people around the world. It is an excellent way to have a good conversation with friends and peoples that should be around the world. And very cheep.

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He loaded the gun with caps. They would never know, it was jus tto scare them into telling the truth. And there would be no hard evidence if they decided to press charges. Stupid bitch stealing my life savings. Then laughing about it and slandering me. I’ll show her. She will confess and they will do prison time. Their kids can go to their fathers. Justice will be served at last.

» Posted By leo On 06.03.2012 @ 11:32 pm


screen, looker afterer, plug, keep tabs on, uniter, one or,

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dinner food table wine people socialising tuscany together fun laughter happiness potatoes salad white-wine herbs spices orange juice sunshine clouds weather relax enjoy life

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ohhhh how i love to eat dessert in the desert.I especially love crepes— ohhh how delcious! Since christmas morning, aka sunday 12 am, i have eaten at least 20 crepes. i just love the eggy cake with the creamiest of cheese and chilly berry sauce.

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i sleeve things to protect them!!!!!!~!:)

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my woman wears a white night gown to bed every night

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i don’t know what this is:(

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i deserve a second chance and a warm place to be
at instead of this cold school

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i am collecting jordan barths jar are hearts :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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orchestra is lame get to the hard rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Autumn is lame lets get to the snowboarding season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

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lifes a combination you must figure it out.;)

» Posted By Leo On 11.04.2011 @ 8:57 am

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